Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 386: Emily, It’s Really You

Should I go back to him?

Even if Hunter didn’t say the name, Emily knew whom he was talking about.

She looked down at the side of his face.

Hunter still closed his eyes, not even lifting his eyelids.

Emily was not hesitating, nor was she thinking about how to answer the question. Instead, she was in a

How long had it been since they talked like this?

In the past month, every time they stayed together, they were having sex like beasts.

And they never talked during sex.

She did not say anything, and Hunter remained silent.

Emily didn’t know if he was waiting for her reply or if he was asleep.

After a long time, she said indifferently, “He won’t want me now.”

“What if he still wants you?” This question was going too far.

Emily was still with Hunter now. Should she tell the truth or just lie to him?

However, she was not troubled and did not want to lie to him.

“I’ll live by myself.”

Whether he was satisfied or not, this answer was true.

Unexpectedly, Hunter nodded and said, “Good.”

This man!

Hunter went silent again.

It was quiet, and there was a sense of peace in the room.

Hunter was about to fall asleep. He had a heavy breathing, and he also snored slightly.

He would only snore when he was tired.

So, he was really tired lately.

After confirming that he was asleep, Emily carefully tried to put his head back on the pillow.

However, he was awakened by his nightmare halfway.

He flipped over and hugged her tightly, with his head going towards her soft belly.

“Don’t leave me!”

Emily did not say anything, nor did she dare to move.

But soon, Hunter fell asleep again and continued to snore.

It was rare for him to sleep so soundly.

Emily decided to ignore his words in dream.

She didn’t want to think too much. It would only get her in despair at last.

The next morning, when Hunter woke up, he was still lying on Emily’s lap.

The moment he moved, Emily was woken up by him.

After the head that had rested on her leg all night was removed, she could not react.

The sourness in her legs made her frown and snort softly.

“What are you doing here?” Hunter sat up and stared at Emily coldly.

One night later, Hunter was still the old Hunter. He just looked at her coldly.

“I didn’t do anything.” Emily almost rolled her eyes at him.

Did he drink too much last night and forget about everything? Or did he say that on purpose?

Forget it. It was useless to argue with Hunter.

Emily climbed down from the bed.

However, her legs were too numb. Just as her feet touched the ground, she lost her balance and fell.

As for Hunter, who was standing at the side, he just watched her fall and didn’t even have the intention
to help her.

He didn’t even think about who had caused her legs to go so numb.

He was so ungrateful!

Emily struggled to get up and turned to walk towards the door.

Hunter’s room was indeed not somewhere an ordinary person like her could stay.

Just as she reached the door, she heard Hunter’s deep voice behind her, “When will you finish your

“I’ve got two today, and three tomorrow.”

“If you have anything else you need to do after the exams, get it done as soon as possible. I need you
to go to City L with me on Saturday.”

Emily was surprised and turned to look at him, “City L?”

She suddenly thought of that old man’s gentle face.

She hadn’t seen Grandpa Gale for more than a month. She wondered how he was now.

By the way, it had been more than a month since Wendy had lived in the Gale’s.

Emily nodded to Hunter. When she was about to leave, she couldn’t help but ask, “What are you doing
in City L?”

“Do you think that you have the right to ask?” Hunter raised his eyebrows and looked impatient.

His little tenderness at last night had disappeared.

Emily snorted and opened the door.

She just couldn’t have any fantasies about him.

After all, fantasies would only lead to despair.

That was fine. She would not ask again. What was the big deal?

Just as she was about to walk out of the room, she heard his voice again. It was so low that women
loved and hated it.

“The Gales have found their only granddaughter. They are hosting a dinner this Saturday to announce

A granddaughter of the Gale family … Wendy …

Emily’s fingertips trembled and she was shocked on the spot.

“You’re not leaving?” Hunter was urging her to get out.

This time, Emily did not get angry at all. She just didn’t have the energy to be angry.

She walked back to her room slowly with a blank mind.

About the granddaughter of the Gale family … Because of Hunter, she just put this matter aside.

She was going to wait until the end of the three months to figure out what had happened back then.

However, she didn’t realize that others would go far away if she did not make a move.

The Gale family in City L … Wendy … Kate … Sally …

All those things that seemed not related to each other suddenly jumped out in her mind.

She was in a mess.

After Emily returned to her room and closed the door, Liam walked over from afar. He knocked on
Hunter’s door and entered.

“Mr.Hunter, here is the information you want.”

He put a document on the table with a gloomy face.

“When Matriarch had an accident back then, the man in that photo was really Calvin.”

Emily had nothing to do.

After finishing the last exam on Wednesday, she went to the hospital to see Sally.

As for the company, it was still the same.

They always had video meetings and communicated with each other on the Internet.

So this Thursday, Emily and Hunter arrived in City L ahead of schedule.

Hunter and Joseph seemed to have some business to discuss. As soon as they arrived in City L,
Joseph invited Hunter over.

Hunter did not restrict Emily’s freedom of movement. He just left leaving Ewan to her.

In fact, it was surveillance.

That afternoon, Emily went out of the hotel and walked around the surrounding commercial streets.

Ewan had been following behind her all this time, and there was no communication between them. He
hadn’t said a word to her all the afternoon.

Emily knew that Ewan hated her very much because of Wendy.

This man must like Wendy.

However, it wasn’t surprising.

Wendy knew how to win a man’s heart. Many men liked her.

When she was tired of walking, Emily sat down on a stone stool by the street.

Holding the hot milk tea she just bought, she sipped it casually.

On the street not far away, a low-key luxury car stopped by the side of the road.

“Look, is that Emily? I didn’t have the wrong person, did I? Milo, look!”

Sawyer was so anxious that he pushed open the car door. Without waiting for Milo’s reply, he walked
over quickly.

Milo hurriedly got off the car and chased after him.

“Old Master, wait for me. Don’t run too fast. Be careful of falling!”

“Back off! You’re the old man who would fall. I’m strong!”

Sawyer went straight to Emily like he was flying over. Then he grabbed her shoulder.

“Emily! It’s really you! My God! Why are you here?”