Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 401: It’s All My Fault

When the appraisal was done, Joseph was there.

If he wanted to arrange a scam, it would be easier and more convenient for him than anyone else.

This was because Sawyer Gale had absolute trust in him.

“I suspected you.”

Emily was calm and had no intention of hiding anything.

“Then why are you here?”

“This time I want to follow my hunch.”

She smiled and looked at him. “I believe in my insight. Joseph, I believe in you.”

There was nothing more touching than “I believe in you”.

Joseph picked up the cup and took a few sips before putting it down gently.

“In order to live up to your trust, I will go and verify it early tomorrow morning.”

Wendy and Patriarch Gale were both at home, so it wasn’t difficult to get the samples.

“Thank you for telling me all of this.”

“I just feel sorry for Patriarch Gale. I don’t want him to be hurt, and I don’t want the Gale Group to fall
into the hands of bad person.”

Emily stirred the soup several times before picking it up and tasting it.

“It tastes good.”

Sure enough, the dessert could make people relieved.

Perhaps because she hadn’t eaten much tonight, she was a little hungry.

She drank the whole bowl of sweet soup in one breath before putting it down.

“It’s getting late. I...”

“I heard that Grandpa intends to give you 5% of shares.” Joseph suddenly said.

“I won’t take advantage of Patriarch Gale. I …” Emily was shocked.

“That’s not what I meant.”

Joseph smiled faintly. He felt hot because the heating in the room was so strong.

He tugged at the collar of his nightgown and felt thirsty.

He could only pick up the cup and drink all the remaining tea.

Joseph looked at Emily and said, “Grandpa really likes you. It has nothing to do with the blood relation.
I’ve never seen him like a child so much. Perhaps, this is your fate.”

“If Grandpa really insists, I hope that you can accept those shares.”

“How can I do that?” How could she casually accept the shares of other people’s company?

“It’s 5%! Even if I live a luxurious life, I won’t be able to spend it all.”

She would not ask for money from other people. She definitely would not deserve it.

“If Patriarch Gale likes me, I can accompany him more often in the future.”

As Joseph said, it had nothing to do with the blood relation, but fate.

It seemed to be a little hot. Emily subconsciously pulled her collar, and there was sweat on her

“It’s getting late. Joseph, I hope you can handle this matter early.”

The banquet would be held on this Saturday. If it cannot be investigated clearly before Saturday, then
everyone would know that Wendy was Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter.

At that time, all businessmen in City L would know it.

If someone found out that Wendy’s identity was fake in the future, then the Gales would be laughed at.

The Gale Group’s equity would be affected.

Joseph naturally understood that. He nodded and said, “Alright, Grandfather and Wendy Gale are
probably resting now, so I can’t disturb them. However, I will definitely investigate it early tomorrow
morning. Don’t worry.”

Emily was touched when he called Wendy by her full name.

Joseph believed her words.

“Yes.” Emily stood up and said, “Then I’ll …”

Before she could finish her sentence, she suddenly felt that all the things in front of her became blurry.

“What’s wrong?” Seeing that her body was shaking, Joseph hurriedly stood up and helped her.

When Joseph touched her body, he felt like his body was on fire.

It was scorching. He felt that everything was spinning!

“Damn it!” Joseph understood what had happened!

He was schemed! It seemed that Emily was painful, too!

“Emily …”

“It’s so hot.” Emily tugged at her clothes.

Joseph immediately held her hand, but she began to rub against his chest.

Joseph was a little unconscious.

His body was as hot as a ball of fire, and there was a girl in his arms. How could he stand it?

“Emily, don’t … move anymore.”

He originally wanted to stop her, but he ended up hugging her.

Emily collapsed into Joseph’s embrace.

Joseph was clearly in a dilemma.

He knew that he should let her go, but he couldn’t help hugging her tightly.

His reason lost bit by bit as time went by.

Suddenly, Joseph picked Emily up and strode towards the big bed in the room …

Suddenly, the door was kicked open by someone.


Seeing this scene, Patriarch Gale was dumbfounded.

Joseph was lying beside Emily and their clothes were messy.

Emily’s round shoulders were clearly exposed.


After seeing Emily’s face clearly, Patriarch Gale’s heart skipped a beat. He hurriedly rushed over and
pulled the blanket over them as quickly as possible.

It was difficult for him to be so agile because he was in his seventies!

The people standing at the door all sighed in admiration.

Joseph frowned. He gained consciousness gradually.

Emily was lying under him. She looked a little confused.

However, she was becoming conscious gradually.

Joseph was surprised and suddenly got up.

Joseph covered her tightly with a quilt and looked at Patriarch Gale with a complicated expression. “I...”


Emily was awake! She was so frightened that she almost fainted!

Patriarch Gale stood beside the bed to protect her. He was afraid that other people would see her

But she could see the expressions of the others in the room.

Some people smiled lightly. Some people were shocked. Some were unable to react. Hunter’s
expression was cold and indifferent. It was like he was looking at an unimportant person.

He was emotionless!

“Hunter, I’m not …”

Emily wanted to explain, but the moment she looked at him, she suddenly realized that she didn’t need
to explain anymore.

Because, he didn’t care about it at all.

“What exactly was going on?”

Lottie quickly walked over and stared at her son. “Joseph!”

Joseph casually pulled down his clothes. Although his clothe was still a little messy, he completely
calmed down.

He naturally couldn’t say anything about being drugged in front of everyone.

If he did, his family would be in chaos.

He pursed his lip and glanced at Lottie before turning to look at Patriarch Gale. “Sorry, Grandfather, it
was all my fault. I was the one who forced her to do it.”