A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 14

I had been staring at Luke's face while he was sleeping for a few minutes. Last night was undoubtedly
the best night of my life. Luke and I hadn't just made love, we had broken all the barriers between us
and our actions last night made it clear that we really did need each other.

He looked so calm and peaceful as he slept. I lay my head on his shoulders and inhale his scent; a
mixture of coconut and probably an expensive perfume. I hear him breath and stretch. "Have you been
up?" He asks

"Yes, my love" I say as I hug him. He returns the action and holds me.

"How was I last night, did I hurt you?"

"No, no" I say looking at him in the eyes, I cup his jaws, "You didn't, I know you would never hurt me
intentionally" He smiles and checks his wristwatch. "You had your watch on this whole time?"I chuckle.

"I'm a businessman. Time is money— but that doesn't count where you're concerned, Mrs. Wifey."

"Mrs. Wifey? I like the sound of that, Mr. Carrington."

I smile and inhale his scent. I didn't want to leave the bed, but today was the day when I'd see my
father after months.

"I'll go take a nice shower, so we can head for Croydon. The earlier the better." He says.

"Use my bathroom?" I ask and he nods in agreement. I was sure my face was as red as a tomato when
he walks and I see his butt, his shaft dangling in between his legs. After he enters the bathroom, I get
up and see all our clothes on the floor. This time, I smile and feel butterflies in my stomach.

The shower is running and I see Luke's shadow from the tinted glass shower. I enter and I hug him
from behind. I was so small behind him, but not too small. We made the perfect couple.

He moans as I place wet kisses on his back. He uses his left hand to move me so I'm in front of him.
The water pours on my body and wets my hair. He looks at me as though he was looking into my soul,
his piercing blue eyes making me squirm, "You don't know how long I've waited for this." He says his
hands on my hips.

I smile, "You have me now, I'm completely yours." I say and we begin to kiss. He caresses my rump as
my left hand rests on his hips and my right hand does wonders in his manhood. He was slippery and it
turned me on that my husband was wet for me- that I made him so.

"The bathtub," I say as he begins to finger me. Bloody hell, I moan internally.

The bathtub is empty so he puts me inside and hovers over me. I arch my back in anticipation of his
member, but something even better happens. His tongue. I couldn't tell if it was cold or warm, all I could
feel was my head spinning and pupils dilating.

"Ah. . ." I moan, clenching my teeth afterwards. His tongue does wonders as he licks from top to
bottom, bottom to top. I can feel warm liquid slip out of me. I turn two taps on, and water begins to flow.

Luke begins to kiss me and I wrap my legs around him, tight, so that I can feel his shaft at the entrance
of my core. The bath tub is getting full. After the kiss, we look at each other, quiet for a few seconds
and I wrap my hands around his neck. He moves his body, a gesture telling me to unwrap my legs. I
unwrap my legs and spread them. He looks at me, my body, and I realize for the first time that he was
actually seeing me naked. I become shy, so I use my hands to cover my breasts and shut my legs. I
look away, embarrassed. I could feel my face become red. Luke chuckles, "Why are you hiding

"Why are you staring at me?" I ask.

"Because you're perfect, my love. Don't hide yourself." He says and he begins to spread kisses on my
laps. I open them and he looks up at me, a wide smile on his face. He positions himself directly in front

of my entrance and he enters me. He ravishes me like a hungry child eats a slice of pizza. My husband
and I hadn't just made love—we had fucked, and damn, it was a good one.


I wear my hat as I wait for Luke to meet me with the car. He had gone to get a car for the trip to
Croydon since we were going there without the chauffeur. I take out a mirror from my purse and check
my red lipstick. I was happy, and it was all thanks to Luke. The car arrives and he gets down. I smile as
he stands in front of me. He takes my hand and leads me to the car. He opens the door for me, "I like."
I state, as I get in.


We are halfway close to Croydon and Luke and I had talked about my time in Dubois C, and he
understood that because of him, I wasn't able to graduate. Although he felt bad about it, he had made it
clear that he was ready to move mountains for me, if it was something that would make me happy. I
didn't specifically understand what he meant, but I knew whatever he was talking about would bring a
smile to my face. After all, he really was a trillionaire and could do anything he wanted, anything money
could buy.

Ding Dong The bell rings and in no time, I'm greeted by mother's conniving face.

"Princess." She says. I roll my eyes at her statement and I enter.

"Mrs. Richardson, hello." Luke says to her and I look away. "Hello mother." I say without looking at her.
Even though I was in a happy place in my marriage with Lucas, it still didn't excuse her for what she did
to me. The wicked deal she made with Luke just to save her status could have ruined my life forever.

"Where's my father?" I ask her. "Please, Natalie, is this how you greet your mother? You won't even
look at me?"

"If you won't tell me where my dad is, I'll go find him myself. Excuse me." I say as I leave.