A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 23

I wake up, my head dripping with sweat. It was a dream. A bloody nightmare. I look beside me to find
Luke fast asleep, still naked. I heave a sigh of relief. I tuck my hair behind my ear as I reach for a glass
of water beside my bed. The jug is empty.

"Bloody hell." I whisper. I get up, trying to move around as quietly as I can so I do not wake Luke. I'm
by the bathroom door, near the coat rack. I pick a white robe from the coat rack and put it on. I walk
back to the bed and cover Luke properly with the duvet.

I drop the jug on the kitchen dining as I enter. I tie my hair in a messy bun. I open the fridge and scan
for anything edible to eat. I grab the jug of milk inside and a bar of snickers. As I close the fridge, I
shriek in shock as I see a figure in the dark. The figure walks slowly towards me as she plays with her
red hair. It is Laurel.

I'm relieved, "You know, you really do have a problem." I say as I walk to the dining to drop the jug of

"No doubt, I do have a problem. You are my problem." She says as I go to the cabinet to get a glass.

"I'm your problem?" I ask fully concentrating on pouring my milk out. "Now, tell me exactly why that is." I
take a sip of the milk and open the snickers.

She places both her hands on the dining violently, causing a loud noise. "Luke. You don't love him, so
why do you keep pretending?! You're not even his type."

"And, you're his type?" I ask. I chuckle, "I wish Luke could see this crazy side of you, but somehow he
refuses to believe and see how demented you really are."

She has a huge frown on. I smirk internally, knowing I made her so angry. Where my words came from,
I had no idea but I was glad I could stand up for myself.

"I've been with Luke for 8 years, when he had nothing, when he was just a mere worker. I saw his
sweat, and I deserve to have Luke because I had his back when no one else did. I made him breakfast,
lunch and dinner, I treated his wounds after he got sick or wounded! You must be out of your damn
mind if you think I'd let someone like you get Luke."

Somehow, her words make me annoyed and sad that she had so much history with Luke and that she
and Luke had so much memories. Heck, I hadn't even known Luke for even a year.

"Thank you." I say and she looks at me confused, a smirk building on her face. "Thank you, for
grooming my husband for me. I wasn't there to take care of him, but you did all that for me. Imagine if
you weren't there to take care of his wounds, he would probably limp now or something even worse. If
that was the case and he didn't recover from his wounds," I sit, closing my eyes as I bite my lips, "He
wouldn't make love to me so passionately, he wouldn't know where to touch to make me moan and
scream his name out loud, just like I did a few hours ago." I open my eyes, a smile on my face as I see
her face, now tomato red.

"Luke would never touch you. He hates you." She says, tears obvious in her black eyes.

"He hates when I'm not close to him, that's what he hates." I move closer to her, extremely close, "You
better start giving me the same respect you give Luke. I'm the lady of the house and I demand that you
respect me or else, I will throw you out! Best believe it when I tell you. I can't wait for Luke to see you
for who you really are." I say. She shoves me aside and walks off angrily as I smile victoriously.