Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 431: He Wasn’t Behind This

“Master.” Just as Joseph got out of the car, the assistant walked over with a stack of documents in his

“What is it?” His assistant had always been calm and rarely so anxious.

“Master, take a look. This is the plan for the Shinkansen project.”

It took the assistant a lot of effort to ask someone to get the plan in secret.

Of course, given that Joseph was not the president anymore, he had to take an informal approach to
get it.

But the situation was so urgent that even if it was informal, he couldn’t care so much.

“Master, I have studied it. This project absolutely cannot be started. Once it is started, the Gale Group
will suffer heavy losses.”

Joseph’s eyes narrowed, “Go ahead.”

His phone rang up, but his assistant’s stern face was telling him that he had to take the matter

As for the phone, he just casually pressed the mute button and threw it to the side, without checking
who it was.

The assistant said immediately after the door was closed, “I have got news that there is a new high-
speed rail plan in City L that will be implemented by the end of next year.”

“They are in conflict?”

“Yes, the two projects are in conflict. This contract would only benefit the Jacksons of Bentson City.
However, for us, we will suffer heavy losses when the high-speed rail of the government is completed.”

The Gales had been a pharmaceutical producer for generations, and almost all of their previous
businesses were related to medicine or cosmetology.

The new projects were still in their infancy.

Many people in the company, even Lottie and Sasha, were still only exploring the new project.

However, Joseph had analyzed it for a long time.

The reason why the project was put on hold was precisely because it was unclear what plans the
government had.

Many directors in the company were blaming him for not following up, but not everything could be said
in public.

“The Jackson Group has steeped in similar projects for so many years, so whatever news we can get,
it’s impossible that they couldn’t.”

Joseph looked down and flipped through the documents page by page.

In the end, his face became even darker, “Who in the Jackson Group is cooperating with Wendy on this

“The fifth young master.”

“Porter Jackson?”

Joseph had thought that Hunter would be the one who was working together with Wendy on this

After all, Hunter had taken over several similar projects before.

There would be no accident if such projects fell into the hands if Hunter.

He hadn’t expected that Wendy’s partner this time wasn’t Hunter.

“I had thought that it must be Mr. Porter. He has experience in this field.”

Joseph did not say anything and fell into deep thought.

It wasn’t Hunter. But the agreement on this project was signed immediately after Wendy obtained the

Judging from the time span, the people from the Jackson Group and Wendy had definitely colluded in

If it wasn’t Hunter, then could it be that the person behind Wendy was Porter?

“Mr. Porter is really good at hiding!”

He wasn’t very eye-catching before. Joseph didn’t expect that at the critical moment, he would take so
hard a bite of them!

“Contact the board of directors of the Gale Group. I’m gonna return to the company to hold a meeting
of the board of directors.”

He was afraid that this project would really be implemented if he didn’t go back.

“Master, we have already signed the agreement. Unless the people from the Jackson Group are willing
to cancel it together with us, we will breach the contract no matter what.

And the penalty for breach of contract is 30 billion!”

30 billion! Such a high penalty was completely unreasonable!

Before Joseph could say anything, the assistant explained, “They didn’t just sign this new high-speed
rail plan. They also signed the plan for the line between City L and the distant sea area of Bentson

“Nonsense!” How could these people do it so recklessly when they knew nothing about it?

No, it was not that Wendy knew nothing; she only followed Porter!

“Master, the directors of the company are all following Wendy. Furthermore, it is everyone’s wish to
cooperate with the Jackson Group of Bentson City.”

“At this time, even if you go back to reason with them, no one will listen to you.”

Most importantly, the master also knew another point, right?

“This plan was obtained by informal means. If you take it to the board of directors to argue with them,
Wendy might lose control and call the police …”

Joseph waved his hand and the assistant stopped talking.

This thing couldn’t be discussed above board, indeed.

He had already been dismissed from his post and was no longer the president of the Gale Group. It
was indeed inconvenient for him to do a lot of things.

He took out a cigarette from nowhere and lit it for himself.

The assistant didn’t dare to speak. It seemed that the master was also deeply troubled this time.

Recently, he had always been very troubled.

He hadn’t been a smoker.

After a long time, Joseph took out his phone and found that Milo had called several times.

Joseph called him back, but he didn’t answer the phone -- maybe his phone wasn’t by his side, or

Joseph didn’t call again. Instead, he dialed another number.

After a few seconds, a guy picked up the phone.

“Mr. Gale, to what do I owe this pleasure?” The man said in a low and pleasant voice.

“Have you heard of the project that Wendy and Porter are working on, Mr. Jackson?”

Neither of them was idle, so Joseph didn’t intend to waste any time and went straight to the point.

Hunter smiled and said, “I’ve just heard of it, and it seems to be two projects.”

Joseph touched his lower lip and said in a deep voice, “I wonder if Mr. Jackson is free now? Can we
have a dinner together?”

“I’m free right now. How about you come by at the café?”

Hunter seemed to be in a good mood and agreed straightforwardly.

“But I only have one hour. There’s a video link in an hour and a half, and I have to go back to the hotel.”

Joseph had no doubt that he was busy.

But he was quite surprised that Hunter was willing to see him, and it went so smoothly.

At least now he would have a chance to talk with Hunter.

“Alright, where are you? I’m coming over now.”

Hanging up the phone, he received an address from Hunter.

Joseph then sent the location to his assistant, “Let’s go there, now.”

The assistant immediately started the car without the slightest pause.

Both Joseph and Hunter were busy people, and their time was invaluable.

Just as they set off, Joseph’s phone rang again. It was still Milo.

Joseph picked up the phone. Milo sounded a little anxious, “Master Joseph, do you have time to come
over now?”

“No, I’m on my way to see Hunter. Is there something urgent?”

Hearing that he was going to see Hunter, Milo could only swallow the words back into his stomach.

“No, it’s fine. You go see Master Hunter first. I can handle these things here.”