Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 412: Have You Done Anything

“Young Master Joseph.” Milo had been waiting in the hall ever since he received the call.

Seeing Joseph return, he came to welcome him.

“Emily, you are also here.”

“We met outside.” Joseph glanced at the hall.

There were a few servants working separately in the hall.

This family used to be very quiet and peaceful, but now, for some reason, he felt that it was filled with
ulterior motives and dangers.

He whispered, “Milo, can I speak to you?”

Milo took them directly to Patriarch Gale’s study.

Normally, other than Patriarch Gale, only Milo could enter the study room. Even the servants didn’t
dare to clean it up without permission.

Milo had to keep an eye on them every time they cleaned the study.

So, the study was of great significance.

“Young Master Joseph, what exactly is going on?” Milo asked after closing the thick door.

“Is something wrong at the family?”

Although Joseph hadn’t said anything yet, he could feel a great sense of unease.

“Milo, there’s still no news of Grandfather?”

“Not yet. I’ve sent someone to look for him. There’s no news yet.”

“Where’s Sasha?” The headlines in the morning were all about the Gale family.

At that time, the one who was with Grandfather was Sasha.

“Sasha can’t be found either. I heard that she went out for fun with Patriarch Gale.”

Where did she go? She didn’t tell anyone and couldn’t be contacted at all.

“Neither of them can get through.” Milo became more and more worried, “Joseph, if you have anything
to say, just say it.”

Others didn’t say anything. In this way, Milo, the old butler became more and more frightened, afraid
that something bad would happen.

Joseph hesitated a little. But with the help of Milo, they might handle this matter more easily.

“Milo …”

“Joseph, don’t suspect me. You can trust me.”

Milo felt sad when he saw that Joseph was in a difficult situation.

“I’ve worked for Patriarch Gale for so many years. And I have known you since you were a child. You
know what I am like.”

Joseph comforted, “It’s just that so many things happened all of a sudden at our family. There’s just a
lot going on in my heart.”

“Milo, don’t blame Joseph. He … he is in a difficult situation right now.”

Emily, who had been silent all this while, also helped console Milo.

Milo sighed, “I won’t blame him. Actually, I’m panicking too.”

He looked at the two of them and said helplessly, “The more you don’t tell me, the more I panic.”

Joseph did not intend to hide anything and said, “Wendy is not Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter. I
believe that Emily is.”

“What?” Milo was so frightened that he almost had a heart attack.

“I... I’m not sure.” Emily didn’t want to deceive others. She was really not sure.

“I’ve asked someone to do a test before. The results show that I’m not Grandpa Gale’s granddaughter.”

“I told you, it might have been tampered with by someone. If we do it again, we will know the truth.”

Joseph’s hand landed on her shoulder and grasped it gently.

“I believe you are. Based on my instincts, I believe you are.”

“However, this is not something that can be determined by instinct,” Milo said hesitantly.

He was in a mess.

Wendy was not Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter, but could Emily be?

“But back then, we brought Wendy to do the test with Patriarch Gale. You were also present.”

“Someone tampered with the test. Wendy admitted that the blood sample she used for the paternity
test was Emily’s.”

Hearing what Joseph said, Milo’s head went blank.

What the hell was this?

Suddenly, he frowned, “You mean Wendy … Did Wendy say it herself?”

If it was true, Milo would be even happier.

Since Wendy returned to the Gale family a month ago, she had made a mess of the family.

He didn’t like Wendy at all.

In the Gale family, Patriarch Gale had no choice but to like Wendy because of his guilt towards Harley.

Other than him, none of the others really liked Wendy.

Especially those who knew some inside story of the family.

After Wendy returned, she had caused so many fake accidents and the family was on tenterhooks all
the time.

However, Wendy told Joseph that she was not the granddaughter of Patriarch Gale. Wasn’t that

“I took her hair and grandfather’s hair for identification. She found out, so she admitted it.”

“Then she …”

“Milo, you probably didn’t pay attention to the entertainment news. Grandpa has spread the news that
Emily and I are getting engaged.”

Milo immediately understood the seriousness of the matter.

It worsened. If others discovered that Emily was Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter, the Gale family would
definitely lose their reputation because of Joseph and Emily.

Was this why Wendy was so unscrupulous?

“Joseph, what should we do now?”

Since that was the case now, it was very difficult to deal with!

“Find Grandpa first. After identifying Wendy, I’ll settle the scandal with Emily when it dies down.”

“But … But, what’s going on?”

Milo accidentally flipped through some news.

His gaze involuntarily fell on Emily’s lower abdomen.

“Emily, you …”

Emily felt guilty. Although she knew that he had misunderstood her, it was true that she was pregnant!

“Fake news!” Joseph did not feel burdened when he said this.

Even if others knew that he had concealed her pregnancy later, it would be his responsibility, and it had
nothing to do with Emily.

“But last night …”

“Emily and I have been drugged!”

Joseph looked outside the door. “Some drugs were added to the snacks Kira sent us last night.”

“Kira?” Damn it! In this family, under his eyes, she dared to make such a mistake!

“It doesn’t have to do with her. I saw that she had a natural expression when she came in.”

Perhaps even Kira did not know that someone had added drugs to the snacks.

“Then you …”

Milo was worried that they had been drugged. Then … did they have sex...

“No.” Joseph secretly heaved a sigh of relief. “People came before they could make a mistake.”

That person seemed to be an experienced drug expert.

That person used an appropriate dosage of drugs. So when everyone came, they were frightened and
the effects of the medicine faded.

This was to give them a chance to explain themselves, but it was also an invisible step that worsened
the matter.

The point was, Joseph didn’t know that Emily was his cousin last night.

If he knew, he would rather make the matter public and thoroughly investigate at home than allow it to

Joseph’s phone rang and he immediately picked it up.

Emily and Milo looked at him anxiously.

At this moment, a sign of disturbance or trouble was enough to cause one’s heart to tremble!

Most importantly, where did Patriarch Gale go?

After hanging up the phone, Joseph pursed his lips and said, “Grandfather has gone out to the sea, but
for the time being, I don’t know where he is.”

He paused for a moment before continuing, “Also, Young Master Hunter and Wendy have got rid of our