Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 415: If You Want to Compensate Me

Fully alert, Sawyer could sense something usual.

Considering Sasha was his daughter and Wendy was his granddaughter, no matter how uneasy he
was, Sawyer wouldn’t suspect that they were ranging against him.

With a sweet smile, Wendy employed a cold tone of speech.

“Grandfather, didn’t you say that the Gale Group belonged to me?”

Sawyer was surprised, failing to understand what she meant.

“Grandpa, the banquet will be held tomorrow. But I am still a nobody.”

“You are my granddaughter!” As his granddaughter, how could she belittle herself as a nobody?

“But others will think that I’m just an adopted child.”

“Who dares to think so?” With a grim face, he said unhappily, “Who is talking nonsense?”

Seated beside the bed, Wendy looked at him calmly.

Her look made Sawyer feel worried. “Wendy, if you have anything to say, feel free to tell Grandpa.”

“Grandpa promised me to give me the shares.” Since he wanted her to be straightforward, she would
make herself clear.

Sawyer returned hurriedly, “I did promise you. I plan to make an appointment with the attorney and
transfer the shares to you on Monday.”

“Tomorrow, you will announce openly that I am your granddaughter. Everyone will know that I am one
of the Gales.”

Wendy was obviously not satisfied with his arrangement.

She snorted with a scowl.

She was completely different from the girl who used to be gentle in front of him.

“How do you think I should answer if someone asks me tomorrow how many shares of the Gale Group
I have?”

Sawyer remained silent.

He understood what Wendy meant.

In fact, he didn’t mind transferring the shares to her now.

As he said, the Gale Group, sooner or later, would be hers.

However, Sawyer was disappointed in Wendy, who coaxed him and brought him here for the shares.

He had a feeling that he had been fooled.

Because of deception and the trick, they were estranged from each other.

However, she was Harley’s child. What could he do?

“Wendy, what do you want me to do?”

Sawyer sighed sadly.

As expected, Wendy took out the agreement she had prepared beforehand and handed it to him.

“Grandfather, I’ve already contacted the lawyer. You have 30 percent stake in the Gale Group. As long
as you sign this agreement, my identity of being your granddaughter will be perfectly justifiable.”

Sawyer became even sadder.

She had even prepared the agreement!

Although he had promised, he felt so bad to be forced to transfer her his shares.

Sawyer kept looking at Wendy, which didn’t mean hesitation. He was just so disappointed.

Wendy frowned unhappily.

“What’s wrong, Grandpa? Have you been lying to me? You never treat me as your granddaughter!”

“How could it be?” However, these words didn’t sound enthusiastic.

“Then why do not you sign?” Today, Wendy insisted on him signing it!

With a sigh, Sawyer took the agreement and picked up the pen.

However, after he read the agreement carefully, his expression completely changed.

“Do you want all my 30 percent shares?”

Hadn’t they arranged that he would give her 10 percent?

It was written on the agreement that he would transfer 30 percent to her. What … what was she going
to do?

“What’s wrong? Is there any wrong with 30 percent?”

Pretending to be innocent, Wendy tilted her head and stared at him. “Grandfather, are you reluctant to
give it to me?”

Sawyer didn’t know what to say. She wanted to take away all his stake!

Wasn’t her too greedy?

Noticing that he hesitated for a long time, Wendy was unhappy, and her face darkened.

“Grandfather, you said that my father would inherit the Gale Group. But back then, it was all your fault
that my father died!”

In shock, Sawyer stared at suddenly.

Never would he expected that she would say such words!

“Isn’t that true? Grandpa, you didn’t allow Dad and Mom to be together so that they eloped.”

Wendy had done many things during the past month when she was in Gale’s mansion.

She investigated everything that had happened back then.

“Do you know what my father’s life has been like after he eloped? Grandfather, don’t you regret?”

“Wendy, stop talking.” He did regret deeply.

Sawyer pressed his hand against the chest, suffering a chest distress.

“Why can’t I say it? Grandpa, my parents died because of you. Now, you even forbid me from saying

Wendy sneered, showing no sympathy on seeing his pale face.

“Since you’ve done it, you shouldn’t deny it. Grandpa, is it really hard for you to admit that you owe

“I do owe you. Wendy, let it go. Grandpa will take good care of you.”

He didn’t want to talk about the past anymore, nor did he want to think about it again!

He felt uncommonly painful.

He had a guilty conscience. This was his greatest regret in his life as well as his raw nerve.

“You said that you would take care of me. But how?”

His so-called guilty conscience made Wendy disgusted.

“Wendy …”

He didn’t understand why his precious granddaughter suddenly became like this.

Did she hate him so much? Was she reluctant to forgive him?

“Grandfather, since you have feelings of guilt about my parents’ death, why don’t you sign this

Wendy looked down at him with contempt.

“You’ve ruined my family. If you don’t want to pay, it means you don’t truly love my father, Harley.”

“Don’t say again that I am your precious granddaughter and that you want to compensate me for my
father’s sake!”

“Because in your heart, no one is as important as you!”

Sawyer’s heart skipped a beat, and his breathing became heavier.

After taking a few deep breaths, he looked at Wendy painfully.

Looking at the agreement in his hand, he was quite disappointed.

“Grandpa, if you really want to compensate me, then sign it.”

Wendy’s voice kept ringing in his ears.

It lingered like a devil’s voice.

“Grandpa, don’t hesitate. You said you would take care of me and wanted to compensate me, didn’t

A pen was stuffed into Sawyer’s hand, and the agreement was spread out in front of him again.

Wendy held his hand and placed it on the agreement.

The nip was pointed at the place where he should sign.

With a smile, Wendy stared at Sawyer’s eyes.

“Grandfather, sign it.”