A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 18

It's morning already and it was my first day working at the office with Luke, as his assistant. I'd made
sure to wear my best lingerie, and some perfume oil— just incase we wanted to spice things up. I am
dressed in a white matching two piece suit that went well with my pale skin, alongside my hair styled
into a ponytail.

As I walk down the stairs on the right side, Luke takes the left side and we meet downstairs.

"Mr. Carrington?"

"Good morning, Mrs. Carrington." He says, stylishly checking me out. I knew he was checking me out.

"Good morning" I say, a huge smile plastered on my face.

"I must say, you do look amazing." He extends his hand.

I take it, "And so do you." I say as we head for the car.

We enter the car and leave for the office. We arrive in about 15 minutes. We both get down from the
car. I look around and I am beyond impressed.

As if he read my mind, "Impressed?" He asks.

"Very much." I reply.

We enter and immediately, an entourage accompanies us. I adjust my skirt as I begin to feel nervous
and anxious. Luke holds my hand and I smile. My bag drops and I bend to pick it when I hear a familiar

"Luke Carrington?" I freeze. Luke is quiet and I get up with shaky legs. My heart beat increases.

"Yes." Luke says in a harsh tone and as I look up I gasp as I recognize the person in front of me. I'm
about to call out his name, but I fall into nothingness.

The smell of Alcohol wakes me. I cough. I'm alert, my eyes, scanning the room.

"Natalie, my love. Are you okay?" Luke asks, as he cups my face.

I gulp, "Yes, but I saw someone downstairs bef— I'm interrupted again, by the same voice.

"We should probably reschedule our meeting, so you may attend to your wife." The voice says and I
turn my head to get a proper look. It was him, it was him. It was Rocky.

My entire body becomes numb and I'm rendered speechless. We share an eye lock. I could feel the
sweat dripping from my head.

"Please. I appreciate that and I apologize. I'd love to accompany you out but I must stay with my wife."
Luke turns to me, kneeling with one leg. "What if you fainted because you're pregnant?" He says, a
small smirk on his face. I open my lips in horror as I stare at him, then I turn to look at Rocky who has a
very cold expression on.

I finally gain the courage to speak, "I need to rest." is all I can say.

"I'll leave." He turns to leave but pauses. "Mrs. Carrington?" He calls. I am still as I answer, "Yes?"

"I hope you recover soon." He says and leaves.

Luke caresses my face and hair. "Are you okay?" He asks and I do not know what to say. Do I tell him
the truth or do I keep silent? Luke scared me and I feared what he would do if he found out Rocky was
around him, around me. He would immediately begin to distrust me and think I had betrayed him yet

"Natalie?" He calls out again and I place my left hand on his shoulder.

"Yes, I'm perfectly fine, Luke." I lie as I avoid eye contact. Luke could never find out who Rocky was or
what if he already knew and was playing the fool? Trying to catch me red handed? Luke moves to sit
beside me.

"Who's that man?" I ask, my heart still pounding.

"Caleb Dunes." He's a hotelier who seems to have a vision for us both. I don't know what it's all about
yet, but he has potential.

I rack my brain, "Caleb Dunes?" I ask, confused. "That's his name?" Rocky has intentionally used a
fake name I was sure of the fact.

"Yes, now, I think we need to go to the doctor," He picks up his phone and quickly sends a message.
"I've texted Dr. Ava."

I cough, "What if I'm pregnant? We never used protection." I say, wondering how I would feel if I was
truly pregnant. Seeing Rocky again had messed up my head.


"I'm afraid, you're not pregnant, Mrs. Carrington." Dr. Ava says as she has her seat. I sigh internally,
closing my eyes as I thank God for the outcome. I was ready to have a child with Luke, but the current
circumstances with Rocky appearing out of thin air and pretending to be someone else seriously had
me in deep thoughts.

Luke holds my hand, "But we've engaged in raw intercourse, severally." Luke says to Dr. Ava.

She takes off he glasses, "Yes. It doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with you, or her— if
you're really eager to get pregnant, I'd advice to engage during your," she gestures to me, "Ovulation
period." She continues. "There's a higher chance of you getting pregnant then."

Tired of the conversation, I jump in. "Thank you, Doctor Ava." I say.

Dr. Ava speaks, "Welcome, Mrs. Carrington. I'd give you a prescription to get at the pharmacy just a
few doors after my office. You fainted due to stress and possibly if you are over thinking anything, I'd
advice you to stop because that could affect your conception process." She says and Luke and I share
an eye lock.

The ride back home was quiet, but not awkward. I lay my head on Luke's shoulders and his arms are
wrapped around me. We reach the manor in no time and as I get down, Luke rushes to my side and
carries me unexpectedly.

I giggle. "I'm perfectly fine."

He smiles, showing off his perfect dentition. "Allow me, Mrs. Carrington."

Luke drops me on the bed gently. "I'll ask Emmanuele to come run you a bath while I make some
calls." He says and places a kiss on my head. He turns to leave but I stop him. I hold his hand. "Why
don't you join me?" I ask, giving him my best cute face.

"Anything, for you, my love. I love how you want me, Natalie. It drives me insane." He says almost in a
whisper like tone.

"Don't take too long." I say.

After Luke leaves, I jump from the bed as though I'd been waiting to be alone. I climb the couch
opposite the bed and peep through the window.

"What am I even doing?" I whisper as I get down. I begin to pace around the room. I had a feeling that
Rocky had something planned because I knew for sure he wouldn't just show up for no reason.
"Please, Rocky don't do whatever it is you want to do." I whisper. Things were even more complicated
since I was now working alongside Luke. It meant I'd probably be seeing more of him since he wanted
to work with Luke. I feared for him because although I had not seen his worse side completely, I'd
experienced a part of it first hand, and I knew just how dangerous my husband could be. I had to look
for a way to ensure that Rocky stayed away from Luke and whatever business deal they had together
doesn't work out.

There's a knock on the door. "Come in."I say and the door opens. It's Laurel.

"What do you want?" I ask as I roll my eyes. I sit down on the couch.

She gives me a nasty face, "I'm not pleased to see you either."