Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 450: A Family of Three

Two years later.

A famous scriptwriter, a new play, won the best screenplay award this year in City N.

However, the writer never showed up at the awards ceremony.

No one knew who she was, and she had never even been seen in public.

From the beginning of submission to the end, she had published two play. One was popular and the
other won the awarded.

But for two whole years, she had never showed up.

Her name was Hunger, but it was a pseudonym.

She even didn’t show up in such an important award ceremony.

The next day, there was gossip throughout the circle.

Who was Hunger? Was it male or female, young or old?

Many people were very curious about it.

"He must be an old bald man, I guess."

"No, if he is an old man, he wouldn't miss the chance to be famous even if he is bald."

"That's right." Others agreed.

"It might be a fat woman, fat and ugly."

"A cripple, perhaps..."

The girls in the office were talking about Hunger, which always lived only in the legend.

"Okay, office hours, no chitchat, and get to work."

The minister came over with some papers, went to the desk at the corner, and dropped them.

"Emily, put these papers in order for the manager."

"Yes." Emilia Gale, sitting in the corner, nodded, took the papers and went back to work.

"Look at Emily. She never joins your discussions. She does as much in a day as you do in a few days!"

"Well. Aren't we at work now?"

Smiling, the girls turned to look back at Emilia Gale, who was still busy.

A pair of large, thick, and old-fashioned eyeglasses covered almost half of her face.

Those freckles on her face made her look even uglier.

Yeah, well, if anyone looked like her, she would just have to work hard and make up for it.

So, everybody won't envy or be jealousy of Emily because the minister praised her.

After all, no one envied an ugly person.

"Emily, would you like to go to dinner after work?" Someone suddenly suggested.

Another girl said quickly, "She is a good mother, and she has to go back to her babies after work. How
does she have time to go out with you?"

"Well, then, we won't take with you."

As soon as it was six o 'clock, several girls gathered their things and left with a smile.

Along the way, Emily could still faintly hear them gossiping.

"Well, how does Emily find such a handsome husband when she's so ugly?"

"Yeah, if I were her husband, I'm afraid I'd divorce her long ago."

Emilia Gale pretended not hear it.

At half past six, she finished her job.

She packed her things and left the company.

Just as she walked out of the company door, a little girl more than a year old stumbled over.

Emilia Gale most freaked out.

"Watch out! Oh, you're going to frighten mother to death! Slow down!"

She also ran past and help the little girl in her arms.

She raised her head, stared at the happy man behind the girl, and complained, "Why not taking good
care of her. She just learned how to walk!"

"Not long? It is months ago!"

The man didn't agree with her. "You are too cautious. How could a child grow up if she goes through
the difficulties to smoothly?"

Emilia Gale glared at him, only to see the baby in her arms break free and dashed off a short distance,

Just taking two steps, she fell on the ground.

The man who had been making fun of Emilia Gale for being too nervous had turned pale at the sight of
the baby falling and lunged at her.

He picked up the girl who had just fallen down and looked at her nervously.

"Basia, did you hurt? Where is it hurt? Tell Papa!"

"Balloon... Balloon..."

Basia didn't feel bad at all. All she wanted was a balloon in the distance.

"Who made fun of me just now Aren't you more nervous than I am?"

Emilia Gale threw a blank look at the man, who, after putting Basia down, still followed her closely,
smiling at the corners of his lips.

He was very nervous, but he couldn’t help it, as he cared about the baby girl...

"Balloon... Balloon..." Basia was just one year old. How did she know to follow her mom and dad down
the road?

Seeing the colorful balloons, she would forget everything.

The man behind her was handsome, and wherever he went, he would attract attention of countless

The man was no one but Terry.

"Okay, daddy will go get the balloon for you."

"Don't mess around. The balloons are others’. Don't take it."

As Emilia Gale chased them, the wind blew away the bangs that fell on her freckled face. It was once
so familiar to others.

Later, when the freckles had been washed away, everyone had become so accustomed to her beauty,
and no one remembered her ugly side.

Now that familiar feeling was still so strong.

Terry was running after Basia, but he didn't notice anything. He suddenly stopped and turned around.

It was crowed on the square, countless people, countless faces, and countless figures.

But he felt a cold touch, and when he turned, it disappeared.

"What's the matter, Terry?" Emilia Gale came over and looked back with him.

But there was nothing strange behind them. Was it not always the same?

She had had a feeling of being stared at. She had such a felling before when she first arrived.

Probably because she felt guilty, and she was always suspicious.

But later, as her belly grew bigger, and Basia was born, she put all her attention on Basia.

As for other things, she didn’t care.

"Nothing." Terry bent his head and put his arm around her. "I just think too much. Don't take it to heart."

"Then don't worry too much."


Emilia Gale, who disappeared two years ago, was Emily. She grabbed Basia by the hand and said,
"You can't play with these things, little girl. Mommy would buy it for you."

How did Basia know what to play and what not to play?

All she knew was that Bobo was coming.

"Balloon...Balloon..." Basia shook off Emily's hand again as the balloon came closer to her.

She strode forward with her short legs and went to a pile of balloons.


Terry and Emily were right behind her. How come all these balloons were really getting close to Basia?

Terry looked sullen. He grabbed Basia in his arms and pulled Emily over his shoulder.

He stared at the pile of balloons with guard!