A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 26


"God damned boots!" I yell as I use all the strength I have to zip up my boots. They were beginning to
piss me off. I had no money to get a new pair because I'd used all the money I had to sort out
something really important. I open the door to the main house and walk in between the twin stairs. I'm
about to go to the kitchen, but I hear voices coming from the dining so I head there and I bump into her.

I roll my eyes in pure resentment. "I heard you yelling at him. Why were you yelling at him?" I ask and
she does nothing but stare stupidly.

"I have a headache." She responds nervously as she moves past me and makes her way to the stairs.
I turn to look at her, wondering why she looked so scared.

I walk further into the dining hall and there's no one. The room is empty. I could swear I heard two
voices echoing from here. My eyes fall on the table and I'm about to pick up some grapes when I stop.
"No way in hell am I having her leftovers." I say as I turn to leave.

As I'm leaving, I step on something and I pause to scan the floor. I bend to pick up what I'd stepped on.

"Who's is this?" I say as I scan the silver object. It's a diamond encrusted cufflink with 'R' engraved on
it. "R?" I say, wondering where it came from. It couldn't be for Luke and obviously no one else in the
manor wore suits or could afford something so expensive. Maybe it was stolen. I chuckle. It was now in
my possession now and I knew for sure I could get some money for it, if I sold it. I keep it in my back
pocket as I head out of the house. At least, something positive happened to me since that uptight bitch
entered the house. My house.

"Come in." I say in response to the knock on the door. My back is facing the door so I don't see who's
come in immediately, until I hear his voice.

"Good morning, wife."

I turn around, "Good morning, husband." I say as I smile at him. He wasn't dressed like he was going to
work. "No office plans today?" I ask as I shamelessly scan his abs. They were sexy, too damn sexy.

"No, I wanted to spend the day with you."

I gasp, playfully acting shocked. "Who are you and what have you done with Lucas Carrington?"

He smiles, showing his white set of teeth. They turned me on. "It can't be that surprising that I'd take a
day off just for you."

"Well, sometimes you make me feel like you're married to the business first before me."

He caresses my lips as we share an eye lock. "Never, Natalie. Never." He continues, "I'd like to show
you something."

I raise my eyebrow, "Something? Should I be worried?"

"You'll find out."


"Close your eyes, wait, careful." Luke says to me as he guides me to whatever it is he'd prepared.
"Keep walking," He continues, "Okay, open your eyes in five."

"Okay. . ." I say, anxious to see what he'd done. I open my eyes and I giggle as I see him kneeling in
front of me. "What are you doing? We're married already, remember?"

He gives me that Carrington smile and I blush. "Well, will you have Lunch or should I say brunch? Well,
will you eat with me, Mrs. Carrington?" He says gesturing to the decorated table behind him. He brings
his hands forward and he gives me a bouquet of roses.

"They're so beautiful, Luke. Thank you." I say as I take his hand. We hug. "Do you like it?" He asks.

"Very much, my love." I respond.

We move to the table that has been set up for brunch. There's a wide variety of food, snacks and fruits
— everything, basically. "I need to have the pineapples first, and some chocolate bread!"

"As you wish," Luke says as I sit, and he arranges a plate for me. He quickly pours a glass of white
wine as he knows it's my favorite. I'm about to take a sip when I perceive the smell. "This smells awful."
I say as I place far away from me. "Is it spoilt?" I ask Luke.

"Champagne doesn't spoil, love. At least not until about five, ten years later."

"Well, I'd just have some orange juice then." I say. "Thank you," I say as Luke hands me a plate of
mixed fruits. "I can already feel the juices!" I exclaim.

"So, are you enjoying your aunt's presence? Did you guys catch up on anything?" Luke says as he sits,
still shirtless.

I sip some orange juice, anxious at his question. Oh, Luke. How do I tell you we've been talking about
the very man you despise? "Well nothing serious, we've just talked about home and how I like it here.
That's about it."

"Well?" He asks.

I raise my eyebrows as I sip some more juice, "Well what?"

"Do you like it here?"

I tilt my head to the side as I hold his hand. "I do. Very much. Luke, I'll need you to trust me and believe
me when I say I'm happy to be here."

"I do, I do trust you. I don't know how I'd take it if you were to break my trust. I'd go nuts and I would
never forgive you." He says and my heart drops. Right there and then, I was considering following aunt
Ruth's advice and just telling Luke everything. That was the best option.

I'm still lost in thoughts when I realize that he was on the phone.

"Alright. Thank you. Make it short and simple, nothing too long." Is all I'm able to hear as he ends the

I don't bother asking who he was talking to because I'd decided to come clean about Rocky. "Luke, I
have something to tell you. . ." I say, sweating profusely. My stomach was tied in knots.

He could probably see the seriousness on my face, "You look a bit pale, are you alright?"

"Yes, I will be but I need you to listen to what I have to say." I say, my palms folded together.

He nods, "About what, my love?" He says as he stretches to hold my hands.

"Well, you see, I didn't know h-

"Natalie, my God! Come inside!"I hear aunt Ruth scream. I turn around and get up immediately as the
panic in her voice makes me worried. She arrives, panting.

"Everything is over, Natalie. Everything!" She says as she sobs.

"Everything?" I asked, confused. "What do you mean everything?" I ask as my mind wonders what
could've happened to make her this shocked.

She tries to speak, but all she can do is shake her hands. "Please, aunt, what happened?" I turn to
Luke and I'm surprised to see him still sitting on the chair.

I look at him, "Luke!" I yell. "Can't you see what's happening to my aunt?" It's like he snaps out of
something and comes rushing.

"Watch the television." She says, and I rush into the house. I get to the sitting room and see the
workers gathered there, including Laurel. She gives me a sad puppy look. A look of pity.

"What's going on?" I say as I look at the television. My jaw drops, as my eyes betray me. The words of
the news anchor echoing in my head; "The Richardson dynasty might have come to a sad an abrupt
end as the Richardson's are thrown into the streets by the new owners of the Richardson Manor. The
Richardson's are now left with their only business, Richardson Winery which has just filed for
bankruptcy. Is this the end of the Richardson dynasty?"