Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 376 Who Else Could It Be Except Me

Something happened to Emily.

They also could not find Sarah and she disappeared.

The car she drove out was dumped by the sea.

It was said that Sarah drove away a speedboat from their own dock.

However, there was no surveillance at sea. Sarah also destroyed the positioning system of the
speedboat. Now, they had no idea where the speedboat had gone.

“What’s going on? My mother took Emily away?”

Manson immediately rushed over after receiving the news. When he arrived at the dock, Hunter had
already been in the monitoring room, waiting for the technician recovering the data.

Sarah did not destroy the system on the speedboat as soon as she boarded the speedboat. She
destroyed it when they went to the surface of the sea.

However, obviously, Sarah was not very familiar with the system.

It was estimated that Sarah also used a violent method to destroy the hardware of the system.

Each of their Jackson family’s speedboats had its own computer system, which was relatively

This system could help sailors analyze their surroundings. Of course, it also had the functions of
navigation, communicating with people on shore and forecasting the weather.

The function of accurate positioning was also integrated into this system.

If Sarah hadn’t destroyed the main computer on the speedboat, they could have locked the
speedboat’s location right now.

But now, the final location information was on the surface of the sea.

After that, no one knew where they went.

“Not ready yet?” Hunter kicked the chair.

Such a sturdy chair actually cracked in the middle!

The strength of Hunter’s kick was simply unimaginable!

If they were kicked by Hunter like this, they would be seriously injured at least!

The technicians in the surveillance room were all trembling with fear, not even daring to breathe.

The team leader wiped his sweat and said in a hurry, “The main computer on the speedboat can’t be
connected. Right now, we can only rely on our positioning system to estimate where the speedboat is
most likely to go.”

“In other words, even if there is a result, it is only a guess?”

Hunter’s face sank, causing the group leader’s legs to be weak from fear!

“Mr. Hunter, we can’t connect to the main computer. We can’t repair it remotely!”

Now, the hardware might have been completely destroyed.

“Mr. Hunter, don’t worry. Although it’s just a guess, the accuracy is very high.”

Hunter remained silent, and his face was ghastly pale.

The group leader didn’t dare to say anything else. He hurried to instruct everyone to continue to
process the data and quickly analyze the results.

Mr. Hunter became more and more irritable, and he was almost about to lose his temper.

If they continued to delay like this, he might really kill people!

Everyone knew that the situation was serious, and no one dared to relax.

Seeing that Hunter ignored him, Manson quickly walked over to Liam.

“What’s going on? Are they going out together, or …”

“Mrs. Sarah brought Miss Emily to the back room where Matriarch Jackson had lived before her death.
Then, we found blood in the hall of the back room.”

Manson panicked, and his expression turned extremely ugly.

“Blood?” God! What did his mother do to Emily?

“My mother won’t hurt anyone! Hunter, she has been in the Jackson family for so many years. Even if
you don’t understand her personality, you should know that she doesn’t dare to do this!”

Hunter was anxious now. How could he have the mood to talk to Manson?

Even if Emily was just a tool for warming the bed, she was still at least the tool he needed. If something
happened to her at this time …

Hunter clenched his fists and was even colder.

Manson looked at Liam. Liam was also willing to help but unable to do anything.

Since there was blood, it meant there was a dispute.

The last one that appeared on the Jackson family’s surveillance screen was Sarah, who looked well.

In other words, the blood was Emily’s.

The truth was that Sarah had taken the injured Emily away!

“There is a result!”

The group leader’s words attracted their attention.

He looked at Hunter, and his forehead covered in cold sweat.

“Mr. Hunter, the place they are most likely to go to is Rainbow Island in Mr. Hunter’s name, followed by
Sunglow Island in Mr. Manson’s name.”

“It must be Sunglow Island.” Manson stepped forward and looked at Hunter.

“Last time we went to Rainbow Island, my mother was frightened by the snakes in the wild forest. It
was a unique snake on Rainbow Island. She said that she would never go to Rainbow Island again.”

Without saying a word, Hunter turned around and walked out of the monitoring room.

Liam walked behind him and took out the phone to give instructions.

“… Your team, go to Rainbow Island to find them … Yes, Mr. Hunter and I will bring a few people to
Sunglow Island.”

Emily woke up from a headache.

Her head hurt so much, as if it was about to explode.

Pain! It was so painful that she couldn’t even lift her eyelids.

Emily tried hard to open her eyes.

In her hazy sight, a person was sitting not far away. She seemed to be holding a pen and paper. Emily
did not know what that person was writing.

Her back looked desolate.

Emily didn’t know why she could feel desperate as she saw Sarah at this moment.

It wasn’t that Emily felt desperate, but that she could feel that Sarah was desperate.


Emily casually moved and found that her hands were tied behind her back.

Probably because her hands had been tied tightly for a long time, the skin of her wrist was worn by the
rough rope.

Now, she felt very painful as she moved!

“You’re awake?”

Sarah turned around and looked at her. This time, there was no hatred or reproach in her eyes.

It was a very calm gaze. But because of this calmness, she looked more desperate.

“What are you doing?” Emily struggled and finally sat up.

Behind her was a stone wall. They were in a cave!

Sarah tied her hands and feet and brought her to such a place. What exactly did she want?

“I can’t live.” Sarah smiled bleakly and helplessly.

“Emily, you’ve blocked my last path.”

“Did you kill Matriarch Jackson?”

Why did she do this for no reason?

The only possibility was that she was the murderer!

But why? She could not feel that Sarah had any killing intent towards Matriarch Jackson!

Sarah smiled again. She no longer looked at her, holding the pen and continued to write something on
the paper.

“Don’t you know everything? If I didn’t kill her, who else could it be?”

“Why did you kill her!”

Emily roared out these words!

She was so excited that her entire body was trembling. Even her lips were trembling!

“Why did you kill her? Why? She was so kind. How did she offend you? Why did you kill her?”

Why? Why Sarah!

She had once suspected her. But she still did not think that Sarah had the motive to kill Matriarch

Why? Why did she do that?

Emily wanted to pounce, but her hands and feet were all tied.

She threw herself forward but fell to the ground with a thud.

However, she did not give up and glared at Sarah fiercely.

“Tell me why! Why did you kill Grandma? Why?”