A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 27

"Luke, please, you have to help them. You have to help my family." I plead, as I hold onto his shirt,
desperately begging. I never wanted to be in such a position again, but I had to, for my family.

He holds my hands, "I'll go there and I'll try to sort it out. You know I'll go far and beyond for you."

Unable to control my tears, I hug my husband as tight as I possibly can. I hoped the small gesture
would show how grateful I was even though I couldn't bring myself to say a word. Luke hold me,
caressing my head as he runs his hand through my hair.

From a distance, I can hear Aunt Ruth crying as she simultaneously speaks to someone on the phone.
I had two things on my mind, first off, I wondered how my father was doing. Lastly, I found everything
that had occurred in the past few months very strange and unsettling. I knew Luke had something to do
with our money, but our businesses? Mother never mentioned those.

"Luke, my dear?" Aunt Ruth joins us and I break the hug with Luke.

"Yes, Mrs. Ruth?"

"My husband is with your father-in-law and Judith. They've gotten a suite at the Matrix and they'll live
there for now, at least."


"Oh, I don't know, my love. It all depends on the situation and how soon it gets fixed. It's the penthouse
of the Matrix so your mother shouldn't have a problem."

I roll my eyes as I massage my temples. "She doesn't have a choice here."

"That's good news. That should calm Natalie for now. Right, my love?"

"I need to call my father, see how he's doing." I get up, as I hurriedly leave the room.


"Caleb." I say, startled, as I bump into him. I look behind me to ensure no one is around or approaching

He has on a hard demeanor, not angry not happy. He drags me to the corner and I allow myself to be
dragged, momentarily confused.

"Why didn't you ask for my help?"

"Because it does not concern you, Rocky." I say, trying to look around.

"The more you say that, the more I become motivated to take you away from that bastard!" He yells in
a whisper like tone, pointing his hand to the corridor.

"Please, Rocky, leave me alone." I beg. "I have so much on my plate right now, okay? My family is
falling apart and I don't know what to do. I've never had a peaceful day ever since you came here! I'm
always agitated and anxious and scared. Scared, for your life, not even mine!" I shove him away and
turn to leave. I pause, "There will never be an 'us', ever again."


I'd spoken to my father and I was currently relieved. He didn't sound as sick as I'd expected, but I knew
he was worried. He knew nothing about the recent developments as he'd been waking up and slipping
back into a coma. Thankfully, Aunt Ruth & Uncle Mark we're sorting things out.

Suddenly, I realize that I truly had no source of income and I knew all too well that my mother,
somehow, must've squandered my trust fund. "Bloody hell." Is all I can say as I realize that there was a
99% chance my mother had used my trust for her own selfish benefits. My subconscious reminds me

that my husband is indeed, a trillionaire. A trillionaire, I remind myself. Lucas had more than enough
money to ensure well being of millions of people.

"Should I ask Luke?" I ask myself, having an internal battle with my subconscious. I already felt dirty for
being sold like a piece of jewelry to the highest bidder and for even agreeing to be sold in the first
place. I didn't want to collect a dime from Luke, but I needed some money for keepsake, in case I had
an emergency or in case something serious happened to my father.

My phone rings and I roll my eyes at the caller ID.

"Yes, this is Natalie."

She laughs, "Is this how you say hello to your mother now?"

"Please, get to the point, mother. If you're calling to ask for money, I have none to give you. I saw the
news. Lucas is taking care of everything. He'll do it for me."

" For God's sake, Natalie. I'm your mother, you can't be this rude to me every single time. You don't call
or check in on me, and when I decide to do so, you give me such nasty replies?"

"Mother, I'll hang up now."

"Wait!" She says. She continues, "We're a little short on cash and I-

I interject. "I just knew it had to be money. That's all you care about. Money. Like I said earlier on, I
don't have any. Even if I did have, I wouldn't think of giving it to you. I'll tell my husband whatever
money he promised to give you as part of your dirty plan to sell me off shouldn't get you. Live honestly,
mom. Maybe you'll learn a few things about genuine love." I say before hanging up. I sit on my bed as I
massage my temples.


"There's what?" I ask Emmanuele and a few other staff.

"The paparazzi. They're outside, looking for you." Emmanuele responds.

I sigh, "Does Luke know?" I ask, rubbing my palms together. Emmanuele nods a no.

"I'll take care of them, Mrs. Carrington." I hear Rocky say and I turn to look at him.

"Always lurking around in the shadows, aren't you?"

"I could help you send them away, if you'd let me."

"Excuse us, Mrs. Natalie." Emmanuele states. I nod at her, "No, Emmanuelle. Please, stay. If anyone's
leaving, it's Mr. Dunes here."

"I'd appreciate it if you don't bother yourself with my family issues." I say as I fold my arms together.
"My husband takes care of everything around here."

"Very well. My apologies for intruding."

As he leaves, I notice Emmanuele has confusion written all over her face and it makes me panic. I
needed to be calmer whenever Rocky was around. My sternness would make everyone suspicious.

"Can I have something to eat, Emmanuele? Pancakes?"

She nods at me, an unsure smile on her face as she leaves.

I go into Luke's study. The curtains are drawn down already. I try to open them, but a wave of nausea
takes over me and I lose my balance. Luckily, I don't fall, but I feel something below my legs. I step on it
multiple times, to be sure I really heard something. I kneel to check out the spot on the floor when the
door opens.

"What are you doing, Natalie?"

"I didn't hear you come in." I respond nervously, as I get up to meet Luke. He looked tired, his hair, a
complete mess.

"You look a bit pale, Natalie. Are you sure everything's okay?"

I nod at him, but unconsciously notice him looking at the spot behind me. "How's my father? Did you
see him?"

"Yes, I did, but he was sleeping. I saw your mother, though."

I roll my eyes, irked. A part of me hated the fact that Lucas and my mother were still in contact. I hated
the fact that I was bothered by the fact that they could make another deal without my knowledge. "Don't
give my mother money again. Please." I say.

Confusion is written all over his face. "You know it's hard to understand exactly what you want. This
morning, you told me to go help them and when I do, you—

I interject, "I know and thank you for that. I just don't want my mother taking advantage of you, Luke." I
say, being extra careful to leave out the real reason behind my request.