Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 385: Are You Going Back to Him

After saying “I’m tired”, Hunter leaned against the sofa and closed his eyes again.

But Emily’s heart was trembling.

It had been a long, long time since she had seen Hunter reveal such a tired state in front of her.

He was like a god. Especially during these two months, he was completely an unattainable god on the

No one could get close to him, and he did not allow anyone to do so.

He was cold, arrogant, and condescending.

But now, he said softly to her that he was tired.

He used to pull every string he had to keep her by his side and tortured her in all sorts of ways.

Only one sentence, “I’m tired”, made her shocked and sad!

She subconsciously put down the hand on the door.

However, after hesitating for a while, she pushed open the door and left.

The moment the door was closed, Hunter slowly opened his eyes.

He looked disappointed and lonely through his dark eyes.

Emily still loved Henry.

He had no other choice but to use the strongest and coldest method to keep her beside him.

What would she do if she was free?

She would immediately go back to Henry without hesitation.

Hunter smiled lightly and sat on the sofa for a long time. Finally, he picked up the wine cup that Emily
had just placed on the table.

His stomach was full of alcohol. He did drink quite a lot tonight.

However, there was no companion for him other than wine now.

Just as Hunter was about to drink the wine, he heard footsteps coming from outside.

The door was pushed open and the slender figure walked in.

It was Emily who silently walked over with a cup of hot tea.

Looking at the tea in her hand, Hunter held the wine cup tighter.

Didn’t she leave him and go back to her room just now?

“Didn’t you drink a lot tonight?”

Emily took away the wine cup from his hand and put it aside before giving him the tea cup.

“Drink some tea. It will warm your stomach so that you won’t be so uncomfortable.”

Hunter didn’t know how long it had been since he was taken such care of.

Looking at the cup of hot tea, he did not take it immediately.

He just watched it quietly and felt a little bitter.

Perhaps, Emily could understand what he was thinking about.

Just now, before she left, his words made her upset.

Did Hunter think that everyone approached him for the forces behind him?

Even his family, all his relatives, all his good friends did so?

And those people were all secretly plotting against him?

During the two months he took over the Jackson Group, he must feel too much pressure and face too
many conspiracies.

“I didn’t mean to flatter you.”

Emily held Hunter’s hand and put the teacup in his hand.

However, he still didn’t want to drink it. Just as she was about to withdraw her hand, he gently held her
hand and said, “Feed me.”

Emily sighed.

She took the cup back, then put it close to his lips, and began to feed him.

The tea was warm and bitter with traces of sweetness afterwards.

Hunter narrowed his eyes. It seemed that he enjoyed the feeling of his stomach being warmed up.

This man had been cold for too long.

Not only was he cold to others, he was also cold to himself.

After drinking a cup of tea, Hunter stood up and walked towards the big bed in the room.

Emily was suddenly at a loss.

He said he didn’t want her tonight.

“Looks like I haven’t left a good impression to you for the whole time.”

Hunter sat by the bed and lay down. Then he rolled over and lay sprawled across the bed.

“Come and sleep with me.”

Emily didn’t know what he wanted to do. But she was cautious.

She walked to the bed and sat down, looking at him.

Hunter, however, turned his face away and did not look back at her.

It was said that men who liked to sleep on their stomachs were very cautious.

However, she could feel that at this moment, this man trusted her.

Now Emily understood what Hunter meant by “sleep with me”.

Just lying down with him.

However, she did not lie down. Instead, she sat down beside him.

Hunter turned around. This time, he raised his head and rested on her leg.

The moment he slept on her soft legs, both of them were touched.

There was a feeling of laziness as if he returned home and slept on his wife’s lap.

He was relaxed and felt at ease in the most comfortable position.

“You have to let me sit beside the headboard. I’m uncomfortable without any support.”

Emily looked at the perfect profile of the man and whispered.

But he didn’t react at all.

Hunter didn’t care about Emily when he became willful.

Because he knew that she would find a way to deal with it.

Emily breathed out, hugged his head, and gently moved her body.

Finally, she managed to lean against the headboard. Then she let him rest on her legs again.

The three-meter-wide bed was enough for Hunter even if he slept that way.

During the process of moving, the man did not snort or react at all, as if he was very docile and

It had been a long time since Emily felt that on him.

So, she just felt warm and bitter now.

Then she began to give a gentle massage to his temples.

There were some words that she shouldn’t have said. But for some reason, she couldn’t help but speak

“Actually, there are many people who really care about you. However, you are too big for them to

It was not because he was too powerful to get along with. It was just that rare people could empathize
with him.

If he could be more easy-going and look back, he might be able to see a different possibility.

Hunter did not say anything. But he breathed faster.

However, it just lasted for a short while. Then he regained his calm breathing.

This man always liked to hide his heart. No one would be able to see through him for his whole life.

Perhaps she had a chance to know him.

But those were the past.

Once Hunter hid away his feelings, it was almost impossible for others to break him open again.

Moreover, she no longer had a key.

Even if the door to his feelings was opened one day, the person who took the key would not be her.

Emily restrained her thoughts and kept on rubbing his temples.

His breathing turned calm again.

When he closed his eyes, his long and dense eyelashes casted a fan-shaped shadow. It was so
beautiful and charming.

Even women were jealous of his eyelashes.

It was not easy for her to look away.

Just as she was about to cover him with a blanket, she heard his deep voice, “There’s about a month

About a month?

For a moment, she couldn’t react.

However, Hunter said indifferently, “After it’s over, do you want to go back to

For a moment, she couldn't react.

However, Hunter said indifferently, “After it’s over, do you want to go back to