A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 33


"My goodness, Francis. All you ever do is complain, please. I think you should concentrate on getting
healthier, not nagging about things that shouldn't bother you."

Francis coughs, and I continue brushing my hair as I admire myself in the mirror. Francis was a talker
and it irritated me, deep into my bones. I did marry him for his money, but I had love for him. I mean, he
fathered my daughter, my only child.

"How dare you ask our son-in-law for money, do you not have any shame?" He asks, sitting up. I could
tell he was getting stronger by the day. He still spent most of the day sleeping, but whenever he woke,
he was always stronger than the day before.

I wear my diamond earrings, "You gave me these on our 9th year anniversary, do you remember? You
spoilt me silly that I didn't even need to ask to be spoiled." I get up, "You gave me that life, Francis!" I
say, my tone at its peak as I point at him. "It's not my fault if I'm doing everything in my power to save
us from poverty. You caused all this, so it would be unfair if you try to blame me for anything."

"But Judith, it doesn't mean you should extort the man for money, it just isn't right."

"Don't let your ego get in the way of things, like you said, Luke is our son-in-law and whatever he does
for us, he's happy doing it."

"My ego?" Francis asks and I roll my eyes.

"Of course, yes. Your ego. You've always been a proud man, honey and I know your ego has been
wounded finding out that our funds have been coming from Natalie's hus—

"I've never said this before, but you are one shameless woman, Judith." He says and I can see how
displeased he is, but I could care less.

"And you, my darling, are a pauper." I say as I take my leave. Nobody would make me feel lesser than
what I should, not Natalie, not Ruth, and certainly not Francis. I knew I made the right decisions,
preserving the family status and social standing. People still respected us even though we were almost
penniless. They attended our soirée which indicates that our social circles and standing were still very
much intact and I would give anything to keep it that way.



Hugging Luke's picture as tight as I possibly can, I sob. My heart ached. I felt worse than how I felt
when I found out Luke had married that high class snob. "I love you so much, why can't you see that?
Why?" I sob harder, remembering the announcement Natalie made about her and Luke's baby. "That
baby should be mine! Not hers, Luke, she doesn't love you."

Suddenly, an idea pops into my mind. "I still have a chance, if I can prove to Luke that I'm more of a
woman that that snob, then he'll pick me over her. I can separate them, I can!" I clean my tears and
sprint into the bathroom.

As the water pours all over my body, I begin to laugh. I was stupid for not thinking of it earlier. If I had, I
would have prevented her from getting pregnant. "Getting pregnant is one thing, but the baby arriving
in this world safely, is another." I smile.

I style my blonde wig into bangs, exactly how Natalie styles her bangs. I look at the mirror and it's
already 6pm. Luckily, Natalie and her stupid aunt always take a walk in the garden or by the lake by
this time. I wear a trench coat and head to the manor.

I'm in the manor now, heading to Luke's room.

"You startled me, why are you dressed like that? Is it raining?" Emmanuele asks.

"No, you startled me, and mind your business, woman! Get back to the kitchen." I warn her.

"Always so rude. If you're looking for Luke, you should know that he moved in with his wife and they
now share a bedroom." She says, smiling from ear to ear like a fool. I ignore her and walk off.

I open the door and scan the room. It's empty, so I enter. I can hear water pouring in the bathroom. I go
there and exactly as I had wished, Luke is in the bathroom, having his bath. My body tingles from head
to toe seeing him naked. I take off the trench coat and go into the shower. I hug him from behind and I
feel sparks fly as soon as he holds my hands. I trace a straight line down his back with my tongue. His
left hand goes behind me, reaching for my rump and I feel my womanhood on fire. He turns me and we
are facing each other, I open my eyes and I realize that his eyes are closed. I take advantage of it and
try to kiss him, but we are interrupted as soon as our lips come in contact.