A Trillionaire’s Revenge

Chapter CHAPTER 4

Judith's POV

"Did Carrington send you?" I ask, as soon as Natalie leaves the room.

"Yes. I'll get straight to the point. Mr. Carrington has decided that if your daughter doesn't agree to
marry him within the next 24 hours, he'll go public with something that will hurt not only your family, but
will make you land in prison."

"The docks, 2003." The man states, and I lose my balance for a second. It was a secret no one could
ever know. It was a secret my husband and I had to die with.

"She'll do it." I respond as fast as I can.

"Here," He brings out some documents and hands them over to me. I take them. He continues, "This
states that she will not withdraw after giving her consent, neither will she ask for a divorce. Mr.
Carrington will be the only one capable of asking for a divorce."

"She'll sign it." I respond, still trembling in fear. "I'll be back."


As I step out of the room, I exhale, a million things going through my mind. "Should I tell Francis?" I
ponder, trying to think of what to do. If I told him, his condition could worsen. There was no money yet.
"No, no."

I rush down the hallway, and enter the guest bedroom there. Thankfully, no one saw me. I search
through the room until I find a pen. I waste no time signing the document. I'd just forged my daughter's
signature. Natalie could never find out the truth about what happened that night.

I clean my eyes as I hear a soft knock on the door. "Come in." I begin to sob uncontrollably, as I see
Aunt Ruth. "Aunt."

"My love," Aunt Ruth hugs me in a bid to console me.

"My mother says I have to marry that man, but I love Rocky, aunt."

"I know, darling. It's just, your mother already signed the document."

Natalie frowns, "She forged my signatu— My mother enters. She speaks, "And that document was
legal binding, meaning that if you do not act accordingly to what is written in that document, not only
you, but myself and your sick father will be sued for breach of contract. Also, may I remind you that we
are broke already and cannot avoid getting hit with a lawsuit."

"I don't know if hatred would be understatement of how I feel about you right now, mother. "

Ruth adds, "Judith when did you become so vicious? I don't understand. This is your daughter who's
barely a woman and you're trying to force her into something so barbaric?"

"There's nothing barbaric about her getting married. She can make babies already I'm sure you know
that because you two are fine keeping secrets." She looks at Natalie, "I know you slept with that boy
from your school. I saw you."

I get up and look at her, surprised and embarrassed, "You watched me have sex with Rocky?" I can't
help but chuckle in disgust, "You're the sick one!"

Judith says, "I'm not here to exchange words with you, young lady and you better learn to respect me.
You have until midnight to pack your bags."


I enter y father's study, and just as I'm about to sit, Lea rushes into the study, "Madam, well. . ." I begin
to panic, as the first thing that I can think of is my father collapsing again.

"Lea, are you okay? What happened? Tell me."

Lea replies, "Well, the hospital just called and Mrs. Judith has left for the hospital. I think something
happened to your father. . ." She responds in her thick Russian accent.

"No," I whisper as I break down. I get up, and think of what to do. I rush out to find my way to the


"I'm looking for my father, Francis Richardson." I ask the hospital receptionist.

"Straight down to your left, miss." A nurse replies. I rush there as fast as I can. My mother is seated

"Mother, what happened?"

Judith gets up, "You're concerned now?"

"Don't you make me feel guilty. This is not my doing. Where is my father?" I inquire, mid tears.

"How dare you even step in here when you have done nothing to save his life? Your father as you so
fondly call him just had a cardiac arrest and I had to beg these people like my life depended on it
before they would even consider helping him."

"Your life does depend on it. He is your husband and I don't see what you're doing to prevent any of
this." I retort.

"That is why you have to do as Carrington says!"

I sigh, "Where's my father? Please."

"Your father isn't stable yet and he will die the moment something wrong happens again. Natalie, you
have no other option." She warns me.

Her words hurt me, and I stand there, defeated. "I'll do whatever it takes to save him, but does it have
to be this?"

"It has to be done, Princess." My mother says, holding me. I have no strength to push her away. "Don't
touch me, please," I jerk my hands off. "You're not a mother. You scare me." I clean my tears, "I can
never forgive you for this. I will never."

"Go, get ready. Forget about Rocky, and think ahead, Princess. It's a win-win situation, Natalie. You're
saving us all."

I clean my tears. "I'm not going through with it."

"You're a smart girl, Natalie. I'll let you decide. Assist your family or watch your father die. The choice is
yours." I continue sobbing as I fall to the floor, defeated. How could I possibly tell Rocky such
devastating news?