Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 434: I Was with Him

That was Francis’s voice, which was indignant.

Emily was astounded. Young Master Hunter… Were they talking about Hunter?

Why did Hunter want her? She had been his woman already!

Joseph was also very angry, but his anger wasn’t as clear as Francis’.

“Yes,” said Joseph. When he thought of that Hunter spoke with unconcern, Joseph felt an urge to

“No! He’s a bastard. We can’t send Emi to him!” Francis punched the wall in anger.

The Gale family would never sell a family member for glory!

Joseph turned around and looked at the distant horizon. “I didn’t agree,” he said indifferently.

Francis knew that Joseph would definitely not agree to such a thing.

However, Joseph was tired out in the past few days. Although Francis did not participate in it, he could
tell that Joseph was tired.

Standing behind Joseph, Francis could clearly feel the former was overwhelmed.

Joseph was carrying the burden of the entire Gale family.

Francis finally hated himself a little. In the past, he was unwilling to work in the Gale Group. Now, he
wanted to help but he could do nothing.

“Joseph, when grandpa asked you to work in the Gale Group, did you… resist?”

Actually, Francis still remembered one thing very clearly. He knew that Joseph liked painting since they
were little kids.

Joseph once dreamed to be a painter.

As for Francis, he was used to living a carefree life. When he grew up, there were many things he
wanted to do, but he was unwilling to be in business.

Thus, he directly told his grandfather that he did not like to work in the Gale Group.

What about Joseph?

Francis had never heard Joseph talking about his dream since they were adults.

“Why should I resist?” Joseph looked back at Francis as if looking at a little kid.

In fact, Joseph was only a year older than Francis.


“Besides, you had resisted. I couldn’t resist either.”

Joseph smiled. However, he had a lot on his mind in these days, thus he smiled with a heavy heart.

“There are only two children who can take over grandpa’s business in the family, you and me. You’re
gone. If I leave too, grandpa may die of anger...”

In the current situation, the word ‘die’ seemed a little unlucky.

Joseph stopped. He looked at the time and said, “If you have nothing else to do, you can stay and look
after them for a few days. I have to leave now.”

Francis knew that Joseph had endless work to do.

He nodded, “Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of the women at home.”


Joseph did not show the slightest bit of pretentiousness. He could be at ease if Francis took good care
of the women at home.

“Keep an eye on Emi. You have to take good care of her.”

Although Francis didn’t think that Emily needed to be taken care of since she was healthy, he thought
that Joseph must have a reason.

He nodded and said, “OK. Don’t worry.”

Joseph glanced at the door in the distance again. Although he was still a little worried, he really had to

Now that Hunter was unwilling to help them, Joseph could only have a talk with the company’s senior

However, recently, it was clear that someone was purchasing the Gale Group’s shares outside.

He had already had someone rush to buy the shares, even in a high price. But they were not as fast as
that person.

Someone wanted to take down the Gale Group. It seemed to be Hunter, but Wendy’s partner was not

Joseph was confused.

He only knew that this person was really powerful!

After Joseph left, Francis was about to go back to the ward to see his grandfather.

Unexpectedly, he turned around and saw a slender figure standing at the corner.

“Emi?” Francis was stunned. He looked at her and then at the direction where Joseph left.

Suddenly, Francis was nervous and he asked, “Emi, when did you come? Just now…”

“I heard everything I should hear.” Emily was expressionless. She had processed all the shock and

“Hunter said he wanted me, right?”

“No… no, you misheard. How is that possible?”

Francis forced a smile.

Joseph had told him that they must hide it from the women in the family, especially Emily.

But he didn’t expect that Emily was actually here and heard their conversation.

Francis smiled at her and lied, “Just now, Joseph only said that you knew Hunter before. You are all
from the Bentson City.”

“Francis, what’s the point of lying to me at this time?”

Emily walked over and stared at Francis’ awkward smile. She said, “I heard everything. Hunter said
that he wanted to get me in return.”

She was so calm and showed no emotion on her face. That was not for her age.


“What did Joseph talk to Hunter about? What do they want to exchange?”

It was all her fault. These days, she was only focus on finding grandpa.

After she found grandpa, she only stayed by grandpa’s side.

She had never put much attention on the business of Gale Group.

She thought that she didn’t know anything, and as long as Joseph was there, he would definitely solve
all the problems.

However, she didn’t notice that Hunter might be one of Joseph’s opponents.

No matter how powerful Joseph was, he would probably lose to Hunter.

In both her previous life and this life, Emily had never seen that Hunter suffered a single defeat in the

Moreover, apart from Hunter, there was also the power behind Wendy!

Francis hesitated, not knowing whether to tell her or not.

Joseph didn’t want him to say more, but it seemed that Emily wouldn’t give up until she got an answer.

He sighed and looked at Emily. He asked, “You and Hunter…”

“I have been with him. We were together before, then we separated, and later…”

She bit her lower lip. It was a humiliation for her.

However, at this point, she didn’t need to care about that humiliation.

“Later, for some reason, I was still with him... No, exactly, I am a toy for him.”

“Emi!” Francis’s face darkened. How could she say such words to humiliate herself?

However, Emily was calm.

Looking at Francis’s eyes, she smiled lightly, “This is the truth. I don’t need to hide it from you at this
point. Francis, tell me, what exactly did Joseph want to talk to Hunter about? What does he want
Hunter to agree to?”