Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 437: Only if You Stay Here

She couldn’t stand being with him, so… she wanted to vomit?

Hunter’s face had never been so gloomy.

This was the first time in his life that a woman disliked him, and she actually wanted to vomit!

As soon as Emily stood still, she suddenly felt her wrist was gripped.

“Young Master Hunter…”

She was pulled out of the bathroom and thrown onto the bed heavily.

Before she could struggle, he pressed her down. She lay on her stomach.

“Since you are sick of me, then don’t look at me!”

He suddenly tore off a large piece of cloth from her clothes.

Her fair skin instantly caught his eyes.

“Young Master Hunter…”

His movements were not so rough, but she could feel an aura of a beast in him.

He was like a wild wolf!

This time, she really crossed his bottom line, completely angering him!

“Hunter, don’t touch me! No!”

She didn’t care how dirty her body was, but she must care about the baby in her belly!

“Hunter, let go! Let...!”

Her clothes were torn apart by him!

Hunter saw her trembling.

His eyes were scarlet with cruelty. Just as he was about to do something, someone knocked on the
door rapidly.

“Young Master Hunter, please open the door!” Joseph shouted outside the door.

Liam rushed over and said anxiously, “Young Master Joseph, Young Master Hunter is having a rest.

“Emi, are you inside? Emi! Come out!”

Joseph’s voice was anxious. Behind him, Francis also shouted, “Emi, come out! Come out now!”

After that, they had a quarrel outside. It was obvious that Liam was stopping Joseph and Francis.

However, Liam alone couldn’t handle the two people at the same time.

Joseph kicked the door heavily.

The thick door was almost kicked open.

Hunter was angrier. He got up and covered Emily with a blanket.

When Joseph kicked the door for the second time, Hunter had already adjusted his clothes and he
looked at the door coldly.

The heavy door was finally kicked open by Joseph.

Joseph barged in, and Francis followed him.

Liam was helpless and could only look at Hunter with apology.

Hunter ignored Liam and looked indifferently at Joseph and Francis.

Emily was sitting on the bed, covered with a blanket. Joseph noticed her exposed shoulders and torn
clothes. He was angry and his eyes turned red.

“I told you. I don’t need you to do this!”

He walked over, took off his coat and covered Emily’s shoulder.

“Let’s go home!”

Emily put on the coat and got up without looking at Hunter.

She walked towards Joseph and looked down without a word.

Francis wished he could slap himself to death.

It was all his fault. If he didn’t say those words to Emi, this girl wouldn’t come here.

He glared at Hunter and said in anger, “You are so despicable to take advantage of our situation! You
are a not a gentleman!”

“When did I say that I am a gentleman?”

Hunter sneered.

And he looked at Emily’s small face.

He suddenly smiled. That smile made Emily felt crazy as well as chilled.

“I didn’t do anything outrageous. Emily took the initiative to come over to satisfy me.”

“Hunter Jackson!” Joseph clenched his fists tightly, cracking his knuckles.

Emily tugged at the corner of his clothes and whispered, “I took the initiative to come here. It had
nothing to do with him.”

They probably couldn’t make an agreement.

She was helpless and there was nothing she could do.

“Joseph, let’s go home.”

She didn’t want to stay in this place anymore. And she didn’t want to see this man anymore.

Ever since he said that she came to satisfy him, she knew that her last hope for him had completely

Joseph gritted his teeth. He finally took a deep breath, held Emily in his arms and turned around to

“Do you really think that he can solve the Gale Group’s problem?”

Behind them, Hunter said coldly.

He looked at Emily and said, “He has no way to deal with the Gale Group’s problems.”

Emily stopped and bit her lips, clenching her fists.

She did not understand why this man would say such sarcastic words since he did not intend to help
the Gale family.

It didn’t seem to be something he did.

Perhaps, even Hunter did not understand what he wanted to do now.

However, the moment he saw Emily leaving with Joseph, he suddenly felt his heart aching.

He seemed to sense that once she left, she might never come back to him in this life.

Hunter did not admit that he cared about her. Perhaps, he was just not tired of playing this woman.

“I changed my mind.”

He casually lit a cigarette for himself.

In fact, Liam knew very well that Hunter was trying to hide his emotions by smoking.

But he didn’t know what emotion Hunter was hiding.

Emily turned around and looked at Hunter. Although he didn’t say anything, Emily didn’t know why she
seemed to understand what he meant.

Hunter smiled lightly, but Emily found a little unease in his smile.

She supposed that she was mistaken.

“If you stay, I will help the Gale Group solve the problems.”

He flicked the ashes from his cigarette, but there weren’t much ashes.

It was because he had already flicked it several times.

This wasn’t something he would do. Emily had never seen him be so uneasy.

Emily was about to walk towards Hunter, but in the next second, Joseph pulled her back.

“Are you crazy?” This girl actually wanted to stay here, was she stupid?

“We don’t need grandpa to personally agree to send me here. Isn’t that the best result?”

As long as they didn’t tell grandpa, he wouldn’t know about this.

Emily really didn’t know what else they could do about the Gale Group’s problem, unless Hunter gave
them a helping hand.

Or someone exposed that Wendy was not Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter and started an investigation.

In that case, Wendy would be charged with fraud. And the agreement she signed on behalf of Gale
Group might be invalidated.

But if that was the case, Wendy would definitely expose the fact that Emily was Patriarch Gale’s

And the matter between Emily and Joseph would be further fermented.

At that time, the Gale Group’s problem might be solved.

However, Emily’s life might be ruined.

Joseph gently held her in his arms. He said in a low voice sincerely.

“As long as we are together as a family, it doesn’t matter if we lose the Gale Group.”