Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 449: Pain Might Not Be a Bad Thing

"Brother." Vincent walked into the room followed by Henry without a word.

Hunter looked back at the two men and finally his eyes fell on Henry.

"Don't look at me like that. I'm just as upset as you are."

Henry went in and sat down on the sofa.

Obviously, he was tired and didn’t want to joke.

"Are those men sent by Mr. Henry?" Liam poured a cup of tea for them.

Henry snorted disapprovingly. "Someone doesn't want to find Emily. I'll have to do it myself. I'm afraid
that if something really happens to Emily, someone will hate himself in the future."

"With your friendship with her, you need so many reasons if you want to find her."

Hunter was upset right now, and Henry still embarrassed him, which was quite remarkable for Hunter
not to hit him.

Vincent sensed something was wrong on both sides. There was something to be said.

"Brother, you misunderstood Henry and Emily."

He tightened his lips and squeezed his palm. "I'm sorry. It's all my fault."

Vincent thought as long as Emily left Hunter, Hunter would be fine.

No one else could threaten him, and no one else could be his Achilles' heel.

But he neglected one thing that Hunter may be safe, but he lived very unhappily.

For months he had not seen his brother smile.

On the contrary, he was colder and less approachable than before.

He even didn’t want to open his heart to talk to them.

His heart blocked all people and he was unwilling to believe anyone.

Such Hunter was like but a walking dead.

On the surface, he lived a noble life that everyone would envy, but when the night fell, only he knew
how he felt.

He really didn't want to see his brother go on living like this without a soul.

"I'm sorry."

It was Vincent who begged Emily to leave Hunter on the island.

Because his brother, for this woman, almost died several times.

He had no choice but to do so.

Little did he know that this would cause Emily to miscarry and leave her so desolate!

"When she went back, her legs were covered in blood, and the doctor said she couldn't keep the baby,
and it almost claimed her life!"

Henry's chest was stuffy. Thinking of Emily's despair at that time, his heart was like being pierced by
millions of knives!

"Liam, get me some wine."

Not tea! The more he drank the tea, the more bitter the tea was!

Liam, also a little lost, walked to the wine cabinet and brought him a bottle of red wine.

He had thought of it millions of times, but he did not expect that this matter would be related to Master

Hunter's face... No, Master Hunter looked so gloomy now.

Vincent thought he was going to be angry, irritable, and even to hit him.

But no. Hunter was not doing anything.

He just looked at the glass in his hand, full of wine, but did not taste a single mouthful.

But Henry, who seldom drank, emptied the bottle of wine in one breath.

Then he leaned back on the sofa, looked at the ceiling and laughed, sorrowfully.

"Can you believe I'm really in love with her? But I’d never touched her once."

Hunter tightened his grip of the glass.

Henry closed his eyes, and his mind was full of that thin figure.

She was so helpless, so poor, and yet so lovable!

"Do you know how fond she is of children? She's such a good girl that she wouldn't even hurt a little
animal. How could she hurt her own baby?"

‘Hunter, had you become stupid? If you love a woman so much, why don't you know anything about

"She was so devastated and hated herself for not saving her baby. I couldn't even see any life in her
eyes at the time."

"I thought that would be all. Since she didn't want to drag you down, I would take care of the poor girl
from now on."

"But she can't accept me. Who she loves is you, Hunter!"

Hunter's cup crumbled in his hand with a loud crack.

"Shut up!"

His voice was hard, cold, heartless, and even cruel!

"Do you I would believe that?"


"I don't believe a word of it!"

He went to the door. With a bang, he knocked the heavy door down with his foot and walked away.

Liam tried to catch up with him, but Henry said, "Give him some time to confess."


"He's not a weak woman. What are you afraid he'll do? Are you so contemptuous of Master Hunter?"

Henry almost roared.

Mater Henry, who was always gentle, was so terrible when he got fierce.

Vincent had mix feelings when he looked at the broken door.

Henry went to the bar and fetched another bottle himself.

"He understands everything, but he just hates himself."

So, there was no use of chasing after him. It would only make him more irritable.

"Mr. Henry, do you have any news back from the people you sent?"

In fact, Liam had his own people looking for Emily at that time.

"No, the girl has decided to hide from us. It's not easy to find her out."

As a matter of fact, everyone knew that Emily had a computer geek by her side, Joe.

But rumor has it that Hunter had already called Joe out and beaten him almost to death.

Emily's friends were so loyal to her. Since Joe wouldn't tell where Emily was, even if he bit him to
death, he couldn’t elicit anything from Joe.

What Joe was good at was helping people hide information.

Once the information of Emily’s departure information was hidden, it was not easy to find it out.

"Did you get in touch with Joseph?"

"Joseph has no idea where she was. The Gale Family has sent men to look for her."

Vincent really hated himself. Just because listening to him, such a good girl had ended up like this.

If he could, he wouldn't have said those words to Emily, and he wouldn't have begged kind girl.

If he had not been so cruel at the beginning, now, perhaps, Hunger's children were about to be born,
and Hunger and Emily would live a happy life.

What the hell did he do?

"Emily has never blamed you." Henry put down the empty bottle, turned around, and looked at Vincent.

"I don't know what Emily is doing for, but she's always feeling guilty about you, like she owed you a lot
in her last life."

"Me?" Vincent shook his head. He had never gotten in touch with Emily.

He never believed in those things of previous life.

But Henry, all of a sudden, believed in a term called reincarnation.

Perhaps, a lot of things were destined to happen.

"Let your brother feel painful once. It might not be a bad thing."

The deeper the pain, the more he would cherish it.

But he hoped the pain would be like the spring after the bitterly cold winter.

He hoped that until the end of the winter, it would usher in the lovely and warm spring.