A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 19

"I really do not have the strength, nor do I have the time to exchange words with you and remember," I
get up, walking to her. I continue, "You will give me the respect I deserve as Luke's wife and as the lady
of the house. Do you get that?" I spit, a sudden surge of anger filling me.

She claps and laughs. "I've been with Lucas for years. I know everything about him, what he likes and
what's good for him." She points at me, "And you're definitely not it, Natalie!" She yells, anger and
jealousy evident on her face.

Luke enters the room before I'm able to speak.

"Laurel!" He yells and she turns to look at him. She tries to hug him. He doesn't let her. "Don't you ever
speak to Natalie that way, ever again. You will give her the same respect you give me and you will
speak to her with respect. Understand?" He says harshly. I want to smile, but I don't.

In a split second, she begins to cry. I roll my eyes and massage my temple.

"Bu—she tries to speak but Luke doesn't let her.

"Get out, Laurel." He says and she rushes out crying. Luke comes to hug me. "I'm sorry I didn't listen to
you earlier when Laurel has clearly been the cause of everything from the beginning."

I take in his scent, "It's okay. I'm glad you believe me now and can trust me." I pause. "You can trust
me, right?" I ask

"Of course. We're building that, aren't we?" And my heart drops at his response. Everything would
really be over if Luke found out Caleb Dunes was actually Rocky.

"We will be hosting a dinner here tomorrow evening, Natalie. I need you to take care of everything. The
Graysons, the Cole's, a few people from the office and Caleb Dunes." He says as he begins to take off
his clothes. My heartbeat increases once again and I begin to panic quietly.

"Caleb Dunes?" I ask.

"Yes. Uh, the guy from the office earlier today."

"Oh. Are you sure he'll be a good business partner?"

"Well, I'll decide if he is tomorrow. That's the reason for the dinner. I do think he has the drive though. I
could see in his eyes that something or someone is making him push to get what he wants. With that
kind of motivation, anyone could get whatever they wanted." He says and I look at him. If only he knew
what was pushing Rocky. If only he knew I was Rocky's motivation and that Rocky, was the ex he
despised so much.


Luke's warm kisses all over my face wakes me. "Stop," I moan, a huge smile plastered on my face as
my eyes stay shut.

"Breakfast in bed, Mrs. Carrington."

I turn my head, "Stop kissing me so much, my mouth probably stinks."

He chuckles, "True, but I'd kiss you even though you had blood in your mouth. Nothing could ever stop
me." He says as he spreads kisses all over my bare back.


After brushing, I get on the bed, covering myself up with the duvet and ready to devour my pancakes
and scrambled eggs.

"Fresh orange juice, specially squeezed by me, for you." Luke says and I smile in return, showing all
my teeth.

"You know I've been thinking and I really haven't seen your bedroom." I take a sip of the juice. "I really
haven't seen your bedroom. I want us to sleep there tonight and," I pause to look at his face.

"And?" He raises his brow up.

"And, I want us to share a bedroom. Together." as soon as those words come out, I avoid eye contact
with him.

He holds my chin, turning my head. Our faces, dangerously close as we look at each other. "Your wish,
will always be my command." He says as he leans in for a kiss. We kiss and I can't help but think about
the impending danger. I knew all too well that Rocky's involvement in our lives would end with either
one of them seriously hurt and that fact made my heart hurt and my head ache.

The dinner was scheduled for seven pm and it was just 6 PM. I stand in front of my bedside mirror and
I look at my reflection. I was all sweaty from the supervision of the food making and dining decor. I pack
my hair into a messy bun and begin to undress. I head for the bathroom and quickly take a shower.

I come out and go back to the mirror. I was scared and anxious. What if Rocky told Luke everything
during dinner? What if someone who actually knew Rocky showed up? My stomach was tied in knots.

After dressing up in a black knee length evening dress, I try to look for an accessory to complete my
outfit when my eyes land on a small box. The ring Luke had given me months back. I open it, curious to
see if the ring was still there. It was. I take it out and honestly, the ring was really exquisite. It fit my
finger perfectly well. I wear it on my finger, looking at myself in the mirror. Luke enters. He pauses for a
few seconds as he notices the ring on my finger. I smile as he watches me.

"It's beautiful. Thank you." I say, still caressing the ring.

"You don't have any idea of how much you drive me crazy." He says as he comes to stand behind me.
He nuzzles my neck with his nose. He brings out a necklace and holds it up as I look through the

mirror. He places it around my neck. It's a very thin gold necklace with two pearls hanging on it.

I touch the necklace "It's beautiful." I say. It's exactly what I needed. I turn around and hug him. "Thank
you, Luke."

"I hope we stay like this forever and I hope that you forgive me if I do anything foolish." He says and I
become still. What did he mean? Was he referring to Rocky? What could I possibly respond with?

"Yes." Is the only thing I can say.


The Graysons and everyone else had arrived. A car had just entered and was driving down to the
house entrance. Luke holds my hand as we go to the door to welcome the next guest. Luke takes my
hand into his arms and I couldn't be more grateful for the gesture.

"Caleb, welcome."Luke shakes his hand and Rocky smiles. "Thanks for having me." He turns to me
and smiles, "Mrs Carrington, thanks for having me." He extends his hand for a handshake and I
reluctantly take it.

I smile, "Welcome."


We are gathered round the table, Luke and his associates talking about how some of the Art galleries
in the country are currently dealing with stolen paintings and stolen artifacts that didn't belong to them.
I'd realized that Mrs Grayson who was sitting beside had been trying to engage in conversation with
me, but I was too busy with my Rosé and my thoughts about Rocky.

"Mrs. Grayson?" I turn to face the middle aged woman. She smiles at me, a smile that reminded me of
how fake my mother was. She tries to take my hand, but she spills her champagne on me.

"Oh dear." She says, "I'm so sorry. I can't believe I'm so clumsy."

"No, it's fine, I'll go clean up. Please."

I make my way to my room, and head for the bathroom grateful to have gotten a chance to leave. I had
never felt more uncomfortable before. I refused to even take a glance at Rocky. The tap runs and take
some toilet paper and wet it. I use it to wipe my dress. No doubt I loved my husband but Rocky's
presence in my life could seriously throw me off— he was the first man in my life and deep down, I
knew all too well I still had feelings for him.

I leave the bathroom and enter my room when I gasp in shock.