A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 20

"What the hell are you doing here?" I ask, panicking. I rush to the door, my hand over my mouth as I
lock the door. He is sitting on the couch, his legs crossed.

"Aren't you happy to see me, Natty?" He asks, while I stand there, horrified, trembling at the thought of
Luke walking in on us. He gets up and gets dangerously close to me. I stand still, my hands behind me,
on the wall. He holds my waist and my body is resting on his. I close my eyes, "Please, I beg you.
Leave me alone." I push him and move to my bed. He comes close again and cups my face in his
hands, "You can't tell me you didn't miss me, didn't think of me. . ." He continues, "I apologize for
coming so late my love, but I'm here now. Let's leave now." He raises my chin up and we share an eye
lock. My eyes are watery. He leans in for a kiss and I do not resist— instead, I kiss back.

Somehow, Rocky and I find ourselves kneeling on the floor. I was crying, my hands cupping his face
and his hands on my waist.

"I waited so long for you, Rocky. I cried, bitterly. I tried to reach you so many times but to no avail."

"Natty, I admit that I was angry at first when I heard, but that was only because of my jealousy and ego,
but once I realized how foolish I was being, I knew I had to come find you."

"But It's too late now, Rocky. Everything is over." My heart broke into a thousand pieces telling him that,
because I knew I was hurting him.

"Why? You can always get a divorce from him—we'll go and tell him right now." He says, taking my

I jerk my hand off. "No." I respond firmly. I continue, "For God's sake, please, Luke can harm you
Rocky. My husband is capable of anything." I warn him.

"Do you love him?"

I look at him in the eyes as he asks and in a split second, I look away as I'm unable to tell him the truth.
"Luke is my husband and I've come to terms with it." He grabs my hand. "We've slept together!"

Immediately, he gets up at my statement and the room goes quiet. He has his right hand over his face
as he paces the room.

"Did he force you?" He asks and I get up too. "No. He didn't do that."

"So you consented to another man having you?" He asks, his voice slightly high.

"Another man? Lucas is my husband incase you've forgotten." I state, raising my ring finger up.

"Forgive me, forgive me, my Natty." He says as he grabs my waist again. My hands are resting on his

"My question is, why are you using a fake name? Does anyone else know you're here?"

"Because I needed to get close to you and I found out your husband knows about me, so I had to use
an alias."

"Rocky, I fear for your safety—your business, if Lucas finds out who you really are. You and I won't be
spared. He hates betrayal."

"We have to look for a way to get out of here. Elope with me."

I'm stunned, "What?" I ask.

"If I ask you to run away with me, will you? We can go somewhere far away, to the end of the world
where no one can find us." He says and my heart beat intensifies. "Natty, will you leave with me?" He
asks again.

I sob, "I'm sorry— I want to, but no." I say as I rush to the door. "Please, don't do this to me, I beg you.
Dont ruin what I have, what I'm building. Just go away and I'll be fine." I clean my face with my hands,
"Don't come close to me again," I say as I open the door and leave.


The night had ended faster than I expected. I was at the balcony, still wearing my evening dress.

"What's keeping you up?" Luke says as I turn to look at him. He's with a shawl and a cup. He drapes
the shawl around me and hands me the cup of hot coffee.

"How'd you know I was here?" I ask, slowly taking a sip of the hot drink. I sit on the couch. "I saw you."

"Honey, may I request for something?" I ask.

Sitting down, he replies, "Of course, Natalie, anything."

"Can I call my father?"

He's quiet for a few seconds but he responds on time, "Forgive me for depriving you of having a phone
but you can understand I did that because you were planning on running away with that man. But since
that phase is over, I'd arrange for your personal phone tomorrow, trusting and believing that you'd
never do anything to break my trust."

My palms become sweaty, "I would never betray you, Luke." I say, remembering the kiss Rocky and I
shared. "I also want aunt Ruth to come visit or stay here for a while. Since I have nothing doing home
all day and I have no friends either."

Luke nods, "Of course. This is your home. As soon as your aunt agrees, I'd send her a car."

I smile, "Thank you, my love." I rest on his shoulders as we look at the stars in comforting silence.



"Why did you fall in love with me? When did you realize you were in love with me?"

"Well, I think it's hard to look at you and not be attracted. I don't even know when it happened. I
honestly wanted to hate you forever." I respond. However, something inside cringes at my words. Now
that Rocky was back for me, was I truly sure I loved Luke like I claimed? "I realized I did after the
incident—my kidnapping. When I was home, couldn't move, you were like my nurse." I giggle.

His breathing becomes slower, "Isn't it possible you think you love me because you're trapped with

I get off his shoulder and look at him, worried. "No, my love, no. I'm not trapped." As much as I
intended to be a faithful wife and remain loyal to Luke, my inner self argued violently that if I had the
opportunity, I would still run away with Rocky. I didn't want to believe. "I love you."

"Only me? Or you love both of us?" He asks.

I drop the cup, already nervous. I couldn't lie to Luke about this, I decide. "Rocky was the first man in
my life, Luke. He was my first love and as much as I'd like to deny the fact that I am not still in love with
him, I'd only be fooling myself because deep down, a part of me still loves him." I say.

He smiles, and takes my hand. "Now, I trust you completely for not lying. God knows how much I
prayed that this be your answer and you didn't disappoint."

"Why?" I ask confused

"I understand that Rocky is your first love and it's hard to forget about one's first love. Forgive me, for
asking such a tricky question but I just needed one last reassurance."

I cup his chin, "I understand, Luke. I would've done the same." I move closer for a kiss as I talk, "What
matters is that you're the last man in my life, my love. No one can take that away." I kiss him, but all I
can picture is Rocky's face. I was already in a mess and the only person that could save me from it,
was me.