Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 395: Everything Is Wrong

“What exactly do you want, coming to the Gale's?”

Wendy pushed Emily under a big tree.

Emily did not resist. With a thud, she hit the tree trunk behind her back.

“How is it? Weren’t you very ferocious just now? Now, seeing clearly that even Mr. Hunter is helping
me, you don’t have the courage anymore?”

Ever since she found out that Hunter was helping her, Wendy became a complete smug.

She was brimming with complacency!

Emily just looked at her and didn’t say anything.

Wendy narrowed her eyes. “Don’t think that I don’t know what you’re up to. You’re jealous when I'm
better off, aren’t you?”

“I’m warning you, if you still want Sally to survive, you’d better disappear!”

“Hunter asked me to come. How can I disappear?”

Emily blinked and seemed not to be afraid at all.

“Emily, you know no fear. You are damn relentless! How can you still dare to disobey me now?”

“Otherwise?” Emily leaned against the tree trunk and smiled faintly, “What the hell would I be fearful of

“You!” Wendy thought Emily remained silent and at her mercy just now because she was afraid.

But why was she so calm now?

Was she really not afraid of Hunter’s anger?

“If you provoke me, Hunter will not let you off. Did you not understand what he meant just now?”

“I didn’t catch it. Why don’t you ask Hunter to explain it to me?”

“No way! He only loves me right now. Don’t try to seduce him!”

“Why would you say this if you are so sure of yourself?”

People would show off what they wanted and didn’t have. It rang true.

Wendy kept claiming Hunter to be hers. Then she should directly lie on Hunter’s bed and sleep with

Why was the point of showing off here in front of her?

Emily looked at Wendy as if she was looking at a clown!

Wendy was overcome by an unprecedented surge of anger.

In this family, everyone had to respect her!

Including her two so-called aunts who held grudges against her. No one would dare to raise their
voices in front of her?

“Bitch! You could really use a lesson. You forget yourself!”

Wendy raised her hand and was going to slap Emily.

Emily dodged, in a casual manner. Wendy’s slap hit the tree trunk.

“Ah!” It hurt!

Her palm was scratched against the rough bark. She couldn’t help but wince in pain.

Wendy glared at Emily and was so angry!

“I will kill Sally. Just wait and see, I will definitely kill her!”

“Then shouldn’t I expose your crimes before you kill Sally, so that Grandpa can see your tricks clearly?”

“You … what did you say?” Wendy panicked, her eyes flashing.

Emily narrowed her eyes and suddenly took a step forward, instantly approaching Wendy.

“I say, I will expose your crimes and let everyone see your true colors!”

Wendy was so frightened that she subconsciously retreated. But Emily approached step by step.

If her previous thoughts were all speculations, then now her guess was about to come true!

“Wendy, you are not the granddaughter of the Gale family at all, you liar!”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Wendy almost screamed, “Grandpa and I had done a DNA
test. How dare you say such a vicious thing!”

They really had done a DNA test …

However, Wendy's reaction had made herself look guilty.

Emily sneered, “Alright. Now, let’s go find Grandpa and do the test together.”

“Emily, what exactly do you want? It’s the business between my grandfather and me. What does it have
to do with you?”

Did this bitch find out anything?

A hint of malice flashed past Wendy’s eyes. She shouldn’t have let her live!

As long as Emily was alive, she would have known. It would only be a matter of time. Wendy should
have known this.

Wendy calmed down and clenched her hands tightly as she glared at Emily.

“Don’t think that when Grandpa likes you, you can do whatever you want in our house. Grandpa likes
you just because you are my sister. It's not you who he likes.”

When Wendy was calm, she looked frightful.

She already had killing intent towards Emily.

Emily stared at her and was on guard.

This was the Gale’s. Wendy had lived here for more than a month. She was much more familiar with
everything here than Emily.

Perhaps, it was possible for Emily to die in this family by “accident”.

“Hey, now you are afraid?”

Wendy took another step forward with a chilly smile.

“Grandpa personally brought me to take the test. Think about it, Patriarch Gale of the Gale family, a
great man with such stature and influence.”

“If he wasn’t sure, would he bring me back and even transfer 10% shares of the Gale Group to me?”

Emily clenched her fist tightly and stared at her without blinking.

Ten percent of shares of the Gale Group were quite a lot.

If that was the case, no one in the Gale family would be Wendy's match.

Amid the confrontation, Emily’s phone suddenly rang.

She took out her phone and was about to answer it.

Wendy suddenly pounced over and pressed her hand on the back of Emily’s hand.

“What do you want?” Emily glared at Wendy in case she went at her.

“What are you afraid of? Are you afraid that I’ll kill you?”

Wendy smiled, “Why will I kill someone for no reason?”

“Let go!” Emily shook off her hand and picked up the phone. She walked to the side and answered the
phone, “How is it?”

“No.” On the other end of the phone, Joe’s low breathing sounded.

“Emily, no. You are not Patriarch Gale's granddaughter. The test result is out.”

“What … did you say?” The phone in Emily’s hand almost fell to the ground.

Could it be that everything was wrong? Was it really wrong?

“It’s true, Emily. I got the two pieces of hair you left at the front desk and took them to the hospital right
away. I spent some extra money and got the result as fast as I could, like you said.”

Right now, he had just received the report.

This result was completely beyond his expectations.

“Emily, I know you feel unwell, but …”

Joe was silent for a moment before he said, “However, we may be really wrong.”

Emily expressionlessly hung up.

When she looked at Wendy again, Emily found that Wendy stared at her suspiciously and probingly.

Emily suddenly wanted to burst out laughing. About what, she didn’t know.

Was she laughing at her own stupidity?

Ever since she knew that she was coming to the Gale's in City L, she immediately sent a message to
Joe, asking him to take another flight and follow her quietly.

It was to help her secretly and see if they could pull off a DNA test with Patriarch Gale.

She had been thinking about this for more than a month.

But because she had been under house arrest in WongRiver Pavilion by Hunter, she couldn’t do it.

Now, she had finally done it. Unexpectedly, the result was so ridiculous.

Why would she feel that she was the real granddaughter of Patriarch Gale?

She didn’t believe in the DNA test result.

She only trusted her own instincts.

As a result, she was wrong.

Emily turned around and wanted to leave.

However, Wendy gave her a fierce pull from behind. “Emily, you ...”

Wendy did not expect this bitch to go limp and collapse in front of her with a thud.