Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 457: Daddy, Daddy

This was a strange city.

He didn't know why he was taking on a project that seemed so small to him.

Just after looking at the proposal sent by the other side and seeing the small figure in the corner of the
picture, he was interested in this project suddenly.

It was such a small project that it wasn't worth his time.

But that little figure was obviously shot by those people by accident, but he just couldn't see anything,
only to see her.

It was a very, very little girl, standing in front of a pile of balloons. She had only half her face showed
out and could not see the front or face clearly.

But when he saw the picture, he just had a sudden shock, like someone pulling at the tip of his heart.

That feeling was pure, and made his heart miss a beat.

So here he was, out of the expectations of others.

"Master Hunter, the plot of land we're planning is right up ahead. It's close to the City center. It's
definitely the most valuable property in the whole City."

Knowing that the other party was coming, Mr. Lee waited at the airport early in the morning and picked
him up in person.

And Mr. Lee took care of Hunter carefully.

The man looked ahead and saw the crowded city center, bustling with people.

But it was still far from the Bentson City center.

After coming here and checked the scene, he did not see the little girl in the picture, and felt

He felt it a waste of time to even look at it.

He didn’t know what was wrong with him that he should have come here.

The man was about to turn away when, suddenly, something small burst into his sight.

He looked up suddenly.

In the distance, a little girl was being held by a tall strong man, crying and struggling.

Opposite was standing a woman, thin and small, who was taking money from the strong man's hand.

That little girl! The man could recognize her at a glance. Unexpectedly, he really could see the little girl
in the picture!

The money?

The man's face sank, suddenly strode over and ran past.

"Master Hunter?" Liam didn't know what he was going to do, but when he saw how fast Hunter was
running, he just ran after him. "Master Hunter, wait for me!"

In the distance, Billie, who had just received her money, could not bear to see Basia crying so bitterly.

But her mother was so ill that she needed money for her mother’s operation. She could not relent, and
she had no other choice.

"Basia, I'm sorry, I'm sorry..."

"Let’s go!" The strong man who gave her the money gave her a push and nearly pushed her to the

Then two men walked toward a nearby van.

Basia was crying out loud, her little hands fluttering around, her face full of tears, feeling frightened.

"Such a tender little girl. I'm sure she'll get a good price."

Delighted, the two strong men had opened the door and were about to go up.

All of a sudden, the strong man holding Basia let out a scream, and then rolled on the ground.

And Basia, in an instant, fell in Hunter, and cradled in his arms.

The little girl, obviously frightened, put her arms around Hunter's neck and cried, "Daddy, daddy, woo..."


Hunter, who was used to being cold, was suddenly softhearted.

He held Basia closer, and stared at the man by the car door.

"You... Who are you, and why have you robbed my child?" The strong man was frightened by the chill
in his eyes and backed away, slamming into the door.

But he straightened his back at once, exchanged a look with the strong man who had got up from the
ground, and suddenly, without saying a word, rushed straight at Hunter.

Basia looked up from Hunter's shoulder and looked back to see the two men coming over.

She just stopped crying, but then she started crying again.

Hunter's face darkened and his legs extended as they rushed in front of him.

The strong man at the head gave a shriek and fell down.

The second strong man had been panicked. He wanted to come over, but he did not dare.

"Daddy, daddy!" The strong man wanted to over Basia's mouth, and Basia was afraid of him and
wanted to hit him.

But Basia knew she wouldn’t beat the man down.

When she called daddy just now, the daddy had knocked the man down.

So Basia called the one holding her daddy twice more.

Hunter had no idea what he was thinking, but when he heard the little girl call him daddy twice, he
quickly became a daddy and kicked the other strong man to the ground.

"Daddy, daddy!" Basia stopped crying and smiled at him instead.

"It is so sweet." The little girl sweet smile, suddenly hit right into his heart, making him feel warm and

"Master Hunter!" Liam came.

He had seen what had happened just now.

"The woman has run away," he said.

"There's so much surveillance here. She can't get away." Hunter's eyes were cold.

"That... So, shall we call the police?" Liam's eye fell on Basia.

The girl, who had been crying her nose with tears, cleverly rubbed her nose on Master Hunter's

And then, she might be comfortable, but Master Hunter's clothes were...

Master Hunter was a neat freak, and these tears and snot on his clothes... Wait a minute, was Hunter
going to throw her straight to the ground?

However, this little girl looked really familiar...

"Daddy." Basia called out softly, and then looked at Hunter with her pathetic eyes. "Daddy, eat, eat..."

Hunter frowned. "Hungry?"

Basia didn't know if she was hungry or not, but she had her own way of saying it.

"Eat, eat..." She opened her little mouth as if to eat, and then said, "Hmm!"

"She looks really hungry." Even Liam got it.

Hunter looked at the little girl and saw that she still had water on the end of her nose, so he grabbed
Liam's sleeve.

"Master Hunter?" Liam was stunned. Why Master Hunter grabbed his sleeve?

It wasn't until Hunter wiped Basia's face with his sleeve that he learned what Master Hunter meant. He
noticed that he had a lot of little kids drool on his sleeve.

Well, when did he suddenly become the babysitter?

Hunter said nothing more, but carried Basia to the noodle shop on the edge of the square.

Liam tried to follow suit, but was stopped by several bosses and managers. "Mr. White..."

"Call the police and have these men taken statements about the little girl."

Liam pointed to two strong men who had fallen to the ground and unable to stand in pain.

"Let’s talk about the project hen Master Hunter’s mood gets better."