Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 388: Someone in this Family Wants to Harm Me

He looked exactly like Grandpa Gale?

Emily subconsciously stared at Grandpa Gale and suddenly had a strange feeling.

Something became clear in her mind.

The thoughts she had before, which were interrupted, now came back to her.

She bit her lip, and then suddenly grabbed Grandpa Gale’s hair.

“Grandpa, look, you have so many white hair now. You should take good care of your hair.”

“What are you talking about, Emi? I’m old enough to have white hair.”

However, Emily’s caring tone made the old man very happy.

Milo smiled and said, “Emi, your grandpa is already in his seventies. It’s normal for him to have white
hair. You should take a look at my hair.”

He pointed at his short, half-white hair and smiled.

“I’m younger than your grandpa. But I also have a lot of white hair.”

“Grandpa, you are already in your seventies?”

Thinking about grandpa’s age, Emily felt a little sad.

Actually, the old man had been taken good care of himself and had a positive attitude towards life,
which made him look like a man in his sixties.

Emily just realized that grandpa was actually in his seventies.

An old man finally found his only biological granddaughter at this age. Of course, he would dote on her.

Somehow she felt a little jealous of Wendy.

“What’s wrong? Are you afraid that I will leave you soon?”

“Grandpa, don’t say things like that!”

His words made Emily very sad.

When she thought of her mother, who she barely remembered, and her grandmother, her heart

Seeing that the little girl was about to cry, Patriarch Gale immediately felt sorry for her.

“It’s fine. It’s fine. Grandpa is lying. Don’t be sad, Emi. Grandpa will live to be a hundred. Don’t be sad.”

Kenny sighed. He was really envious of them.

“Stop showing off your good relationship in front of me. It makes me feel so lonely.”

Since he was a good old friend of Patriarch Gale’s, he was also from a noble family.

He also brought a lot of bodyguards with him. Not far behind him, there were all bodyguards.

But in wealthy families like theirs, the relationships between the family members were always intense.

The children and grandchildren of his all wished for him to die soon so that they could inherit his

Seeing Patriarch Gale and his granddaughter being so nice to each other, he was moved.

Emily suppressed the pain in her heart, gently pushed the old man and smiled.

“Grandpa, I’m not a child. You don’t need to coax me like that. People will laugh at us.”

“I’m not afraid to be laughed at.”

Milo also wanted to say something, but his phone suddenly rang.

He walked to the side and picked up the phone.

A few seconds later, Milo rushed over, looking worried, “Patriarch Gale, Wendy … something happened
to Wendy!”

Another accident.

However, in wealthy families, accidents may be caused by people.

Wendy had only been back for a month, but this was the third accident that happened to her.

She didn’t suffer much from the two accidents before. But this time, she almost died!

“Grandpa, Grandpa …”

Seeing Patriarch Gale, Wendy immediately burst into tears.

“Grandpa, I almost died, I thought I could never see you again...”

“What happened?” Patriarch Gale hurriedly went over and held her in his arms.

He turned around and glared at Joseph, “Didn’t you ask someone to protect Wendy? How come bad
things still happened to Wendy?”


“It was not his fault. I shouldn’t have insisted to take a walk outside.”

Wendy looked at Joseph, and then turned to Patriarch Gale, crying pitifully.

“Grandpa, someone in this family wants to harm me. I can’t stay here anymore!”

The old man hurriedly said, “How can it be? No one in our family will harm you. Everyone loves you.”

Wendy cried even louder.

Kate walked up to her and gently rubbed her head.

She looked at Patriarch Gale with an uneasy expression, “Patriarch Gale, our Wendy really suffered a
lot here.”

“What’s wrong? Mrs. Winston, are people here disrespectful to you?”

Charles and Kate weren’t Wendy’s biological parents. They adopted her.

However, they raised Wendy up.

Thus, Patriarch Gale showed them a lot of respect.

He was also very afraid that the couple would insist on bringing Wendy back.

“Mrs. Winston, if someone didn’t treat you well, I apologize for them. Mrs. Winston, please forgive us.”

The dignified Patriarch Gale was actually so respectful to these nobodies. It was outrageous!

Most of the people here from the Gale family immediately looked unhappy.

Patriarch Gale had two daughters. Both of them were outstanding characters in the family and held
very important positions in the Gale Group.

Now, the old man was obedient to Kate.

Then, do they also need to cater to that woman like he did?

They had long been accustomed to being superior, how could they endure such grievances?

The older daughter, Lottie, said with an indifferent expression, “Dad, we are the only members in the
family. Isn’t it too much to say that someone in our family wants to harm her?”

The younger daughter Sasha was also unpleased.

“Dad, before Wendy came back, we had such a good time.”

“Now, she actually suspects that someone in this family wants to harm her. What is she trying to do?”

“Grandpa, are the aunts saying that I want to sow discord and break this family?”

Wendy’s tears dropped again.

She had a wound on her arm. But she pushed the old man away and wanted to get off the bed.

“I really can’t stay in this family anymore. No one really cares about me other than my foster parents!”

The old man hurriedly stopped her. She was seriously injured and there were blood on the bandage on
her arm!

“Wendy, they didn’t mean that. The aunts just wanted to tell you that they would never harm you.”

“But Grandpa, you saw it too. The aunts look down on me.”

Right now, Wendy was not afraid of having conflict with Lottie and Sasha at all.

It was the truth that they didn’t respect her.

Ever since she entered the house, they had been mean to her.

Although they were the daughters of Patriarch Gale, their sons’ surnames were originally not Gale.

They brought their husbands and sons into the Gale family, yet they still dared to be arrogant in front of
her, the real Miss Gale.

How could she not be angry?

“Grandpa, I’m not happy here at all. I want to go back to Bentson City. I don’t want to stay here

“Wendy, this … How can this be? You’re my biological granddaughter! You should stay with me!”

The old man was so frightened that he hurriedly turned to Milo for help.

Milo hurriedly said, “Wendy, there is some misunderstanding. Lottie and Sasha both like you. They are
your biological aunts!”

Something flashed through Kate’s eyes. She also held Wendy’s hand and softened her voice.

“Wendy, Patriarch Gale is your own Grandpa. You are the only orthodox Miss in this family. No one in
this family dares to bully you.”

“Don’t worry. Patriarch Gale won’t let anything happen to you here.”