A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 5

My eyes are red and puffy from crying. I'm dressed in a grey dress, ready to be sold off like a piece of
furniture. My life had take a wicked turn in a split second. I walk to the balcony as soon as I hear a car
arrive. I look down from the balcony. It had to be him, Carrington. As though he can feel my eyes on
him, he looks up. Our eyes meet. I look away and retreat.


"I'm glad you made the right decision." Judith says, barging into my room. I look at her, anger and pure
disgust in my eyes.

"Shall we? We mustn't keep him waiting."

"Where is my father? Does he know what you've done?"

"Your husband to be is waiting, Princess."


As I arrive downstairs, the first person I see is a tall, well built man. He looked like he was in his late
twenties. He had blue eyes, and was blonde, just like me. He has a blank expression on his face. He
must be Carrington.

"Shall we?" The man accompanying Carrington asks.

"We shall." Judith responds, leading everyone into the study. I feel betrayed. I want to cry, but I control

"Going straight to the matter of the day, I'm of the opinion that both parties are aware and approve of
this union?"

Carrington nods. I can't bring myself to respond. I'm shaking, and I can feel the tears spilling out of my
eyes. Judith rushes to my side. "Say yes, what are you doing?" She chuckles, "She's just nervous."

"Yes." I finally respond.

"Mr. Carrington, do you accept Ms. Richardson here, to be your lawfully wedded wife?" The man asks.

"I do." He responds, and I look at him, annoyed. I look away. It was so easy for him, getting married to
someone he barely knew.

"Ms. Richardson, do you accept Mr. Carrington to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

I don't respond. I run my hand through my hair, frustrated.

"Ms. Richardson?" The lawyer calls. I look at him. I turn to look at Judith, who's glaring angrily at me. I
close my eyes, remembering Rocky's touch, his lips on mine— how could I possibly betray him in such
a huge manner? I think back to seeing my father, his pale eyes and facial expressions. He was really
sick, and this was the only way out.

"I thought you said she was ready, Mrs. Richardson?" I hear Carrington ask.

"I do." I respond.

"She is!" Judith answers.

"Please, if both parties can sign this." Carrington signs. I sign.

"With the power vested in me, by the state, I pronounce you husband and wife."


"I have a meeting in two hours. It would be best if you take whatever you want to so that we may

I turn around, disgusted. "I refuse to go anywhere with a wicked man like you. You may leave if you
wish." I say, as I walk off. He grabs my arm. He chuckles softly. "I beg your pardon? We are married,
and I don't intend on living apart from my wife. You are mine."

"Let me go." I demand. "I am not yours. Do you think I'm a piece of furniture that you own? Have you
no decency?"

"You're mine. I bought you, incase you were wondering."

"I know. You left me no choice, you bastard!" I say, as I slap him. He lets go of my arm. He touches his
cheek as he looks at me.

"Don't let me punish your family for your misdeeds." He says, and his words send shivers down my
spine. He continues, "Get your things, and let us leave."

I pace around my room aimlessly. I couldn't stop myself from crying. I was having a terrible headache
already. I had been trying Rocky's number but it wasn't going through. I quickly send him a text, but he
doesn't reply either. "Why aren't you with your phone?" I breakdown, my cries intensifying.

"Mrs. Judith, where is your daughter? I live far from Croydon and it would take about two hours to get
to my destination, so I must leave." I say to Mrs. Richardson, my mother-in-law. Her boldness and
shamelessness amazed me. She was comfortablly seared, on her third glass of wine. As I watched her,
anger ran through my veins.

"We still haven't gotten full control of our money and businesses. Do you think you can outsmart me?"

"One year. I have to be sure you and your daughter don't try anything funny. After one year, you may
get full control. Now, please, call your daughter."


Mrs. Richardson had gone to get her daughter, my wife and it's been over an hour. I was already
getting impatient. Could packing a few boxes take so long? As I'm about to get up, I see my wife and
her mother descend from the stairs. Natalie was indeed, beautiful. The pictures I had of her did her
beauty no justice. She had full lips, the perfect cheekbones and golden brown eyes. She wasn't too tall,
but not short. Our eyes meet. She looks away. I can see the disgust in her eyes and anger in them. Her
eyes were sharp and if they were daggers, I'd probably be long dead.