A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 13

Some weeks later. .

I feel ecstatic as the water pours all over my body. I squeeze my hair and rinse my face. The past few
days have been the best days of my life. I truly never knew that I'd be so content and happy with how
everything started with Luke.

Luke had made it more than obvious with not just his words but his actions showed that he truly loved

I had also fallen in love with this man, but I knew he wouldn't believe me if I told him. He would doubt
my motives and although it would hurt for him to doubt me, I would totally understand if he did because
I had broken his trust severally. It was solely up to me, to prove to him that I wasn't going to run away
again and that my feelings were sincere.


Wearing a pencil skirt and a long sleeve blouse, I hurriedly brush my hair, side bangs. It was Monday
morning and Luke would leave for the office any moment from now, so I hurriedly go downstairs. He's
at the table talking to someone on his phone.

"Hey," He says as takes my hand and places a kiss on them. I smile in return, "How was your night?" I
ask as my eyes fall on Laurel who has a huge frown plastered on her face.

"It was longer than usual, I guess"

"Who was that on the phone? More work?" I ask him, taking a bite of the pancake that lay before me.

"Yes, actually. My assistant just called in sick and requested for a leave of absence for five days"

"The whole week?"

"Yes," He replies, as he pours some orange juice in my glass.

"Thank you"

Laurel comes over and sits on the chair opposite me.

"Luke, I have an idea!" She holds his hands in hers as she talks. I frown as I look at their intertwined
hands. "I could be your temporary assistant until she recovers. It's a good idea don't you think?" She
says smiling and I get an idea.

"Well I don't see- I hold his arm and his attention gets diverted to me. "What about me? I really don't do
anything here, Luke. I want to be your assistant. Also, there's an added benefit. We get to be together
all day" I slowly rub my feet on his legs underneath the table and give him a smile.

He gives me a knowing look and turns to face Laurel who's giving me dirty looks. "Laurel there's so
much to be done at home and I'm sure Emmanuele would need your help and your company. My wife
will work with me" He says and I smirk. He will always choose me before you. I say internally.

"It's settled then. When do I start?"

"Tomorrow. I have to go now.”


I had wandered off the pond, again. It had become my safe haven. I had checked my calendar and it
dawned on me that my friends at Dubious C had already graduated and were probably planning on
going to college next. I had missed my graduation, the event I looked forward to even more than
wanting to have sex with Rocky. I realized that my life had really come to a halt. Without graduating, I
was practically a drop out. Would I ever get a job? My husband is a trillionaire already so I really didn't
need a job, but still, I felt incomplete and useless.

It had already gotten dark so I leave the pond and head for my room. Entering the living room, I realize
that there's no power and the workers had probably gone to their quarters already.

I think of my father, my mother and every other thing I left behind, aunt Ruth. I break down in tears as I
enter my room.

"Daddy, are you okay? I miss you so much, papa." I cry uncontrollably. I had kept in my feelings for so
long that I just needed to pour everything out. "I wonder what you must think of me now. Not hearing
from me in months, you must think I'm the worst."

The door opens and I turn to see Luke standing by the door.

"Natalie are you okay? What happened?"

"It's all because of you" I sob, "You won't let me out of this bloody house, you won't let me have a
phone, how can you say you love me and be so heartless?"

"Natalie. . .”

"Don't come close to me. I haven't seen or spoken to my father in months all because you won't let

"He's fine, you have nothing to worry about, he's already been discharged.”

I gasp, "I need to see my father, Luke, please.”

He nods, "Yes, fine. We'll leave for Croydon tomorrow" He kneels beside me, "Please don't cry." He
says as he pulls me in a hug.

"Thank you, I just really miss home and everything else" I say and I realize he might've taken my words
wrongly so I say, "My friends from school, I mean"

He nods. "I'll go and find out what happened to the power" He gets up and heads for the door. As if
realizing what I wanted, I rush to stop him, hugging him from behind. "Please, don't go" I say as I
continue to hug him from behind. He caresses my hands and moves to turn, so I release my hands. We
look at each other for a moment, and he leans in for a kiss. We kiss passionately. It was a wet kiss and
every part of my body screamed at his every touch. He takes of his suit jacket and flings it. Still lost in
the kiss, I begin to unbutton his shirt. He carries me and I wrap my legs around his waist. He's bare
chested. I caress his chest as we kiss. I unzip my blouse and he begins to rub my breasts, he rubs
them so well that my core tightens.

"Are you sure?" He whispers.

I breath out, "Yes, never been more certain" and he carries me bridal style to the bed. He pulls my skirt
off. He has no time, so he rips off my panties. I gasp. "I'll buy you more" He says and we continue
kissing. I remove my bra and his concentration shifts to my breasts. He licks my nipples continuously
and I can feel myself get wet. His touch sent shivers down my body and I was amazed at how my body
responded to him- like it was accustomed to him. He knew what I'd liked. He wasn't being reckless and
he wasn't being gentle either. He knew exactly what he was doing and it made me wonder if he had
pleased other women like this. He was so sure of his moves.

He caresses my hips and takes my legs around his waists. I close my eyes, holding the sheets and tilt
my head to the side. My back was arched. I open my eyes and the first thing my eyes land on is his
shaft. I gasp. It is big, long and just beautiful. He was well shaved. It turned me on. My core was
clenching tighter and it was on fire. Enter, now, I demand internally.

He kisses my belly button and finds his way down to my area. He licks it, kisses it and inhales before
going down to my core. "Bloody hell!" I scream as I feel his tongue in my womanhood. I arch my waist
in pleasure, my pupils dilating. I grab the pillow and hold tight. "Ah.." I moan.

"Natalie, I need you to know that I truly love you and I'm sorry if I've hurt you in the past. Please, my

A tear drops from my eye. "I forgive you, Lucas. I love you" I say, and he enters me. He begins to make
love to me. We make love. This time, it wasn't forced and there was no hatred. Just pure love. At this
moment, I knew for sure that Luke was my soulmate and I was glad, for the first time, that I was sold to
him. After all, blessings do come in disguise.

"Natalie, | need you to know that | truly love you and I'm sorry if I've hurt you in the past. Please, my

A tear drops from my eye. "| forgive you, Lucas. | love you" | say, and he enters me. He begins to make
love to me. We make love. This time, it wasn't forced and there was no hatred. Just pure love. At this
moment, | knew for sure that Luke was my soulmate and | was glad, for the first time, that | was sold to
him. After all, blessings do come in disguise.