Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 469: Why Was It Always Like This?

Wendy never expected that one day she would be so desperate that she needed Emily to repay her

The moment Emily walked out, Wendy recognized her!

Wendy was surprised that Emily ended up like her, to the point where she wouldn’t even dare to meet
anyone with her true face!

180,000, not a penny less. After Emily transferred the money to Tiger, Tiger left with his men in the
blink of an eye.

Emily walked over to Wendy and looked down at her, who was lying on the ground and couldn’t get up
because of acute pain.

"Didn’t you receive a large sum of money? Why did it turn out like this?"

After two years, she realized that she didn’t hate this woman that much anymore.

However, Wendy still hated her to the bone!

Wendy gritted her teeth. She wanted to get up, but it was made more difficult because her abdomen
was so painful that it had a cramp.

"Emily, how much better do you think you are than me? How can you have the gut to ridicule me?"

Emily stared at her indifferently. She hadn’t seen her for two years. Wendy seemed to have suffered a
lot, but her personality didn’t change at all.

"I’m not much better than you, but at least, I’m not like you, who lives like a sneaky rat."

"Emily! How dare you make fun of me?!" Wendy gritted her teeth. She finally got up from the ground.

"Aren’t you the same? Do you think I don’t know about the scandal between you and Joseph? Right
now, even if you are the young lady of the Gale family, you can’t return home. Compared to me, your
situation is worse!"

"Aren’t you very decent and powerful? Then why do you put on an ugly look like this and live like a

"Where’s Hunter? He has found a new lover and doesn’t want you anymore, hahaha …"

Emily realized that this woman was beyond saving. Two years of suffering had not made her feel guilty
about what she had done at all.

She still hated her the same as before.

Emily looked at her calmly, as if she was looking at a clown.

Wendy hated her calm gaze! How could she look at her like this?

"Emily, do you think that you are superior just by repaying the debt for me? In my eyes, you are still

Wendy sneered and said with stronger disdain, "Everyone in the world knows that you and your cousin
have done shameful things. You’ve ruined the reputation of the Gales by hooking up with your own

"You will never be able to return to Gale family. Even on the day your grandfather dies, you can’t make
it to see him for the last time!"

Emily clenched her fists tightly. Inevitably, some hidden pain was brought up by Wendy.

Wendy was happy when she saw Emily’s sad expression.

"How is it? Can you feel how desperate it is?"

"Wendy, I thought that if you could have the slightest bit of guilt, I would let you off."

Emily picked up her phone and said calmly, "But you disappoint me."

"What are you doing?" Wendy panicked when she saw that Emily was going to make a call.

Right now, she was a fugitive!

"The Gale family has offered a large sum of rewards for you. The police have been looking for you
because you are now a wanted criminal. What do you think I will do?"

"How dare you!" Wendy rushed over, wanting to take away her phone.

However, she was weak. Emily pushed her away with minimal effort.

"Emily! How dare you call the police?! Once you call the police, your whereabouts will also be exposed.
Everyone will know that you are here. You have decided to go back and face all of that?"

"Do you have the ability to face it? If you go back, the whole Gale family will be burdened by you!"

Wendy thought for a moment and then sneered, "Emily, don’t intimidate me. You don’t dare!"

However, Emily dialed the number and called the police.

She looked at Wendy without any emotion in her eyes.

"I probably didn’t tell you that Hunter has found this place. Regardless of whether I call the police or
not, my whereabouts have been exposed."

It was useless to try changing someone like Wendy. She had no choice but to call the police and leave
it to the police.

Moreover, she had committed a crime. If she did not call the police, she would be an accomplice.

"Hello," Emily said calmly. "There is a wanted criminal who escaped from City L. Her name is Wendy.
She was involved in the scam of the Gale family in City L. She is at …"

Emily was really reporting the location!

Wendy finally believed that she was calling the police! This damn woman!

"I’ll kill you!" Wendy picked up a brick from somewhere and rushed over. She used all her strength to
smash it onto Emily’s head.

Emily was focusing on the call and did not notice her actions.

By the time she noticed this, the brick was almost above her head!

Emily was startled and wanted to dodge, but it was too late!

At this critical moment, she seemed to see a black shadow leaping out of the cottage and rushing over
to her in the blink of an eye.

The brick smashed someone’s head, and the smell of blood instantly spread in the air.

But she didn’t feel any pain, because the brick didn’t smash her.

The man’s forehead was clobbered, and blood flowed like a stream!

Hunter turned around and kicked Wendy.

Wendy groaned and fell to the ground. Her ribs were broken and she could not get up again.

Hunter … How was that possible? How could he be by Emily’s side?

Also, who was the little girl in his arms? Why did he look so much like Emily, and so much like … him?

Hunter …

However, she was too painful to speak. Wendy’s consciousness only lasted for two seconds before she
rolled her eyes and fainted.

"Hunter!" Emily’s heart was almost shattered when she saw Hunter’s bloody face!

"Are you okay? Hunter!"

Seeing that her father’s face was covered in blood, Basia was stunned for a moment and then cried

Hunter stuffed Basia into Emily’s arms. Originally, he wanted to tell her that he was fine, but when
seeing the worry in her eyes, he suddenly thought of something.

He clenched his fist, and his upright body shook slightly.

"I feel a bit dizzy." His voice weakened. "Perhaps … I can’t hold on anymore."

"Don’t say that! How can you not make it?"

However, there was too much blood flowing out, so much that it shocked her!

"Hunter, hold on. I’ll call an ambulance immediately. It’ll be fine. You’ll be fine!"

She deserved to die! He injured himself to save her times and times again!

Why was it always like this?

"Hunter, everything will be fine. The ambulance will be here soon. Everything will be fine!"