Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 433: It Could Not Be Long a Secret

Hunter wanted the Gale family send Emily to him!

Hunter didn’t want to humiliate Emily. He wanted to humiliate the whole Gale family!

“Why?” Joseph clenched his fists tightly, and he felt his anger rising!

“When did our Gale family offend you? Why do you hate us so much?” Joseph asked.

If grandpa knew about such a humiliation, he would definitely be so angry that he would be in the
depths of despair.

What benefits could Hunter get from this?

“You don’t need to know my grudge against your family. And this is my only request.”

Joseph got mad, while Hunter was calm.

“Furthermore, my request may change at any time. If you don’t want the Gale Group to be in a difficult
situation, I advise you to make a decision earlier, Young Master Joseph.”

“Young Master Hunter…”

“For the time being, I don’t have much time to think about these things.”

Hunter stood up. He just stayed for a few minutes, and he was leaving now.

Joseph knew that Hunter was busy and the latter didn’t intentionally leave him alone.

However, Joseph could not agree to his request.

“Since I can’t meet your requirement, please forget it, Young Master Hunter.”

Joseph took his briefcase and turned around to leave.

However, Hunter stared at his back and said slowly, “You knew that she was my woman. You don’t
need to refuse me so thoroughly.”

Joseph stopped and turned to look at him, pursing his thin lips tightly.

“I don’t know why you want to take revenge on the Gale family, but you hurt her as you made this
request. Have you ever thought of that?”

“She’s your woman, but she’s not your doll!” Joseph added.

After that, Joseph left with anger.

And he slammed the door behind him.

However, Hunter just smoked, and he showed no emotion to what Joseph said.


Did they consider his feelings when they joined forces to hurt him?

Everyone had to pay for what they had done!

“Young Master Hunter, it seems that Wendy’s backer is Young Master Porter. So…”

“Is it necessary to hold him to account?” Hunter sneered and interrupted Liam.

“Since what they did didn’t harm the Gale Group’s interests, I don’t need to interfere.”

However, Liam was still worried.

“Young Master Hunter, why… why must you hurt Miss Emily? Back then…”

“Don’t mention what happened back then!”

Hunter fiercely put his cigarette out on an ashtray.

His face was so cold as if he was from the hell.

His child was dead, and his woman left him. Even if Emily came back to him, she was not the one he
once loved.

He just took her as a toy!

“Tell her the condition I negotiated with Joseph. Let her make a decision!”

“Young Master Hunter...” Liam was in a dilemma.

This was truly too hurtful for Emily!

“What? Do you think I am merciless?” Hunter sneered and gave Liam a sidelong glance.

His eyes were actually chill to the bone.

However, Liam knew that this chill was not directed at him.

Hunter hated the Gale family, especially Sawyer!

For an old man in his seventies, he might not be able to endure such a humiliation.

However, Hunter wouldn’t consider it.

“Joseph isn’t stressed enough. Give him more pressure.”

“Young Master Hunter…”

“If you don’t want to do that, you can leave at any time. If you don’t leave, do your best!”

Liam followed behind Hunter and sighed helplessly as he looked at Hunter’s cold back.

He wouldn’t leave Hunter! No matter what happened, he would not leave!

He was just… afraid that Hunter would regret it in the future.

If Hunter insisted to do so, it would not only hurt Emily but also hurt himself, wouldn’t it?

Would he really be happy?

Sawyer finally began to pick up.

That day, Emily accompanied him in the hospital all day.

In the afternoon, she was rubbing his hands. She didn’t expect that he moved his fingers slightly.

Emily was afraid that it was her illusion, so she didn’t call the doctor. She continued to rub his hands.
About ten seconds later, he actually moved his fingers again.

This time, it was absolutely no longer an illusion!

The doctor was here, and the whole Gale family was here.

Everyone heaved a sigh of relief at the doctor’s announcement.

The doctor said that Sawyer would wake up in a few days.

“Thank heavens!” Lottie began to be superstitious.

She made phone calls to asked servants to pray for Sawyer.

Sasha stayed with Sawyer and refused to leave the hospital whatever others said.

Francis and Joseph also stayed in the ward for more than two hours before they left.

“Look, Dad’s hand is starting to have strength. He even held my hand lightly just now!” Sasha sobbed.

She almost burst into tears with joy and turned to look at Lottie.

Lottie just called the servants and instructed them to prepare something for worship.

Seeing Sasha’s appearance, Lottie was also moved.

“He’ll be fine. Dad is a good person. Good people will live a long life. He will wake up soon and get

Sasha nodded and turned to look at Emily standing beside. She said, “Emi, thank you for staying with
Dad and taking good care of him every day.”

“It’s my duty to take care of grandpa. Besides, I...”

Emily suddenly stopped in the middle of her speech. Her face changed as she covered her mouth.

“Emi?” Sasha frowned.

Lottie also noticed that Emily was strange. She was about to go over, and she asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Emily managed to hold back the nausea.

However, she still felt nauseous. She was afraid that she would vomit up, so she said, “Perhaps I have
stayed in the ward for too long and I feel a little uncomfortable. I’m going out for a walk.”

“Don’t go far. Your grandpa may wake up at any moment.”

“Aunt Lottie, don’t be so anxious. The doctor said that grandpa wouldn’t wake up until the day after

Lottie nodded and smiled.

Indeed, she was too anxious.

After that, Emily hurried out of the ward, and quickly walked towards the end of the corridor.

There was a bathroom.

She was going to retch!

Recently, the frequency of her retching was increasing. Her morning sickness was getting more

If it continued, how long could she kept it a secret?

Grandpa was getting better, but Emily was afraid that he would be ill again in anger if he knew her
secret. She was pregnant without a husband, and the baby’s father did not like them.

What should she do?

Emily rested in the bathroom for a long time until she was sure that she wouldn’t vomit again. Then,
she washed her face and came out of the bathroom.

Just as she walked to the corner of the corridor and was about to return to the ward, she suddenly
heard a familiar voice.

The man was clearly in anger and he asked, “Did you say that Hunter wanted Emi?”