A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 15

As I walk down the hall of my home, I feel nostalgic as I remember all the moments I'd spent in the
house, mostly with my father and Aunt Ruth. A few drops of tears fall from my eyes but I compose
myself as soon as I get to the front of my father's room. I take a few deep breaths and adjust my hair. I
enter the room without knocking.

"Daddy?" I see him laying on the bed, newspaper in hand. He looks up from his paper. Unconsciously,
my left hand goes over my mouth as I prevent myself from sobbing. I hug him for a long while. No
words are said as he hugs me back.

"I know there's a lot of explaining to do, but first, I just need to know you're fine, dad. Are you?"

"Yes, Natalie, I'm better. Now, you need to tell me where the bloody hell you've been." He states and
we both laugh. Bloody hell.

I sigh and rub my temple. I had thought my mother would be decent enough to tell my father all the
horrible things she'd done while he was in coma or even give him an acceptable explanation as to why
I had gone missing in action. "I need you to be totally understanding and supportive of what I'm about
to tell you." I say as I get up from the bed.

I rub my temple again. "I got married." He takes off his glasses. I put my hands forward to prevent him
from saying anything, "I did that because I thought it was right, and although I did have regrets, I do
not, not anymore. It happened so fast that I couldn't see it coming and there was no way for me to stop

"You're just twenty, Natalie!" He exclaim. "We're you pregnant? Your mother consented to this?" He
gets up, "Did your mother force you to do it?" He asks, a frown forming on his face.

I nod, "No, no, no. Mom had nothing to do with this, it was solely my decision and I'm an adult, dad. I
believe I can make my own decisions, and I wasn't pregnant."

"You are, honey, but to me, you'll always be a child—my child. I will always worry about you, your
decisions because that's what parents do. I don't approve of this."

"You should teach your wife some of these things, you know, and daddy, it's too late for that now. You
were in a coma, and I had to do it." I say as I go in for a hug. A tear drops from my eyes.

"I can't believe this. Is that why you couldn't visit? Your mother said you visited severally while I was
unconscious." He says, and I'm amazed that she could do something decent for once.

"I'm here now, Dad, and I'm happy. That's all that matters. I say.


We are gathered at the dining table, ready to have lunch. Luke is understandably quiet and my mother,
as usual, has a fake smile plastered on her face. Dad joins us and I stand. "Dad," I say and I notice
Luke getting up too. "This is Luke." I say, gesturing to my husband.

"Luke, my dad." I say smiling, but I notice his face- expressionless. He smiles- a gesture I wonder if is
genuine. I shrug it off and face my father as he approaches Luke. He stretches his hand out for a shake
and Luke takes it, respectfully. "Mr. Richardson, my pleasure." He says and I feel butterflies. This man
was really mine.

"What a fine young man. Respectful too." Dad says to everyone and I let out a giggle. "Oh, daddy,
please sit." I say as I hold his arm, leading him to sit.

We are halfway into dinner and my mother speaks, "So, Natalie, tell us about your home. Do you like it
there? Do you attend parties?"

Dad coughs, "Natalie doesn't like parties, Judith and her husband doesn't look like he would either."

She sips her wine, "Oh, Francis, but your son-in-law is a socialite, a very rich one at that." She says,
her signature smile on her face.

"I have a very lovely home, mother, thanks for asking" I drink my wine too, "My home is much more
exquisite - unlike your house. No offense, daddy" I say. Dad smiles knowingly, "None taken."

Mother smiles to me, raising her flute in the air. "So, Luke, hows everything?"

I have a very lovely home, mother, thanks for asking" I drink my wine too, "My home is much more
exquisite - unlike your house. No offense, daddy" I say. Dad smiles knowingly, "None taken."

I roll my eyes internally as I hear her question. This woman really irked me.

"Very fine, thank you. Your daughter has been a source of support to me." Luke says. He takes my
hands in his, and places a kiss on my fingers. I give a small smile. He made my heart flutter and his
voice, sent heat up my legs.

"So, what do you do?"

Luke is about to speak but mom's wine flute falls on the floor and in the process, spills on her. "Sweet
Jesus," She continues, "Luke, dear would you come along with me while I wash this off in the kitchen?"

"No," I get up, "Why don't I escort you, mother?"