Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 419: We’ll Face It Together

“Wendy, what exactly do you want to do? Where is Grandpa Gale?”

Emily’s fingers tightened as she suddenly stood up from the chair. She wished she could rush to
Wendy this instant.

“Grandpa Gale? Why, shouldn’t you call him Grandpa?”

Wendy laughed loudly. She was extremely disdainful of Emily.

“Didn’t Joseph tell you that you are his real granddaughter?”

“I’m not!” Emily held her phone tightly. She walked out of the room as she talked to Wendy.

She walked towards Lottie’s study.

Just now, she saw Lottie contacting someone else, all for the sake of looking for Grandpa Gale.

She did not know whether Joseph had told Lottie all the truth or not, but she knew that Lottie was
aware that Grandpa Gale had disappeared.

“Wendy, I sent my hair and Grandpa Gale’s hair for a test. I’m not his granddaughter at all.”

She had already walked to the door of Lottie’s study, while Lottie had just come out of her study.

Emily immediately stretched out her hand and put it on her mouth, indicating Lottie to keep silent.

Lottie frowned. Although she was not clear about the whole thing, she had already received Emily’s
message. She kept quiet.

Emily pointed at her phone and continued, “Wendy, I’m not Grandpa Gale’s granddaughter, just like
you. It makes no sense for you to talk to me about it.”

Lottie clenched her fists.

Joseph did not explain the matter to her clearly, but she got it right. Wendy was not a Gale.

As for whether Emily was Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter or not—that wasn’t the point at the moment.

The point was, Wendy and her sister, Sasha, had tricked her father away. Where was he now?

“Wendy, where exactly is Grandpa Gale? It’s against the law to detain him privately. Don’t be so

Emily blinked at Lottie. Lottie took out her phone and sent a message to her assistant—”Find out the
location of whom Emily is talking to.”

The assistant replied briefly before immediately going to work.

Wendy did not know what Emily and Lottie were doing. She was still complacent, with a big smile on
her face.

“You want to know? Come out. Come to me, and you’ll see your grandfather.”

“Wendy, I’ve told you that he’s not my grandfather! I’ve done the test!”

“Idiot!” Wendy disdained her words. “You said that the test result was negative? That’s because you
were tricked by the people around you! There are so many people waiting to cheat you. You’re really

When the old man went to Bentson City, he used your blood as the sample for the test. The test result
showed that you were his granddaughter.”

“Wendy, I said no! You are Grandpa Gale’s granddaughter. You even made a mistake about this. You
are the one who’s stupid, right?”

“Emily, the real fool is you. You…”

Suddenly, Wendy frowned. She immediately became vigilant, “Emily, are you stalling so that you can
find my location?”

When did this bitch become so smart?

Unfortunately, it was impossible for Emily to know her location in such a short period of time!

“I’ll give you an hour to come to Fisherman Wharf by yourself. If you dare to come here with someone
else, you will never see your grandfather in your lifetime!”

“Wendy, you…”

With a beep, the phone was hung up.

Emily looked at the screen of her phone and realized that the phone was really cut off by Wendy. She
looked at Lottie.

“She asked me to...” Thinking of Wendy’s last warning, she didn’t say anything about the location.

“Lottie, have you asked someone to track down her location?”

“Yes.” However, it wouldn’t be easy to track down her location in such a short period of time.

Even if she had, Wendy would probably leave that place after hanging up the phone. Wendy was quite

However, Lottie and Emily would never give up even if there was only a sliver of hope.

“What else did Wendy tell you?” She noticed that Emily was hesitating just now.

“She wanted me to go somewhere.”

“Alright, I’ll go with you,” Lottie immediately said.

Emily looked at her. She found herself in an embarrassing situation.

“Wendy asked you to go alone, didn’t she?”

Lottie looked at her. She suddenly grabbed her hand.

“You are the real granddaughter of Patriarch Gale. You said that you weren’t, just to stall, weren’t you?”

“I...” Emily didn’t know.

In fact, she still hadn’t done the DNA test.

She wanted to pull her hand back, but Lottie did not allow it!


“I am your aunt!”

Lottie’s words touched Emily. Tears almost rolled down her cheeks.

Lottie said that she was her aunt, which meant that she had already treated her as family.

“Actually, I’ve always felt that you and Talia are quite alike--more alike than Wendy and Talia.”

It was what Lottie had thought about the first time she saw Emily.

However, at that time, everyone was confused by a so-called “fact”.

That was, Wendy and the old man had already done a DNA test, and the result was positive--Wendy
and Patriarch Gale were kin.

No one had expected that there was something wrong with the test result.

“Don’t think too much now. The most important is to get my father back this moment.”

Lottie held Emily’s hand tightly. The heat coming from her palm warmed Emily’s heart.

“No matter what, we’ll face this together. I won’t let you take risks alone!”

Emily bit her lips and nodded without saying anything.

Lottie wanted to say something, but the phone rang.

She immediately picked up the phone and said, “How is it?”

“I can’t track her. The time was not enough.”

Lottie had no choice but to look at Emily, saying, “Where did Wendy ask you to go?”

“Steveston Wharf. She…” Emily hesitated for a moment before continuing, “She told me to arrive
tomorrow morning at seven o’clock. She said that I couldn’t bring anyone with me.”

“Alright, tomorrow at seven o’clock, I’ll go with you.”

“OK.” Emily nodded.

Although Lottie was extremely anxious, there was nothing else she could do for the time being.

“Did Wendy say anything else? Anything she wanted?”

“No. She only asked me to go by myself.”

“What exactly did she want?” Lottie couldn’t figure it out. It looked like Wendy was seeking revenge.

But Wendy and Emily were sisters, why would she hate her?

Moreover, it was Wendy who snatched Emily’s position as Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter. Even if
there was hatred between the two sisters, it should be Emily who hated Wendy.

Why did Wendy want to deal with Emily now?

Emily shook her head. Seeing this, Lottie said in a deep voice, “Don’t be afraid. Go back and rest early.
I will go with you tomorrow morning!”

“I see.”

Emily turned around and walked towards her room.

Only after Emily entered her room and closed the door did Lottie take out her phone and call her

“Tomorrow morning, Emily and I will go to Steveston Wharf. Wendy had a meeting with Emily there…
Yes. I don’t know what she wants to do. Bring someone with you and go check around Steveston
Wharf now… Stay low. Otherwise, my father will be in danger!”