A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 10


"I asked you a question, Bart," I say, wondering what it could be. Was he taking drugs?

He gives a wide smile, "Nothing serious, sir." He replies, but I don't believe him. Naturally, Bart gave off
an awkward vibe and his personality was negative. He always tried to play the good guy but any wise
person could see through it. I don't believe him.

"I don't want you doing drugs or anything illegal in my home for that matter so get rid of whatever the
hell it is you're on." I continue, "I need you to arrange a bouquet, a very huge bouquet of all the freshest
flowers available and send them to my wife before noon, okay?" He nods.

He looks agitated and sweaty but I ignore it and leave. I had a long and interesting day ahead.


"Good morning, Mr. Carrington" A female staff says to me as I walk the grounds of Carrington
Enterprises. I do not acknowledge her greeting, instead I keep on walking with my entourage behind

"Good morning, Mr. Carrington" a few other voices echo as I walk around past. I ignore and continue to
walk sharply to my personal elevator.

"Sir!" A voice shouts and I know who it is almost immediately. "Your coffee" the voice says and I turn to
look. "Extra milk and no sugar added," She says, adjusting her glasses.

"As always. Thank you" I say as I step into the elevator. My entourage stays behind. I take a sip of my
coffee as I enter the elevator. Alex, my ever faithful and always efficient secretary and personal
assistant. She was an orphan, just like me, so we had a mutual understanding and a bond.

"Good morning, Mr. Carrington" Jordan, the receptionist says. I acknowledge her with a nod. Apart from
Alex, Jordan was the only female staff I acknowledged. She had no interest in me and I admired her for

I place my briefcase on the glass table and I hang my jacket over the coat rack. Taking my seat, I
access the files on my desk. Associates with Caplan Limited, Merger with Devan Textiles, Copper
Industries Board Shares and most importantly, the one that makes me grind my teeth in anger
Richardson Global; Transfer Documents and available shares.

I had acquired the Richardson's wealth and company through a poker game- something they had no
idea of. Judith and her husband had attended the annual Bidding Gala hosted by the Graysons. Judith
had been donating millions to different causes to keep her name high up in the ranks of the elite. All I
had to do was replace a supposed bidding agreement with transfer documents and in the blink of an
eye, she had unknowingly signed off their fortune to me. It was illegal, but there was no way to prove
that I acquired the properties with fraudulent means. It was my word against theirs.

"Yes sir, I'm on it." Alex says as I explain what I needed her to do. I look at my wristwatch; it was a
minute after twelve. I call home. Emmanuelle picks, "Hello, Luke."She responds. I can hear panic in her

"Emmanuelle, how's everyone? Did my wife eat something already?" I ask. She doesn't reply and I
become alert. I get up, ready to move.

"Emmanuelle, I'm asking you a question."

She breathes heavily, "Well, the lady isn't in the manor. We searched everywhere."

I end the call. Just a few hours away, and she'd escaped again. This girl wasn't going to give up so
easily. I had to put her in her place.

I had gotten to the manor and my first instinct was to check Natalie's room- see if there was any clue.
My blood boiled knowing that the only place she would've gone to was wherever her lover was.

I fling the door open and scan the room. Her bed was scattered, meaning that she had stayed on it
before leaving. I walk to her dressing table and I see her ring. She didn't take the ring. Simultaneously,
a wave of calmness and anger hit me. I was angered because she had blatantly refused my ring, and
again, calm, because if she didn't take the ring it meant she was atleast not a greedy person like her
entire family was. The ring was about £47 million. It was an Oppenheimer blue ring.

Jacket in hand, I leave for my room. Something wasn't right- I had the hunch. I pick my cell from my
jacket and place a call.

"Hello, yes. That favor you owe me? I need it now. I need to find my wife and I know your team can do
that in a matter of minutes. Yes.. Whatever you must. I'd say thank you after I get what I want" I say,
disconnecting the call.

I massage my head slightly- my migraine had been much worse recently. I walk to the shelf and shift
the painting on the wall. The door moves and another door is revealed. My sanctuary. I go in and look
at my work so far- the picture board was full. This was the one place I felt comfort, peace and serenity
all at once. No one had access to this place, no one even knew it existed. I'm about to pick a photo,
when I hear a muffled sound. I try to not to move so I could listen carefully. I look around, scanning the
room. No one could enter the room because it was properly hidden- I hear the sound again, this time it
was a bit faint.

The vent, the noise was coming from the vent. I bring out the blue print from the table in my secret
room and check. The vent lead to a room in the workers quarters. I pick a gun from my collection of
guns just incase. Something wasn't right and I didn't know what it was. The noise was too unsettling so

I decide to check what it is. Something dangerous was happening in my home- I knew, and I was not
the one orchestrating it.

I reach the workers quarters and it's unusually empty and quiet. I could smell heavy pesticide in the air
and that made me more alarmed. Something just wasn't right. I check my cell for the picture of the
blueprint I had taken and it leads me to Laurels room.

I go inside and scan the room and no one is there. Suddenly, it clicks that Bart's room is on the other
side of the wall. I walk out of Laurel's room, heading straight for Bart's. He was so dead if I found him
doing anything that would cost me money or attract the police. I open the door as fast as I can and I
see him laying on the couch. "Keep those hands where I can see them, Bartholomew" I say, pointing
the gun at him. I get my cell, "I need about four of you down here, the workers quarters" I say and end
the call.

"Hands up" I say, walking to the extreme end of the room. I use my hand to feel what seems like a wall,
covered with curtains only, I knew better. There was a door. I find the door and shift the curtain and the
door is visible.

"What the hell are you doing huh? What is in here?" I ask, as the guards come in. "Hold him" I order.

Slowly, I open the door aiming my gun at it as it opens. I freeze at what I see. "Natalie?" I say as I see
my wife laying on the floor, motionless.