Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 421: If I Die, You Won’t Live, Either!

Emily stared at the woman standing in front of her.

Wendy had snatched her phone and turned it off, then she casually threw it in an unknown corner.

“Emily, you are really stupid. Are you still expecting Hunter to save you now?”

Wendy smiled coldly and looked down on Emily. She disdained her.

“You said that you have taken your hair and the old man’s hair for a DNA test, right?”

Emily still hadn’t figured it out? What an idiot!

“Hunter was the one who cheated you. Don’t you know that?”

The man Emily longed for was not sincere to her at all!

“He doesn’t want you—a trash woman—to be the granddaughter of Patriarch Gale, because you are
useless to him!”

Emily was so stupid that there was simply no way to save her from stupidity!

Emily met Wendy’s gaze. The look on Emily’s face was stubborn, and fearless.

“Where is my grandfather?” she asked calmly.

“You finally admit that he is your grandfather?” Had the show begun? Would Emily start to cry for
Patriarch Gale now?

“Wendy, you are not a Gale. If you ask Grandpa to sign a share transfer for you, you will commit a
crime of fraud!”

“Is that so?” Wendy didn’t take it seriously at all.

Joseph had gone to the high seas to look for Patriarch Gale, and Sasha was also with Patriarch Gale.
Perhaps they had already died in the high seas.

Who would prove that she was not Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter?

Joseph would not come back so easily until he found Patriarch Gale.

There was only Lottie left in the Gale Group.

On Monday, she would convene the board of directors and remove Lottie from her post. By doing so,
the Gale Group would be hers completely.

“Wendy, you’re breaking the law!”

Emily clenched her palm tightly and glared at her, “When Grandpa comes back, you must …”

“Then tell me, where is he? Can he really come back?”

These words made Emily tremble with fear.

Before she came here, she had already thought that Grandpa might still be in the high seas.

But she didn’t dare to take any risks. Although the chance was really small, what if her grandfather was
really under Wendy’s control?

Now, hearing what Wendy said, Emily was almost certain that Grandpa was not with Wendy.

“Wendy, why on earth did you ask me to come here?”

Her hand landed on her waist in the night.

No one noticed such a subtle movement.

Moreover, Wendy had a few tough guys on her side, so she was quite off her guard. She didn’t care
what Emily was doing.

“We are sisters. Do we need ant reason to meet?”

She took a step forward and looked at Emily, who was alone and helpless.

Wendy laughed wantonly, like a demon in the night.

A detestable demon!

“Cut the crap. If there’s nothing else, I’ll go. I don’t have time for this!”

Emily turned around and wanted to walk away, but the two men with Wendy immediately stepped
forward and blocked her way.

Emily was forced to retreat. Behind her, Wendy was still laughing impudently. Her laughter was
especially scary this time of the day!

“You came here so foolishly. Do you still want to leave unscathed? You’re really stupid!”

Wendy crossed her arms, showing the posture of a victor.

“Such a stupid woman! Why is Hunter not sick of you?! Inconceivable!”

“You asked me to come here, so that you can insult me?” Emily’s hand was still on her waist.

It looked like she was afraid of the people around her and that she was trying to protect herself.

But in Wendy’s eyes, Emily’s action was a joke.

Could Emily protect herself with just her hands?

“Of course, I don’t want just to humiliate you with words. I...”

She paused, pointed at Emily and sneered, “I want them to humiliate you with their actions!”

Emily knew that once she came here, she would definitely end up like this!

Wendy even had the guts to plot against the Gale family. Why would she pity a woman like Emily?

With a panicked expression on her face, Emily turned around to look at the men beside Wendy. She
retreated again.

“What do you want? Hey, stay still!”

The men stared at Emily’s fully developed shape with obvious lust in their eyes.

Seeing that Emily was already in a panic, they couldn’t control their most primitive impulse anymore.

This little Emily was even more beautiful than Wendy. They could tell at a glance that she was

Wendy really hated the way these men look at Emily.

It was as if they had seen a goddess!

Was this bitch so tempting?

Wendy suppressed her displeasure and took out her phone.

“Guess what I want to do?” She lowered her head and turned on the camera.

“Aren’t you good-looking? Aren’t you sexy? You want men, right?”

Young Master Hunter and Young Master Henry were both noble people. Why would Emily have the
guts to seduce them?

“If they see your video on the Internet, what will they think of you?”

Wendy sneered. Emily was still retreating towards her.

Without the slightest bit of precaution, Wendy was pleasantly surprised by Emily’s frightened

“Emily, just enjoy yourself. These men will definitely satisfy… You!”

The trembling girl actually turned around and rushed to Wendy in a second.

Under the moonlight, Wendy saw a silver light. Suddenly, a sharp knife pressed down on her neck.

Emily put forth her strength. Wendy felt a sharp pain in her neck! She was bleeding!

“Emily, what are you doing? Don’t touch me! Let go of me!”

Wendy screamed in fright. Her fingers loosened, and her phone fell to the ground. With a banging
sound, the scene became even more frightening!

“Emily, you have to pay for killing me. I don’t believe you have the guts to touch me!”

“If you don’t believe me, just wait for the consequences!”

Emily’s eyes sank as she put forth her strength again.

Wendy felt that the pain in her neck was instantly magnified. Something slipped down her neck. It was

“No! Don’t do this! Emily, calm down! Don’t kill me!”

The fear of death made her panic like a clown. She was so proud, but she had to beg Emily for mercy

Emily glared at the men who wanted to get close to her and ordered in a low voice, “Don’t come over. If
you do, I’ll kill her. You won’t get paid! Nothing!”

The men paused and looked at the two girls, not knowing if they should go over.

Emily tightened her grip again. Wendy panicked so much that she immediately let out a cry, “Don’t
come over! Don’t come over! Go away! Go away!”

She wanted to see Emily, but there was no way to see her!

She could only raise her hands. Panic and pain filled her heart as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Emily, I’ll let you go. I’ll let you go now! Don’t hurt me. If I die, you won’t live, either!”