Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 459: Please Don't Disturb Our Life

Just a meal made both of them got dirty.

But when they walked together, it radiated the scent of harmony and warmth.

"They've already called the police. When they catch that woman, they should know who she is."

On his way out of the noodle shop, Liam answered the phone and spoke to Hunter.

Hunter, however, looked at the little girl holding his big hand and felt a pang in his heart.

After waiting to know the identity of this girl, would that mean he had to her send back?

Why would he feel so distressed?

"Master Hunter, she's someone else's child." Liam looked into his eyes and was immediately unnerved.

Master Hunter wanted to take the girl away? But he couldn’t.

He thought that Master Hunter would be upset by his words, but he just answered, "Yes."

But it was the faint "yes" that made Liam suffer.

For two years, Master Hunter had his only happiness when being with the little girl.

But that joy was about to disappear.

"Master Hunter, how about..."

"Basia!" Suddenly, a call came from behind.

The woman went nuts and bumped into Hunter and tried to grab the little girl he was walking with hand
in hand.

Liam's hand already stretched out, but it was stopped by the man who had come with her.

Hunter looked gloomy and was about to stop the woman.

The next second, when he saw clearly her figure, he was completely frozen, and didn’t know what to

For two whole years!

She had lost some weight, but her figure was exactly the same.

She had makeup on her face, a kind of makeup to make herself look ugly, just as she had done when
she was first engaged to him.

She was also wearing a pair of big ugly glasses that almost hid half her face.

So, the people he sent out couldn't find her, because she was now a completely ugly woman! And the
pictures he gave them were totally different from her.

"Basia, how are you? Does it hurt anywhere? Tell mama, where does it hurt?"

Emily was so anxious that tears almost came out of her eyes. The feeling of losing and getting back her
daughter made her burst into tears.

After looking for her for more than two hours, she almost broke down.

She had seen the news of the loss of those children, although distressed, she couldn’t feel what the
taste of despair was until she experienced it herself.

Her Basia! Her Basia was really back!

"Mommy." Basia called out cleverly, making Emily shed tears.

"Mommy... Daddy, daddy." Basia, like she had something to share, was eager to tell her mommy the
good thing.

Emily was alarmed at the man next to her, and then she held Basia and trotted back, "Terry!"

Terry didn't speak because he had a good view of Liam at the moment he stopped Liam.


Two years, this man had finally found here.

But, daddy?

Terry's face suddenly turned sour. Why did Basia call this guy daddy?

After backing away for several steps with Basia in her arms, Emily looked up and finally saw the man in
front of her.

He lost weight.

He was still the man he used to be, aloof and arrogant.

However, there was loneliness in his eyes that he hadn’t had two years ago.

Like an abandoned child, although he was very strong outside, he still couldn’t hide from the assault of

She could even imagine, in his silent eyes, the sight of him smoking alone in the dead of night.

No! This man drove the Gale family to the wall and forced her to leave!

He could get what he wanted. How could he be lonely?

Women were most likely to drown in their own fantasy, because fantasy were their own wishful

After a few seconds of chaos, Emily calmed down completely.

Basia still looked at Hunter with a smile on her face and said, "Daddy, Mommy, Daddy."

Hunter felt a shock!

The little girl was Emily's daughter. She should be over a year old now, so... so... Was she really his


"He's not your father, your father's here!" Emily glared at Basia, her face grim. "Go back to Daddy."

Basia was still a little confused. In fact, she didn't know what father was.

Whoever gave her security was daddy.

After Emily put Basia down, she walked over to Terry and said sweetly, "Daddy."

Emily was relieved, but there was despair in Hunter.

She was Terry's daughter!

A little girl over one year old!

Did they get together immediately after they left? Otherwise, the little girl couldn't be this big!

For a time, mixed feelings, the taste of hell from heaven, almost crushed him down.

"Why are you taking Basia? What do you want to do?"

Emily stepped in front of Basia and Terry and looked at Hunter with anger in her eyes.

"Master Hunter, we couldn’t go home because of hiding from you. For two years, you still won't let us

He dared to touch Basia!

Emily squeezed her palms tight. "What else do you want?"

Hunter just looked at her and said nothing.

For two years, he had not really thought of letting her go, because he had never stopped looking for

Liam was unable to see his Master be wronged, and he explained. "Master Hunter didn't do anything to
Miss Basia, he just..."

"Shut up!" Hunter said coldly.

Liam breathed a sigh of relief and wanted to say a lot, but Master Hunter wouldn't let him!

Hunter took a step forward and looked over Emily to land on the little girl in Terry's arms.

She... It turned out that the little was Terry and Emily's daughter.

The god did play a good game with him. But why did he see this little girl, he would feel like he got a

It turned out that she was Emily's daughter.

He went a step further and wanted to touch the woman he missed every night.

But before he could touch her, she had been pulled into the arms by another man.

Hunter looked at the two people in front of him, and very angry.

"Emily, come back with me!

Emily smiled coldly. "Why go back with you? Master Hunter, do you still want me to be your plaything?"

"Stop it, Basia's here." Terry knew that as long as they mentioned the past, it would make Emily

Since it made her feel so miserable, why mention it?

Emily bit her lips and forced her eyes shut.

When she opened her eyes again, there was no feeling in her eyes.

"Master Hunter, please leave us alone, or I'll call the police."