A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 34


"I can explain." I say, as I try to hold my balance. This was it. This was what I feared would happen. He
makes his way into the room, but I am unable to make out the expression on his face, heck I can't even
look at him. Aunt Ruth is by the corner, shivering with fear.

"I wanted to tell—

"I'm sorry for bringing it here, but it belongs to me, I have a gunroom and there's a bit of a situation, but
I've got it handled." He says and I look in confusion. What was he talking about?

"What situation?"

"There's no cause for panic, everything's under control. I've doubled the security."

"What's going on, Luke?"

"Bart's on the run." He says. In a split second, I'm engulfed in fear as horrible memories come flooding
back. "His first instinct would probably be to return here."

I gasp, shocked, losing my balance. Luke grabs me on time and helps me sit on the bed. I had forced
myself to not think or talk about the incident with Bart because if I did, Luke would find out about how I
wanted to run away and that was the last thing I wanted. "He's coming for me, my baby?" I ask,
grasping into Luke's arm as though that was my only chance at living. "That man is insane! I've done
nothing to him." I state, panicking.

"That's why I brought this." Luke says as he shows me the gun. I look at it, afraid, as bile rises up to my
throat. I hold it in. "I've doubled the security, so there's no chance of him getting to you, however, I don't
want to take chances so I have to. I'll drop it in the first drawer." He says as he gestures to the side
drawer. In a split second, I'm sprinting to the bathroom. I begin to throw up in the sink and I can sense

Luke and Aunt Ruth rush in. I can tell Luke is panicking as he holds my waist and left hand. I was glad
that Rocky didn't reveal our secret to Luke, but I was too lost in my thoughts, remembering how I
suffered in Bart's captivity. I still couldn't place my hands on why he abducted me. I suspected Luke
knew and refused to give me details about it. I cough, using the tap water to rinse my mouth and face.

"My love, are you okay?"

"Yes, my dear, are you okay?" Aunt Ruth follows. "I'm fine, this is normal. Morning sickness." I say as I
avoid eye contact with Luke. I turn and exit the bathroom and go back into the room. I sit on the bed, a
thousand thoughts going through my mind.

"Natalie!" I hear as I snap back to reality. I turn to Luke. He continues, "My love, I said I'll be going to
the study for a while and on my way, I'll have Emmanuelle bring you water and some fruits." I nod at
him and mouth a silent thank you. I needed Luke to leave so I could discuss with my aunt.

"Aunt, I have a lot on my mind, there's just so much I'm unable to understand."

"Yes, my darling. I have to admit, I was scared to my bones for what would've happened to you and
your marriage if that foul man had revealed your secret."

"But why didn't he?"

"Who cares? You're safe, and that's what matters!"

"No, aunt. Rocket had the opportunity to tell Luke about everything. He had the chance to come clean
and knowing him, he's become too selfish. Something's not right, aunt Ruth."

"How are you so sure?"

"I can feel it. Call it a sixth sense. I don't know. Something isn't right, aunt. Luke might really not know
but I'm very sure Rocky's up to something."

"For the love of God, Natalie, let's just forget about all of this. As long as Luke doesn't know anything,
that's your saving grace."

"I guess you're right, aunt." There's a knock on the door. "Come in." I respond and Aunt Ruth shifts to
open the door.

"Luke asked me to bring you these, and I thought to add some milk too, you know, for the baby." She
says, smiling heavily. For a second, my worries had made forget about the life growing inside me. I
caress my stomach. "Thank you, Emmanuele. My baby would get used to you soon. You take care of
us so well." I say.

She smiles. "Well, I consider Luke my own. If my child were here, he would be just like Mr. Carrington."
I could hear the hurt in her voice as she spoke. I wondered what she must've meant. "You'll be fine,

She nods her head. "I'll head to the kitchen now and have dinner prepared. Would you like anything
specific?" She asks.

"Lamb chops and spring rolls. Maybe coleslaw?" I say. Emmanuele turns to Aunt Ruth. "Madam, you?"

Aunt Ruth giggles, "Oh my, anything would suit me. I would have whatever is being made." Emmanuele
nods and leaves.

"Eat the fruits, have your milk and have a nap. We'll go for a stroll when you wake up." Aunt Ruth

"Yes, aunt. I'm quite famished." I say, still shaken.


After a long nap, I wake up, refusing to get up. My eyes are fixated on the empty ceiling as my mind is
blank. I didn't know if my mind was blank because I was intentionally blocking out my thoughts or if it
was so because I'd just woken up.

I sit up, stretching my hands into the bowl of fruits, which contained just a few green grapes. I eat them
and I'm relaxed by the taste. My eyes land on the clock and it's about 5:10 PM. I get up, heading
straight for the bathroom. I wash my face with the lemon verbena scented soap. The powder, now off
my face, didn't make me look less beautiful- hell, it didn't subtract anything from my features. I had
smooth, clear skin. I lift my shirt up and observe my stomach. There was a slight change, barely
unnoticeable. "I can't wait to meet you, baby. You're the best thing in my life. The best gift I've ever

In front of my bedside mirror, I search for my Saint Laurent red lipstick. I find it and apply a very
generous amount. Looking at myself in the mirror, I admire myself. I really did have good looks and it
was safe to say that I turned myself on, or was it because I was thinking about Luke? I wanted to have
sex with my husband, tonight. I felt like it. Having his arms around me, his body on mine, his warmth
radiating on my bare skin really did things to my body.


"The air's so nice, isn't it?" Aunt Ruth sighs, inhaling the fresh air. We are strolling beside the lake.

"Yes, aunt. I feel fresh and it does feel nice," I say, also inhaling the air. "There's love in the air!" I say,
excitedly as I giggle.

"I can say, this is the first time I'm seeing you laugh. Thank God, my girl! It seems like your married life
is going to last for a very long time, Natalie."

I pause, "I pray so too, aunt Ruth. I love my husband so much and it would kill me if I got separated
from him! I just hope Rocky keeps being mute and leaves us alone for good."

"Yes, I agree. For the love of God, Natty, we have to find a way to get rid of that man because he's
nothing but a thorn in your part."

"A very dangerous one, aunt. A very dangerous one."