Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 407: Sooner or Later, They Will Respect Her

Wendy kept talking about Sawyer’s death!

Even such vicious words made Joseph fell a burst of pain in his heart!

“Grandfather is a good man. Why would he become such a vicious liar’s target?” he thought to himself.

However, Wendy’s words caused him to loosen his grip.

No doubt, Sawyer had heart disease. Only a few people knew about this.

Wendy had lived in their house for more than a month and she must be acquainted with other family

Even if they didn’t tell her, she would know about it anyway!

Moreover, she colluded with Sasha!

This family had been so harmonious, but because of Wendy, everything changed!

Joseph really hated himself!

He couldn’t believe that he had been so credulous that he actually believed this liar.

He blamed himself for not having a double check before recognizing her.

He didn’t expect that the only DNA test had been tampered with beforehand!

How stupid he was!

“Cousin, don’t blame yourself. Anyone else would be fooled by this kind of thing, right?”

No one had expected this. Joseph and his people thought their plan was perfect.

Joseph couldn’t believe that the test was faked under his nose.

“Cousin, actually, I admire you. You’re an excellent man of even temper. If it weren’t for the fact that I
like Hunter, I think I would have fallen in love with you.”

“Shut up!” What a shameless and vicious woman!

Wendy put her hand on his wrist. Instead of pushing it away, she stroked it.

Joseph quickly withdrew his hand as if he was touched by a viper.

“What’s wrong? Do you think I’m ugly?”

Wendy was a little angry. He was so protective of Emily when they were together.

When they arrived at the hall, he even hugged Emily gently!

In contrast, he didn’t allow Wendy to touch him.

Joseph didn’t want to waste his breath.

Right now, he was in a bad mood!

“Tell me, what exactly do you want?”

At this point, he couldn’t tell his grandfather the truth at once, but it was impossible for him to conceal it
any longer.

Of course, Wendy understood that Joseph would take action soon.

Since the scam was given away, any attempt to stop Joseph from revealing it would be futile.

She gloated, “I don’t want much. Five billion. You have more than that, don’t you?”

“No, I don’t!”

Sawyer valued him the most, but over these years, Joseph was only Sawyer’s good worker.

Joseph had never pursued his personal interests. He did have an equity interest, but if he didn’t cash
in, he could only receive a dividend every year.

He didn’t have a large sum.

“Cousin, don’t hide it. The Gale Group gives you a handsome dividend every year. How can you not
have 5 billion?”

Wendy naturally knew his financial situation.

“Even if there is a dividend, it is not a one-off payment. Moreover, the equity can’t be cashed out

He wouldn’t sell out the Group’s equity!

“Two billion, that’s my bottom line!” His face was ashen, as if there was no room for negotiation.

“Also, I need time.”

“Alright, five days.” Wendy stretched out her fair hand.

“Don’t even think about bargaining. Five days are my limit! Two billion. Every penny!”

“If you can’t give me two billion in five days, you may have come up with a way to deal with me. If that’s
the case, why don’t I tell Sawyer about it first?”

“Don’t act recklessly!” Joseph said anxiously.

“I have nothing to say, just five days!”

Wendy insisted.

Joseph cast a glance at her. Then pouting, he pushed open the car door.

He left. In other words, this agreement was reached.

Watching the receding figure, Wendy heaved a sigh of relief and then made a phone call.

“I gave him five days as you told me. However, I’m sure that Joseph won’t give me the money.”

The person on the other end of the phone didn’t answer for a moment and then said, “Joseph never
compromises easily. He will definitely use these five days to think of a way to make Sawyer accept all.”

The banquet would be held tomorrow. Once it went smoothly, Joseph would find it even harder to
appease Sawyer.

Then it would be tricky to pacify the entire business community of City L.

The man thought for seconds and continued, “He agreed on five days. He just wanted to find a way to
ease the tension.”

He lowered his voice. “Today, you have to get Sawyer to transfer the shares to you.”

“But when I mentioned it to him last time, I could clearly feel that Sawyer turned a little cold to me.”

As long as Hunter wasn’t around, Wendy could get ahold of herself and react quickly.

Last time, Wendy gave so many excuses to persuade Sawyer to give her an equity on Monday. That
made Sawyer’s liking for her diminish by a lot.

She could feel it, but she had to ask Sawyer for that. She was afraid that things went awry if she

Sawyer already agreed to give her the equity on Monday. If she pestered him again today, Sawyer
would be suspicious.

“The reason he dotes on me so much now is that he feels too guilty about Harley. In fact, Sawyer
doesn’t care as much about me as everyone thinks.”

She knew it herself that Sawyer liked Emily more.

Every time Emily appeared, his eyes were always fixed on Emily.

To him, any eye contact with Wendy was just courtesy!

Wendy thought Sawyer was a living example of the saying that blood was thicker than water.

How ridiculous!

“I don’t care what tricks you play. You must make Sawyer transfer it to you today. Otherwise, you will
definitely lose to Joseph!”

With a beep, the man hung up!

Wendy stared at the gradually dimming screen of her phone with a face full of resentment.

Every time he hung up at will. He didn’t even show the slightest bit of respect to her.

In fact, she was no longer the Wendy who had had no status.

Now, she was a Gale!

“It’s a high status. Isn’t it enough for people to look up to her?” she asked herself.

Others still treated her so badly, bossing her around!

Wendy couldn’t stand it!

Sooner or later, she must let them know that she was no longer the girl they could control easily!

She was so angry that she wanted to throw her phone away.

Unexpectedly, the screen lit up.

Wendy’s eyes brightened and her spirits rose, when she saw the caller ID.

She quickly picked up and said gently, “Hunter …”

As expected, Joseph didn’t wait around.

And he knew that the people behind Wendy would not let her wait quietly for five days.

Although Joseph didn’t know who they were, he was certain that she wasn’t alone and she couldn’t
manage all of this by herself.

“Find out who Wendy is in close contact with. Also, from now on, keep an eye on Wendy.”

After he hung up, another call came and his serious face was gone.

He answered. “Emily, where are you now? I want to see you.”