Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 398: If She Really Was Lying to the Jacksons

“Ms. Gale?”

Seeing the person entering, Emily was shocked.

At this time, why did Sasha come looking for her?

Sasha was staring at Emily.

Although she had seen Emily during the day, she was surprised every time she looked at Emily.

“Do you know a woman called Talia?” Sasha asked.

Emily was shocked for a moment and moved aside. “Ms. Gale, come in and have a seat.”

It was really not polite to block someone at the door.

Sasha did not miss the surprise in Emily’s eyes.

Sasha walked into the room and sat down on a chair. She turned around to look at Emily, who had
casually closed the door.

Sasha smiled and said, “How is it? Do you know Talia?”

“I wonder why you asked about her?” Emily was always on guard when someone talked about her

“You two are very similar.”

Sasha noticed Emily’s precaution. She said indifferently, “I used to know her every well. Every time she
went on a secret date with my brother, I helped her cover it up.”

“With your brother … Harley?”

How could this happen? Emily’s mother was in love with Harley?

Then why did Kate become Harley’s wife?

Emily was confused. Some questions seemed to have been figured out, but some of them were clearly
impossible to crack.

She was not Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter at all! The test report could prove it!

“You don’t know that?” Sasha was thinking something. In the end, she became gloomy slightly.

“Is Wendy really Talia’s daughter? But I feel that Kate was very nice to Wendy.”

Sasha stared at Emily with a sharp gaze, as if Emily was not allowed to lie.

“You mean Wendy is Talia’s daughter?” Emily opened her eyes wide.

What did that mean?

Emily thought that Kate and Harley had dated privately so that she gave birth to Wendy, Harley’s
daughter. Wasn’t that true?

At first, Emily suspected that she was Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter.

So, in fact, she had the same thoughts as Sasha at first. Was it possible that Wendy, Kate, and Charles
had teamed up to steal the identity that originally belonged to Emily?

However, this doubt was completely shattered today.

The test report showed that Emily and Patriarch Gale were not related by blood.

After that, she could only accept the fact that Wendy was Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter.

Emily doubted that why Charles was so good to Kate after the betrayal.

But after thinking about it, Emily understood. Charles was willing to do anything as long as he could
gain benefits.

Although Kate had betrayed him, Kate and Wendy could bring him benefits. Of course, he could
continue to please them.

Thus, Emily didn’t think further.

But what exactly did Sasha mean? Why did she say that Wendy was Talia’s daughter?

Emily suppressed the shock in her heart and looked at Sasha’s eyes.

“Actually, I don’t know much about the matters of the previous generation. I just want to have some

“Little girl, are you on guard against me?” Sasha smiled.

Emily seemed to be at most eighteen or nineteen years old.

However, it was impossible for such a young girl to be so mature.

“Ms. Gale, I don’t understand what you mean.” Emily blinked.

Emily was cautious. Before the matter became clear, she didn’t dare to be hasty.

Disaster emanated from careless talk. It was very important for wealthy families.

“Talia used to be with Harley, but my father objected. As a result, they eloped. After that, they gave birth
to a daughter.”

“But Harley was in a car accident, and Talia and her daughter have been missing.”

“My father didn’t know the existence of Wendy. Six months ago, when he rearranged Harley’s
belongings, he discovered that Harley had a daughter.”

“We searched for a long time. We finally found that Talia and Charles, Kate lived together.”

Emily’s hand, which was hidden in her sleeve, clenched tightly.

She didn’t expect that!

They actually found Wendy by searching for Talia.

It turned out that all of this had nothing to do with Kate.

It was Talia who was dated with Harley!

However, Emily was not Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter!

Could it be that Emily’s father wasn’t Harley? Patriarch Gale was wrong?

As for the test, since Wendy was powerful, she naturally had the ability to change its conclusion.

It turned out that they had made a fuss about Talia’s relationship with Harley.

Sasha suddenly got up from her chair and walked towards Emily.

Emily was alerted and took two steps back to stay away from Sasha.

“Ms. Gale, can I help you?” She asked expressionlessly.

“You are Kate’s child? Why did we find out that you are Talia’s child?”

Earlier, Patriarch had heard this news, so he decided to bring back a child called Emily when he went
to the Bentson City.

However, who would have thought that Wendy was brought back?

However, Joseph had said that they had personally done the test. No one in the Gales would doubt
Joseph’s words for the time being.

Before seeing Emily, Sasha had not doubted it.

But she suspected that something was wrong.

Emily knew what she was going to do. She smiled and shook her head. “I’m not Patriarch Gale’s
granddaughter. I’ve done the test.”

“What?” Sasha frowned and stared at her in confusion.

“If I were, do you think I wouldn’t want to come back to the Gales?”

Emily smiled indifferently. If she was one of the Gales, she would have already exposed Wendy’s lie.

However, she knew that Wendy was definitely not Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter.

However, she didn’t decide how to deal with this matter, so she could not act rashly for the time being.

What if there were Wendy’s accomplices in the Gales?

What if someone from the Gales changed the conclusion of Wendy and Patriarch Gale’s test?

Hunter was even dating with Wendy.

Emily’s mind was in a mess.

The only thing she was sure of was that she didn’t want Patriarch Gale to be hurt and cheated.

If he knew that his granddaughter was fake, would he be able to withstand it?

But if Emily didn’t expose the lie, what should she do if Wendy was so greedy that she wanted to take
away all the shares in the Gale Group?

Emily really didn’t dare to imagine what Patriarch Gale would do.

She looked at Sasha and clenched her fists tightly.

“Actually, you don’t have to ask me more questions. I’ve already done a test with Patriarch Gale. I’m
not his granddaughter, but …”

She stopped a while and then expressionlessly said, “Why don’t you ask Wendy? Is it difficult to know if
she is Patriarch Gale’s granddaughter?”