Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 420: She Doesn’t Trust Him Anymore

Wendy wanted Emily to go to Fisherman Wharf.

However, what Emily told Lottie was Steveston Wharf.

She couldn’t let Lottie go with her because Wendy had said that as long as Emily didn’t go alone,
Grandpa Gale would be in danger.

But she also knew that if she really went alone, dangers would engulf her!

However, there wasn’t much time. If she didn’t go there in an hour, she didn’t know what Wendy would
do to Grandpa Gale.

Emily looked at her phone. She wanted to call Joseph, but she couldn’t get through his number.

He must have gone to the high seas.

He must have gone too far away, so it made sense that she couldn’t contact him at the moment.

Wendy was behind all of this. She intentionally left clues to make Joseph believe that she was still on
the high seas, so that Joseph wouldn’t be here with Emily. Wendy had lured her enemy away!

After several attempts, Emily still couldn’t contact Joseph. She had to give up.

She dialed another number.

As before, Hunter’s phone was shut down.

Her last bit of hope was completely destroyed.

Through the gap between the doors, Emily saw Lottie walk into the room while making a phone call.

She immediately changed clothes and walked out of the room. It was in the middle of the night, and few
people were awake. She went to the kitchen to look for something, then sneaked out of the house.

There were quite a few cars in the garage, with car keys in them.

Emily opened the door of one of the cars. Just as she was about to start it, her expression became a
little solemn again.

More or less, she still trusted him. She still wanted to rely on him.

When she was most helpless, she would always think of Hunter.

She took out her phone and sent a message to him, “Wendy wants me to go to Fisherman Wharf now.
I’m going alone. I wonder what danger is waiting for me.”

After the message was sent, she started the car. She stepped on the accelerator and drove it out of the

Perhaps, Hunter and Wendy were really on good terms.

Perhaps, Hunter no longer cared about her.

Perhaps… There were countless perhaps, but she still wanted to believe him and rely on him.

Perhaps this was her last resort…

In her last life, she drove for years.

After she was reborn, there had been no chance for her to drive yet.

At first, she found it a little difficult, but soon, she remembered how to drive skillfully.

The black luxury car was like an elf in the night …

Fisherman Wharf.

The dock, which had been abandoned for several years, was indescribably quiet tonight.

Apart from the faint lights in the distance, the surroundings were pitch black.

Emily parked her car in the open space beside the dock. She got off the car and walked towards the
place where the lights were on. She was halfway there when her phone rang.

She thought it was Wendy, but it was actually Hunter.

“What do you want to do?” Hunter’s tone was slightly rude.

Along with his words came the whistling sound of the wind. He seemed to stand against the wind, and
the wind was very strong.

The sound of the wind seemed to get louder and louder. Was he walking?

No, it was more like that he was driving in the wind. Or, could it be that he was on the sea?

Where the hell was he?

“Wendy said that only if I came to Fisherman Wharf would she let Grandpa Gale go.”

“Stupid! Do you think she will really let him go? Don’t you know what kind of person Wendy is?”

Hunter was glad that he had turned on his phone. Otherwise, he would have missed Emily’s message!

What a stupid woman!

“Now, go back immediately. I’ve already told you. Your grandfather is fine. Do you hear me?”

“What are you talking about?” Emily’s fingertips instantly tightened, “My grandfather?”

Why would he know? Why was he so sure?

Emily’s heart suddenly turned to water.

Some terrifying thoughts flashed through her mind. She trembled from head to toe.

“Hunter, you know—you know everything! Our hair samples—you changed them, didn’t you?”

On the other end of the phone, there was only the whistling of the wind. There was no response from

He was silent, which meant that he admitted it!

“Why?” Emily almost roared!

Why would he do that? Why did he swap the hair samples of her and Grandpa Gale? Why did he stop
her from calling Patriarch Gale “Grandfather”?

“When did you find out? Before you came to City L? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You…”

Suddenly, she panicked, her hand holding the phone trembling.

“You…are working with Wendy to deal with my grandfather and Joseph, aren’t you?”

No wonder Hunter was so calm when seeing her and Joseph lying on the same bed. He didn’t react at

It turned out that he already knew about Wendy’s plan!

Maybe he himself was part of the plan!

“Hunter, why are you doing this? Do you want to take possession of the Gale Group?”

“No. It has nothing to do with the Gale Group.”

Although the Gale Group was very powerful, the Jackson Group was not inferior to them.

He wasn’t interested in the Gale Group!

“Then why? Why are you fighting us with Wendy?”

Emily was almost in despair. Hunter was the person she wanted to rely on the most in the most
dangerous time. However, he was actually the one to hurt her the most in the end.

She couldn’t see through this man. She really couldn’t.


“I don’t want to explain anything else, but right now, return home this instant. You’re not allowed to take
a single step out of the Gale’s House!”

Hunter’s voice sounded very cold. The wind was even warmer than his words.

“Why should I listen to you? You want to harm my grandfather! You bad guy!”

Emily was so excited that she almost threw away her phone.

From the moment Hunter fell silent, she was in despair.

She just couldn’t understand why this was happening.

Hunter helped Wendy to deceive the people of the Gale family. He refused to let her recognize her
grandfather …

Was he involved in all of this from the time he was in Bentson City?

Young Master Hunter had everything. What exactly did he want?

Was money really that important? With the Jackson Group in hand, did he still want to snatch away the
Gale family’s property?

She didn’t want to believe that he was such a person.

However, it was true that he had changed the hair samples of her and her grandfather!

Wendy might be full of nonsense, but she was right about some things.

There were indeed so many people around who wanted to deceive her and harm her. It was just that
she was completely unaware of it. She was so stupid!

“Emily, listen to me! Return home this instant! I promise you that your grandfather is fine. In a few days,
he will be able to go back home.”

“Then tell me, where is he now? What is he doing? When will he be back?”

“I can’t tell you now. You…”

With a beep, Emily hung up the phone!

Hunter called her again, but he could no longer get through!

Looking at the gradually dimming screen, he became more and more anxious. The veins on his
forehead popped out.

Emily really didn’t believe him anymore!

He dialed another number: “Hurry, send someone to Fisherman Wharf. Immediately!”

After hanging up the phone, he turned around and glared at Liam, who was driving the speedboat. He
said, “Didn’t you eat? Why are you so slow? Get lost! I’ll do it myself!”

Emily really didn't believe him anymore!
He dialed another number: “Hurry, send someone to Fisherman Wharf. Immediately!”

After hanging up the phone, he turned around and glared at Liam, who was driving the speedboat. He
said, “Didn't you eat? Why are you so slow? Get lost! I'll do it myself!”