Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 410: It Was Wrong from the Beginning

It was a group of reporters blocking the way.

The exit of the garage was blocked completely, and Joseph’s car could not move at all.

The security guards of the hospital came to drive them away but failed because there were too many

A security guard came to Joseph’s car and knocked on the door.

Joseph winded down the window.

Before the security guard could speak, a swarm of reporters rushed over.

“Joseph, is that your girlfriend in the car?”

“Sawyer has already admitted your relationship. May I ask when you plan to marry Emily?”

“Joseph, I heard that your girlfriend is the younger sister of Wendy whom the Gale family has just
recognized. You guys have a closer relationship.”

“Joseph, why did you bring your girlfriend to the hospital today? Is it a good thing?”

“Is Emily pregnant?”

Emily hid in the car and raised her hands to cover her face.

However, these reporters kept shooting with cameras from different angles and different positions.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop them at all.

“Sorry, no comment!” Joseph winded up the window with a cold face.

He still couldn’t find a way to drive out.

He called his assistant and instructed in a deep voice, “I was blocked by reporters at the hospital.
Come to evacuate them. And let someone alter the records of Emily’s medical examination and change
it to gastroenteritis.”


The assistant answered and immediately called for help.

However, it would take time for someone to come over.

They were stuck here, and the cars behind them could not leave at all.

The situation was getting worse and worse.

People had known that it was Joseph and his girlfriend, but they didn’t dare to knock on the door and
urge them to leave.

Moreover, even if they came to urge them, it would be useless.

With the help of security guards of the hospital, some of the reporters left, but there were still many
reporters here.

“It must be Wendy.” Joseph pursed his lips with a cold expression.

Since that woman had been in City L for such a short time, how could she become so powerful?

Who was behind her?

Could it be that it was arranged by my aunt? What good could she get from this?

“Joseph, I’m afraid these reporters won’t leave if they don’t get their needed information.”

“Why don’t you just tell them we’re in love? After a while, I’ll …” Emily turned her head to look at him.

“No!” Joseph immediately interrupted her.

Last night, he didn’t know Emily’s identity, but now, he knew.

If this matter continued, how were they going to deal with it in the future?

Even if it could be explained clearly, people would consider behind their backs that they were in an
improper relationship.

As a man, it mattered little to him, but Emily needed to get married in the future.

Such a rumor would ruin her life!

Joseph regretted that he took into account the so-called overall situation and didn’t point out the matter
of being drugged last night.

He thought that it was not too late to investigate the matter of being drugged.

Unexpectedly, they had already thought of a series of conspiracies.

Early in the morning, she intentionally took his grandfather out and ran into reporters, encouraging his
grandfather to admit their love.

Now that the matter went public, it was very difficult for them to make it clear!

Wendy couldn’t come up with the plot only by herself.

Behind her, there must be someone guiding her.

He just didn’t know what kind of role Sasha had played in this matter.

Did she already know that Wendy was not a real Gale, or was she involved in this scam?

“Emily, no matter who asks you, you shouldn’t pretend to be in love with me anymore. Absolutely not,
you know?”

He turned his head to look at Emily with a serious expression.

Emily did not know why he became so strict. Even if they admitted their relationship, they could say
that they had broken up because of personality clashes after some time. It was actually nothing.

What he said made her feel that as long as she admitted it, she would sink into a helpless abyss.

“Do you understand?” Seeing that she hadn’t answered him, Joseph said with emphasis.

Emily was shocked and hurriedly said, “I, I understand.”

Joseph was afraid that he would frighten her, so his heart softened and said in a gentle voice.

“It’s fine. Don’t be afraid. I’ll take care of it.”

“Is there something I don’t know?” Emily felt that he was hiding something from her.

“Joseph, what exactly happened?”

“Give me more time and I’ll tell you.”

At the very least, he would wait until he had done the paternity test for them and received the report.

Everything about this matter was just unproven news.

Wendy’s words could not be completely believed. But what if Emily was lying to him as well? What if
she was not his cousin at all?

This time, he couldn’t let down his guard. Everything had to be verified by him.

“I’ve already sent someone over. Soon, someone will come to help us. Don’t worry.”

Joseph’s words calmed Emily’s heart.

At the front, the security guards of the hospital were also trying to evacuate the reporters.

Actually, they wouldn’t be able to stay here for too long. If they continued, the people from the hospital
would call the police.

When the police arrived, everyone must leave.

She took out her phone and casually scanned it.

She was shocked by the headlines today!

“Grandpa Gale … what’s going on?” She held her phone and looked at Joseph, “Joseph, Grandpa
Gale and your aunt, they said …”

“I know.” He could tell at a glance that she didn’t like to read the news.

Otherwise, she would have seen this big news long ago.

“Grandpa must have been encouraged by my aunt to say so. Of course, there’s another reason …”

He was clear about the character of his old naughty grandfather.

“What’s the reason?” Emily didn’t know Grandpa Gale very well.

Joseph exhaled a sigh of relief. It was because of Grandfather’s persistence towards Emily.

“Another reason is that Grandpa likes you too much and wants to keep you at our family.”

“He …”

“He’s forcing me to admit my relationship with you. He’s forcing me to get engaged to you for the sake
of the Gale Group’s reputation.”

This was his grandfather’s style of handling things. He wanted to keep Emily here, regardless of
whether Joseph wanted to marry her or not.

After all, in Grandfather’s eyes, he and Emily had already made love.

If he didn’t marry her, what would Emily do in the future?

On the one hand, Grandfather felt sorry for Emily. On the other hand, he was also reluctant to let her

Therefore, he used the media’s evaluation on the Gale Group to force him to marry Emily, which
answered multiple purpose.

If there weren’t so many unavoidable things, or if Emily liked him and they didn’t have any kinship, he
would get engaged to Emily for the sake of the Gale family’s reputation.

Then they would get married.

After all, he didn’t hate Emily.

Grandfather was right to take this step.

However, the most important thing now was that Grandfather didn’t know that he and Emily were

It had been wrong from the very beginning!

More than twenty cars suddenly arrived in front of them.

Hundreds of people in black suits got out of the car and rushed into the reporters at the fastest speed,
blocking the reporters and opening a path for Joseph’s car.

“Don’t think too much. I’ll take you back to rest.”

Joseph’s face was serious as he stepped on the accelerator.