Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 445: I Quit


Hunter, who was just about to sit down on the sofa, glanced at the door.

Liam hesitated for a moment before waving his hand.

The two guards retreated and made way for Wendy.

“I have no time for your crap.” Hunter already looked irritable and aloof.

Not to mention, she was hoping for a nice talk.

Wendy had wanted to improve his impression of her with some last-minute efforts.

Now that she was here, she knew there was no way she could do that.

Wendy stopped beating around the bush for fear that Hunter would become impatient with her.

“Hunter, I have 25% shares of the Gale Group. I want to make a deal with you.”

“None of them is illegally acquired. And they will be taken from you anytime soon. Why do you think I’ll
make a deal with you?”

Sure enough, Hunter already became impatient. He lit a cigarette and checked the watch on his wrist.

“I’m still in control of these shares, which I know I won’t be pretty soon.”

Wendy knew she didn’t have much time. She just had to make a big fortune and ran away.

“Hunter, if you want, I … I’ll sell them to you at a fair price.”

Seeing that Hunter didn’t say anything, she continued, “One billion!”

“I know you always have a way with this. You can sell them within a short while. One billion, that’s all I
want,” She added.

“Porter Jackson only gave you ten million for 5% shares. And you want one billion from me for only

Hunter snorted. He didn’t seem to be interested at all.

Wendy was taken aback and completely panicked.

He actually knew … everything!

“I won’t take your shares. They belong to the Gales.”

“But weren’t you against them? Hunter, why is the sudden change of mind? Is it because of Emily?”
asked Wendy.

In fact, she didn’t know much about the feud between the Hunter and the Gale family.

But she was totally positive of its existence.

“So you’ve given up already? Can you really let go of everything they have done to you?”

Hunter’s eyes darkened instantly.

His fingers holding the cigarette involuntarily tightened.

He couldn’t let it go.

Because of what happened to Emily and how she disappeared, he panicked and lost all his senses.

He still wanted revenge! How could he give in so easily?

Now that Emily made sacrifices, the Gales could finally sue Wendy, which could solve at least half of
their problems.

The other half was the contract with the Jackson Group.

If the project continued, the Gale Group would definitely suffer a huge loss. If they suspended it, the
high liquidated damages were still a heavy blow.

If something bad were to happen to the Gales’ shares, then this would be a blow way too heavy for
them to bear.

Wendy knew her words had triggered the deepest resentment in him.

She bit her lip as if she was making the hardest decision, “I only want 100 million!” she said in a low

A hundred million was enough for her to flee, hide, and even live a well-off life for quite a long time.

Otherwise, she might never be able to escape.

Nobody else, especially not that useless guy, Porter, could handle her shares well in a short period of

Hunter Jackson was probably the only person in the world who could do that.

“Hunter, I’m not greedy or something. I just want to make it easier for the rest of my life. I...”

“Why should I make it easier for you?”

Hunter suddenly turned around and stared into her face.

His face looked calm, but the hidden wave was intimidating.

“Joseph and Emily were drugged and videotaped. Were you part of it?”

“I…” Wendy panicked. She didn’t expect it at all that Hunter was still thinking about that bitch!

“They … they drugged them, not me. Really, it was Sasha.”

Although being stared by Hunter gave her a chill down the spine, she was telling the truth.

“I shot the video, but … Sasha was the one who drugged them.”

Hunter was walking towards her.

Unlike before, she didn’t feel closer to him, nor did she feel she could hook up with him.

She had already seen it through.

She was nothing to him, nothing.

Everything about them in the past was just a show he put up for the Gales.

“Hunter, I … I don’t understand … why you still care about Emily? You have a feud with the Gales. And
Emily is the granddaughter of Sawyer Gale!”

Hunter suddenly stopped.

Wendy couldn’t breathe normally. When he looked at her in a calm gaze, she could literally feel death.


“I won’t take any share of the Gale Group. Get out!”

Hunter turned around and walked to the window, staring outside at the dim sky.

He had been anxious for three days, but it was only after three days that he realized the woman who
had haunted him was the granddaughter of his enemy!

What the hell was he thinking? Grandma died so miserably. Did he forget about that?

Wendy despaired.

There was nothing she could do about his cold shoulder.

Hunter always meant what he said. And his decision didn’t easily change.

At least … at least she still got ten million.

Wendy didn’t stay any longer and was ready to leave.

But just as she walked to the door, she remembered something. She turned around and watched his
cold but still charming figure, clenching her fists.

She didn’t want to quit on him. She never did!

Why couldn’t this man, the dreamy type of every woman in this world, belong to her?

Even if he didn’t belong to her, he should certainly not belong to that bitch Emily!

“Hunter, don’t forget Emily is the granddaughter of your enemy. Why are you still looking for her
everywhere? How could you do this to your families who were hurt by them?”

“Fuck off!”

This time Wendy did what he said. She knew if she didn’t, Hunter would have a way to make her regret

She couldn’t stay in City L anymore.

If she didn’t leave, perhaps she would have to spend the rest of her life in prison.

After Wendy left, Liam walked over behind Hunter.

He wanted to persuade him not to be affected by what Wendy said, but it seemed Hunter already did.

“Young Master, the Gales…”

“Let Porter do whatever he wants.”

It seemed Hunter decided to stay out of it even if the Gale Group suffered great loss.

“Young Master, even if we can benefit from it, it still does something bad to our reputation.”

Honesty was important in business, especially for large enterprises like them.

It would completely ruin the reputation to make the other party jump into a trap, regardless of how
much benefit they could reap.

Especially for the Gale family, most of them were decent businessmen.

Mr. Porter made such a scene for some petty little profits. It didn’t do any good to the Jackson Group in
the long run.

“Young Master, are you really gonna walk away from this?

“Since I wasn’t part if it from the start, I’d like to keep it that way.”

There was nothing but chill in Hunter’s voice.

He turned around at Liam. The same old unapproachable Hunter Jackson was back.

“Call back all our people out there looking for that woman. I quit.”