Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 414: The Atmosphere Was So Strange Today

“Sasha, you should talk to Francis about this matter.”

Sawyer didn’t want to explain too much, for Sasha wouldn’t believe him.

“I want to tell you that I attach equal importance to my two grandchildren. I will never be biased against

“If so, then let Francis be the president of the Gale Group!”

Sasha stared at him with a gloomy expression.

As the wind blew, Sasha looked terrifying.

“Joseph has been the vice president for three years, and the president for two years. It’s Francis’ turn
now. Then you’ll see if he is able to make profits for the company.”

If Sawyer agreed, Sasha would believe that he was impartial!

Sawyer got angry. “Sasha, you are talking nonsense.”

“Do you think the Gale Group is a small private company, and that the president and vice president can
be casually changed?”

“Dad, although the company has been listed, you have most of the shareholdings.”

Sasha knew that she was a little impulsive. But for her son’s sake, she decided to vent her grievances!

“You have the absolute right to change the president of the company. Even if a board meeting is
needed, as long as you agree, all shareholders will listen to you.”

The so-called shareholders of the company were just insignificant ones.

Sawyer wielded enormous power, the rest of which was also in the hands of the Gales.

Unlike ordinary listed companies, the Gale Group was basically a family business.

Sawyer had right to appoint the president.

But he hesitated. Wasn’t it because he didn’t want Francis to be the president so as to protect Joseph?

Sawyer coughed in a fit of temper.

He coughed a little hard, his breathing gradually becoming heavy. He was out of breath.

Sasha thought that he was pretending so as to avoid discussing this matter with her.

However, her father’s face turned completely red, and gradually, it turned a little purple.

Sasha panicked. She hurriedly went over and patted his back.

“Dad … don’t! I just want to tell you my thoughts. Don’t bluff me.”

However, having not got his breath back, Sawyer was unable to continue talking to her.

He coughed himself hoarse.

“Dad, I’ll stop. Don’t cough. We’re at sea. It’ll take quite a while to go back.”

“Dad, stop coughing. I won’t talk about it anymore.” she said as she patted him on the back harder.

Sasha thought the wind outside might be too strong.

“Dad, let’s go inside.” She supported Sawyer and hurriedly returned to the cabin.

As expected, after returning inside, Sawyer’s cough was better.

His puce face gradually returned its’ normal color.

Sasha poured a cup of warm water. After Sawyer had it and stopped coughing, she let out a sigh of

However, she still felt wronged.

Sawyer avoided talking with her about this topic.

Thus, she felt bad.

After having some water, Sawyer calmed himself down, and then turned to look at her.

Sitting at the side, Sasha checked her grievances with a grim look.

He wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t.

“You should talk to Francis. It won’t be too late to talk to me after that.”

Sasha ignored him. She took out a magazine, starting to read it on the sofa.

Sawyer found gravely that there was no signal.

Looking at Sasha, he said, “Let them sail back. I want to go home.”

“I’m afraid that they won’t listen to me. Wendy sent those people here.” Sasha continued reading the
magazine without even raising her head.

Sawyer was puzzled. If he wanted to go back, would those people disobey him?

He stood up, wanting to talk to those people in the control room.

Unexpectedly, Sasha said, “Dad, don’t waste your time. We’ll get the destination soon in at most half
an hour.”

“But I...” He had no interest to go there. He wanted to go home.

“You always say that you owe Harley, and you want to compensate Wendy. You aren’t even willing to
meet your granddaughter’s request, how are you going to compensate her?”

Sawyer could clearly feel that Sasha was in a very bad mood today.

However, considering what she said just now, her rude attitude was understandable.

Sasha misunderstood him.

Sawyer was a little depressed. This problem was too complicated to be solved in a few words.

He agreed to wait another half an hour.

He sat on the sofa and drank half a glass of hot water.

Then he felt dizzy, falling asleep again.

“Grandfather, Grandfather, wake up.” A girl’s voice rang in his ears.


Sawyer opened his eyes slightly.

The light in the room was too dazzling for him to see everything clearly.

He vaguely felt a girl by his side was calling him grandfather.

Grandfather …

Without thinking, Sawyer said, “Emily …”

Wendy’s face darkened.

She knew this old man liked Emily, but she didn’t expect him to be this loving.

He was supposed to be in the dark about Emily’s real identity.

His whereabouts were under control today, so he didn’t have the chance to know about this matter at

“Grandfather, it’s me.”

The girl’s voice turned cold. Sawyer realized that this girl was not the one who he missed, but her voice
was familiar.

“Wendy?” Sawyer finally saw everything clearly in front of him.

He slowly sat up.

“It’s me.” Wendy nodded and helped him sit up.

Sawyer felt dizzy. Looking around, he found himself in a room.

However, the floor shook slightly. Even though it wasn’t anything violent, he was aware that he was still
on a boat.

However, compared with the previous ship, this one was much more stable. It should be a vessel.

“Wendy, where are we? Where’s Sasha?”

Sasha got angry with him. Why did she disappear? Did she hate him?

After he slept for a while, Wendy appeared while Sasha wasn’t around. For some reason, Sawyer
suddenly had a bad premonition.

“Aunt is resting in the next room.” Wendy smiled sweetly, which relaxed people.

But Sawyer was still a little uneasy.

“Wendy, why did you take Grandpa here?”

What worried him most was that he slept so soundly that he failed to realize that his boat was changed.

Even if he was old, he was not weak, and he never slept so deeply.

Normally, he slept lightly. Any movement in the room would wake him up.

What was going on today?

He looked at Wendy in confusion. Unexpectedly, he felt rather ill at ease with her.

“Wendy, why do I feel … you guys are very weird today? What exactly are you doing behind my