Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 441: Everything Will Be Over

“In the Gale Group, your status is noble. How could I order you, Miss Wendy in the City L, to do

Although Porter said this, his attitude towards Wendy was the same as before.

It was with disdain, contempt and without any respect.

Wendy really wanted to expose him.

But now, she couldn’t offend him.

She exhaled and smiled humbly, “Mr. Porter, without you, I could never achieve these things. Of
course, I will follow your orders.”

She walked over and said respectfully, “Mr. Porter, I’m stupid. I don’t know what to do next. Please give
me a hint.”

Porter flicked the cigarette. He thought for a while seriously and said,

“Are you sure that the Gale family won’t reveal anything about you?”

In fact, to Porter, he didn’t believe that the Gale family would pay so much attention to the kinship.

In order to protect Emily, they would rather let the Gale Group suffer a loss?

During this period of time, he began to get Wendy’s share bit by bit, but it could only be finished

In other words, they just needed to wait.

Currently, Wendy only had twenty-five percent of the shares. He had bought five percent from the retail
investor he assigned.

The remaining twenty-five percent were in processing.

If he bought all of the share too quickly, he would be implicated when Wendy was convicted of fraud.

He had to find a way to let them believe that Wendy’s stock was bought by the retail investors all
around the world.

He didn’t expect that Wendy’s true identity would be exposed.

It was she who decided to tell Joseph directly that she was not a Gale.

It was also Wendy who deceived Sawyer to go into the high seas. This time, the person in charge was
indeed Wendy.

This woman was usually witless. No one expected her to be this smart and thorough.

“Mr. Porter, don’t worry. They don’t dare to act recklessly for the time being.”

Wendy had lived with the Gale family for a period of time, and she knew quite a bit about Sawyer and

Maybe they succeeded in the business, but their weakness was that they paid too much attention to
the kinship.

Now she could take the advantage of this.

“Especially since Sawyer’s condition is so critical, if something bad happens to Emily, wouldn’t Joseph
be afraid that Sawyer would directly die?”

Porter did not answer.

Wendy smiled and said, “In short, there is no need to worry. It looks secure. Mr. Porter, you can finish
the things as planned.”

“OK, I’ll trust you once. After this, I won’t forget your contribution.”

Porter waved her hand. Wendy knew that he was asking her to leave.

He had always treated her like a servant, not giving her the slightest bit of mercy at all.

The moment Wendy came out of his room, she stopped smiling.

This damned Porter really didn’t respect her at all.

After selling so many shares to him, why didn’t he think about how much he had paid her?

Ten million!

Why didn’t he steal it?

She was unwilling to sell the shares to him if the shares were not obtained illegally and she was not
afraid that something bad would happen in the future.

But the more Wendy thought about it, the more unwilling she felt!

She could be the richest woman in the City L, so why did she have to grovel to others?

He used ten million to buy the five-percent share of the Gale Group from her.

Thinking of this, Wendy felt it was really a pity.

However, Porter had the proof of her guilt. She could only follow his orders.

Wendy left the hotel. She drove to a nearby square and stopped her car there.

She looked at her cell phone, and was deep in a myriad of thoughts and ideas.

She was unwilling to live in this way.

Even if she had to grovel to someone else, that person shouldn’t be Porter!

After an unknown amount of time, she was grim-faced. It was as if she had made up her mind and
dialed the number, “Hunter…”

These two days, Emily was not disturbed by others.

She stayed in the hospital, accompanying her grandfather during the day and doing her own things at

Her grandfather was better, but he was still a little unconscious. He could not completely wake up.

The doctor said that Sawyer would recover slowly after being nursed because of this sequela.

Sawyer was not young. If he didn’t have the good physical quality, he would not wake up after suffering
two strokes.

Fortunately, he was still able to get up and take a walk. But he seemed to have some neurological
disorders that he didn’t know what he was doing.

On the third day, the good news came from the Bentson City. Sally had completely regained the

The doctor allowed her to come out of the intensive care unit. The first thing Sally did was to call Emily.

“It’s indeed Kate!”

Emily tightened her grip on the phone.

It was actually Kate! That wicked woman dared to do the murder. How dare she do this?

“Emi, I knew a big secret.”

Sally had just woken up, and she was still very weak.

Even through the phone, Emily could feel Sally’s anxiety.

She laughed.

She felt happy to have such a good friend in her life.

“Do you want to say that Kate attempted to murder you because you accidentally heard about my

“Emi...” Sally was stunned.

What happened? Why did Emily know this?

“Sally, you have been unconscious for too long. I have known these things.”

“I’m at the Gale’s now. Grandpa and I recognized each other. They treat me very well and know
Wendy’s true colors.”

As for other matters, Emily didn’t intend talking too much with Sally because she had just recovered.

Although she had a lot to share with Sally, she couldn’t say it now.

“Sally, take good care of yourself. Joseph will contact you. Then you can sue Kate together.”

“She has committed a crime. We absolutely cannot let her go unpunished.”

Sally always felt that Emily’s words were a little strange. Why did she let Joseph contact her?

What about her? Did she let this drop?

Sally scratched her hair, wondering if it was because she was still a little unconscious that she could
not fully understand what Emily said?


“You haven’t fully recovered yet. Don’t think about anything. Take good care of yourself.”

Emily’s words had a kind of reassuring magic power, “Everything will end soon. Everything will come to
an end.”

Sally still didn’t understand what Emily meant, but Emily didn’t seem to want to talk anymore.

Emily found the excuse that she was busy and hung up.

Afterwards, she dialed another number, “Terry, I want to ask you a favor. Perhaps, it will be quite