A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 16

"I know you were calling Luke because you wanted to ask him for money. Don't you dare ask my
husband for money, mother." I say moving closer to her. "I know you too well." I say , handing her a
napkin. "I'll make sure you never get a dime from him."

Her hand meets with my face in less than a second. I frown but recompose my self. I avoid eye contact
with her.

"For God's sake Natalie, is this how you speak to your own mother? Please, fear the Lord! Jesus." She
says as she flips her hair.

"Did your fear the Lord when you sold your only child for money? Please, mom. Drop the act. You
aren't one to talk. Don't be a hypocrite." I say and turn to leave. At this point I wanted to cry. I was at the
verge of breaking down. It was evident that I meant absolutely nothing to my mother and she was
willing to go far to get whatever she wanted, even if it meant making my life a living hell.

Looking through the window, I stare at the garden. It broke my heart having such a fierce altercation
with my mother but it was almost unavoidable.

Luke hugs me from behind and I feel goosebumps all over me, just by his touch. I close my eyes,
letting his touch calm me.

"Your scent is so intoxicating, drives me insane, my love."

"Lemon verbena and a hint of strawberry." I say as I feel his manhood on my rump.

"If we weren't at your home right now, nothing would stop me from taking you." He says as he caresses
my chin.

"My love," I say, suppressing my urge to moan out loud.

A cough distracts me from my thoughts and my moment with my husband. Luke quickly releases me
and I turn to see who had interrupted us.

"Aunt Ruth!" I scream, "Bloody hell! I've missed you!" I scream as I find my way to her. We share a long

I frown, "Aunt, you never even called me, not once."

She has on a sad face, "My love, I did try to reach you but your mother wouldn't let me. It even made
us quarrel and we haven't spoken in months. Forgive me, my love." She caresses my cheek. I loved
Aunt Ruth so dearly because she had the been the real definition of a mother in my life.

I roll my eyes, "Of course aunt, I could never stay mad at yo," I hold her hand. I continue, "Aunt" I turn
to face Luke."This is my husband, Luke. Luke, this is my aunt Ruth."

He walks closer to her, "My pleasure, Mrs. Ruth." He says while shaking her hand. Aunt Ruth had a
huge smile plastered on her face. Her pearly white teeth in full display.

"Oh, my boy, how handsome you are!" She holds my hand, "Natty, your husband is a ten ten—she
pauses, "the circumstances of your marriage is quite shady and unbelievably disgusting, but, please,"
She pauses. She looks at me. She continues, "Are you treating Natalie well?" She asks Luke.

"Yes, of course aunt." I walk over to Luke and hug him. I take in his scent, "Luke treats me with so
much love and—I pause, unconsciously thinking because although Luke loved me, he hadn't treated
me respectfully in front of Laurel. He hadn't given me my place as the lady of the manor.

"I'm glad to hear this honey, but why don't I go see your father for a while?"

I nod, "Please." I say

Aunt Ruth leaves and myself and Luke are alone. I fold my arms and look at him, a frown on my face.

"Natalie? Are you okay?"

I touch my temple, "No, not at all Luke. I'm not fine. I'm not okay."

He comes closer, holding me by the waist, my breasts on his chest. "My love, I hate seeing you sad or
unhappy. What is it?"

"Please, Luke. You hate seeing me sad, but yet you cause my sadness?"

He looks confused, his eyes sad. "What did I do? Did I hurt you?" He says, releasing me instantly.

"Yes. You have refused to give me my rightful place as your wife and as the lady of the manor. Laurel is
in charge of everything - hell, she even gets to decide what I eat, what I drink!"

"But it's always been that way- I cut him off. "I agree. The only difference is that now, I'm here and I can
handle these things, as your wife. Yours." I say as I hold his collar.

"I'm sorry if I made you feel less important or if I didn't acknowledge you as the lady of the house—
which you are. It is my fault and I'll rectify it as soon as we're home." He kisses my forehead. "I love
you, you drive me crazy, Natalie." He says as he kisses my forehead. Oh, this man. . .