A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 22

With shaky hands, I dial Rocky's number. I tiptoe to the door, trying to ensure that no one is
eavesdropping. I lock the door and rush back to Luke's chair. I call the number and wait for him to pick
up. It takes forever, but he eventually picks up and as I hear his voice, my eyes close automatically and
it's as though I've become mute.

"Hello?" He says on the other end. "Hello?"

"I don't know what your plan is—

"Natty, it's you, my lo— I interject, "Stop it." I demand.

I get up, "Don't refer to me as that!" I bark. "I'm calling to warn you, Rocket." I call his full name, "Leave
Lucas and I alone, please. Let me be at peace for once, I beg you."

"No! No! No!" He yells back immediately. "You're not saying that because you want it, you're saying so
because of your mother and that arse you call your husband. Come on, Natalie! You should be smarter
than this. You are!"

Sitting down again, "It's nothing like that, I chose Lucas. I choose to be here."

"You have been brainwashed, Natty, I know you love me. You're just scared."

"I beg you, Rocky, please, stop seeing Lucas and stop coming to my home before things escalate-
before Lucas finds out you've been an inch close to me. Why are you being so stubborn?"

"You love me, don't you?" He asks. I go weak in my legs. I don't respond. "Natalie, tell me you love
me." He demands.

"Unfortunately, you're the only man I've ever loved this much and even now." I say, before hanging up.


I run my right hand through my hair severally as I ponder on what to do next. I leave the study and
head for the living room. I go to the bar and find a bottle of red wine, already open. I open the flute
cabinet and take out a big flute. I fill it up and drink in one gulp. My eyes fall on the clock and it's a few
minutes after one. I wonder when Luke's coming home, so I decide to wait for him in the bedroom.

I enter my bedroom to find it sparkling clean. I take off my shoes and clothes and lay on the bed,
naked. I hoped Rocky and Luke didn't meet under any circumstance and most importantly, I hoped
Rocky didn't say anything stupid to Luke. I am tossed into the world of nothingness in a matter of


My eyes flutter open as I feel pressure on my cheeks. My eyes meet with Luke's.

"When did you get back?" I ask.

"About an hour. Watching you sleep really fascinated me but I couldn't hold myself any longer." He
says, placing wet kisses from my neck to the middle of my breasts.

"So you watched me sleep?" I ask. At least, he was in a good mood so that meant my secret was still a

"Yes, my love, you drive me insane."

"Did you meet with Caleb?" I ask, wrapping my hands around his neck and avoiding any form of eye
contact. I was scared he would see the lies through my eyes.

"Actually, he called and canceled but that's not my concern." He places a soft kiss on my navel, "You

I help take off his jacket and spread my legs, ready to accept my husband's penetration.

"Did you sleep naked waiting for me?" I nod as I avoid eye contact again. He kisses me, but I'm still
and do not kiss back, but Luke doesn't notice.

He breaks the kiss to take off his pants and boxers. I close my eyes, a feeling of pleasure washing all
over my body as soon as he enters me. I bite my lips in ecstasy.

"I love how you look doing that." He says and I finally open my eyes, looking him straight in the eyes.
My hands are wrapped around his back as he thrusts deeper and deeper. I arch my waist as the
sensation begins to build up.

"Wait," I say, and immediately, he stops. I get up off under him and push him to the bed. I hover over
him and I pack my hair into a messy bun.

"I want to try this. Slowly." I say as I take his manhood and place it inside of me. I moan as it enters me.
He was so long, thick, and wide that I felt full already. I place both my hands in his as I begin to ride
him. His eyes were shiny, shocked. I was shocked too.

I begin to wine slowly as I lean in for a kiss. We kiss and as though something takes over me, I begin to
ride him faster, violently even.

"Maybe it's the red wine." I say in a whisper, as I recompose myself. Luke sits down and my legs are
spread across his as I hug him.

He begins to suck my breasts, giving each breast proper attention before moving onto the next. "Ahhh,"
I moan.

"Your scent, your body, your lips, everything drives me crazy."

Luke drops me on the bed gently and swiftly. He places wet kisses all over my neck. Suddenly, I feel
him inside me again. He was penetrating me from behind. My body welcomed him, excited by his
touch. My husband knew my body too well and he knew the exact spots to touch.

I moan continuously as his thrusts become sweeter, faster, deeper and intense. I feel his sweat
dripping on me, but I don't care.

"Please, don't stop, my love. Faster. . ." I whisper. He takes his left hand and begins to caress my
stomach and above my entrance. "Ah!" I moan as I grab the sheets. I lick my lips as I take his hand and
place it over my left breast. My nipple becomes extremely hard as he works his wonders on and in me.

He removes his shaft and lies down beside me. I feel his manhood behind me. He plays with my hair
and places kisses behind my hair and my neck. We stay in comforting silence for a long time.

"Natalie?" Luke calls.


"I love you." He reminds me.

"How much?" I ask, trying my best to not turn to look at him.

"So much. I never thought it was possible, in fact, I wouldn't know how to act if anything happened to
you, or us. I would become a mad man." His words sends shivers down my spine as I look at the
wedding ring on my finger.

He continues, "Promise you'll never leave me, because I won't."

"Luke. . ." I turn to caress his face.

"No, I need you to promise me. No matter what I do or say, you'll forgive me and you won't ever hate

"Why are you saying all this?" I say as I drop my hair down.

"That's how much I love you. I can't ever lose you. I love you too much."

"I love you too, Rocky." I say, carried away, until I realize what I had just said. I quickly jump off the bed
and turn to look at Luke.

I nod my head continuously as I cover my mouth in horror. "No," is all I can whisper.

"What did you just say?" Luke asks, a deadly look on his face.