Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 468: That Miserable Woman

The family went to the amusement park. Although Chester wasn’t around, it was the first time that
Hunter brought her and Basia with him.

The same scene was repeated countless times in her dreams.

However, she had never told anyone about this, not even Terry.

Yearning was not something that exclusively belonged to her, but she always reminded herself that it
was unnecessary in her life.

On the playground, there were three eye-catching people.

The father was so handsome that all women would go crazy, but the mother was so ugly that people
would feel sick.

However, the daughter was very, very beautiful. She took after her father.

Looking at such a handsome man with a woman with freckled face and a pair of big, tacky glasses, any
woman would be disgusted.

How could such an ugly woman win the heart of this handsome man? Was the man blind?

Therefore, along the way, although Hunter had a wife and a daughter, there were still quite a few
women who took the initiative to accost him.

Emily sat on the bench and looked resignedly at Hunter, who was riding the merry-go-round with her
daughter while being surrounded by several other women.

Wherever this man went, there would be women following.

Although he wasn’t the one who took the initiative to accost, and those women didn’t have ill intentions,
the fact was that there would be countless women trying to approach him even if they might die
because of this.

Would living with this man be tiring because of anxiety about other women?

She never thought of being with him. She had experienced utter exhaustion in the past.

Hunter and Basia were still riding the merry-go-round because Basia did not have enough fun after the
first round.

As a result, Hunter, who loved his daughter so much, queued up for the second time.

Emily rarely saw Hunter being so down-to-earth. In order to please her daughter, he was actually willing
to do such a thing as queuing up.

He would never allow himself to walk close to so many people in the past.

He had always been arrogant and mighty, but now …

If she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, even she couldn’t believe that Hunter would condescend for a
little girl.

It had been two years since she last saw him. He was really different.

But he was still so handsome, to the point that even his melancholy would make women’s heart ache.

However, he was less tyrannical and was gentler than before.

Who wouldn’t be tempted by such a man?

However, who dared to fall for him?

If one was tempted, she would hurt herself.

Emily stared at the father and daughter for a long time, and when she realized that she had been
thinking about the man did she suddenly wake up and withdraw her gaze.

She was a little panicked!

She turned her face away, trying not to look at him, but the moment she turned her head, she saw a
familiar person.

It was …

Emily frowned and looked at her. Suddenly, she stood up.

It was her! Why was she here?

The woman did not notice that she had been discovered. After buying a loaf of bread, she hurriedly
walked towards the darkness.

She acted like a sneaky rat crossing the street.

She was actually here!

Emily clenched her fist tightly and chased after her.

It was Wendy, who had disappeared for two years after receiving a huge sum of money.

Emily never expected that she would be so miserable!

Although her clothes weren’t tattered, they were quite old.

In the past, with Wendy’s personality, she wouldn’t wear such clothes even if she would be beaten to

Also, she was wearing flatties!

This was the first time Emily saw Wendy wear flatties that could be bought at a stall and cost only ten!

After Wendy bought the bread, she walked into the darkness while eating it.

Emily didn’t know if it because she was in a hurry, but she was completely unaware that someone was
following her.

Emily followed her to the small cottage behind the amusement park, then, a few men suddenly rushed
over. Emily frowned, stopped and hid behind the cottage.

Wendy was frightened by the sudden appearance of the men and wanted to turn around and escape.

However, it was too late!

As soon as two of the men stepped forward, they surrounded her.

"Tiger, I, I’m thinking of a way. Give me a few more days, just a few more days!"

Wendy wanted to hide, but five men surrounded her, and she couldn’t hide at all!

"How many days?" The man called Tiger glared at her with an angry expression. "I have given you a
few days already, and you used them to find a place to hide, didn’t you?"

"No, absolutely not!" Wendy panicked and shook her head. "Tiger, you are so powerful and there are
your people everywhere. Where can I hide?"

"Cut the crap. Since you can’t pay the debt, then come back with us."

"No! I don’t want to go back!" Wendy lifted her legs and was about to run.

However, she couldn’t escape from the encirclement and was pushed to the ground.

"You still want to run?" Tiger walked over and kicked her in the stomach.

Wendy bent over in pain and covered her stomach, screaming miserably.

"Tiger, Tiger … I … Just give me a little more time. Just a little more. I will definitely pay the debt. I will
definitely do it!"

"180,000, how can you get it? Even if you work as a prostitute, you won’t be able to earn such money!"

Tiger snorted coldly and waved his hand, "Take her away!"

"No. Tiger, don’t bring me back. I don’t want to go back. I don’t want to serve those people. Tiger,
please, please …"

However, none of these people felt sorry for her.

Seeing that she was unwilling to leave, the two men standing beside her kicked and punched her.

"Ah …" Wendy’s face was covered by tears and snot. "Tiger, please … Ah! Ah! Don’t hit me, no, I will
pay, I will … Ah …"

"How much does she owe you?" Suddenly, a woman walked out behind the cottage.

She had a freckled face and was wearing a pair of big glasses. She was as ugly as one could imagine.

Tiger narrowed his eyes and sized up her face. In the end, he looked at her with disgust.

"180,000! Who are you? You want to clear her debt?"

"Give me your account number. I’ll transfer it to you right now." Seeing him approaching, Emily took a
step back with caution.

"Don’t act recklessly. This is an amusement park. There are people everywhere. As long as I shout for
help, you can’t escape."

Tiger stopped. He didn’t expect this ugly woman to be so bold.

"Are you really going to clear her debt?"

Anyway, he only wanted money. "180,000, not a penny less!"