Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 370 Who Will Be Killed Next Time

The old butler was scared to death by Emily’s words.

This girl actually directly told Patriarch that the old lady’s death was man-made, and the murderer was
in the Jackson Group.

Was she too bold?

Or was she a lunatic?

The old butler felt that she was the latter.

“Miss Emily …”

“Grandpa, if she really has evidence, then this lake might as well be dug up again to check.”

Porter walked over to Patriarch.

He stopped messing around, and his expression became serious.

“When it happened, everyone had their doubts. At that time, only Emily was there.”

“If it was an accident, it would be good for both the Jackson Group and the Jackson family. But what if it

Patriarch stared at him with a gloomy looking.

Porter subconsciously felt scared, but he still met his gaze.

“If the murderer is really hiding in the Jackson family, then who knows who will be kill next time?”

“Mr. Porter, you can’t say that nonsense.”

The old butler glared at him, giving him a hint.

Why did he go crazy like Emily?

Didn’t he notice that Patriarch was on the verge of rage?

He said carefully, “The matriarch is kind. No one in the Jackson family hates her.”

“She lives in seclusion. It is impossible to make enemies. Who would intentionally kill such a nice

What the old butler said was actually correct.

With Matriarch’s personality, it was impossible for her to make enemies.

There should be a motive for a murder. If there was no motive, then a murder could not exist.

“Then what if the matriarch found out some secrets and the murder wanted to guard them?”

Although Emily’s voice wasn’t loud, it was resolute.

The wind blew on her, and she looked weak.

She used to be thin, but now she was thinner, as if she would collapse in a single breeze.

However, she was calmer than anyone else!

Her words seemed to be more convincing because of her solemnity.

“Patriarch, if you conceal this matter just for the sake of the Jackson Group, then you will become an
accomplice to the murder!”

“As far as I know, the matriarch did a big favor for the Jackson family. You have always respected her
for so many years because you feel guilty!”

“Shut up!”

“Patriarch, the matriarch has helped the Jackson family a lot, so please give her justice!”

“What nonsense!” Patriarch suddenly turned around and walked away.

“Patriarch …”

“Miss Emily, there are some things that aren’t as simple as you think!”

The old butler stood in front of Emily and said in a deep voice, “The matriarch’s death has been a
heavy blow to Patriarch. They have been together for so many years, and their relationship has been
beyond description.”

The old butler sighed, “Miss Emily, you were the prime suspect in the accident. Now, if you continue the
investigation, it’s not good for you. Please think about it carefully.”

The old butler had a deep look at her again and hurried to catch up with Patriarch.

Emily followed them and shouted, “Patriarch, even if you don’t agree, I won’t let it go!”

However, they had already gone far away, and completely ignored her.

Emily stood in the wind, expressionless as she looked at their backs.

After a while, a soft cough sounded from behind her. “Hey …”

Emily was shocked. She didn’t expect that Porter was still here.

She turned around and wanted to say something, but finally kept silent.

“Do you know that if what you said was true, then our Jackson family would definitely suffered a lot?”

Emily didn’t say anything. She had thought about it.

However, her grandma’s death was unclear. Should she cover the truth forever for the sake of the
Jackson Group?

“Leave the murderer in this house. Aren’t you afraid that there will be another victim?”

Porter shrugged and smiled, “In fact, this is just your speculation.”

“What if it’s true?” Emily glared at him.

Porter looked down at her.

She was even more persistent than he had imagined.

Porter didn’t say anything and just looked in the direction of the WongRiver Pavilion.

After a while, he said, “Has Hunter gone out today? I’ll take you back.”

However, Emily still stared at the filled lake, clenching her fists.

“I neither object nor support you, but you’d better discuss it with Hunter first.”

Talk to Hunter … Would Hunter listen to her?

“You are a member of the Jackson Group. You should be very clear about what happened back then.”

She looked at Porter, not sure if he would give her a definite answer.

“After the accident, I was locked up by Patriarch. I don’t know what happened.”

By the time she woke up, she had already been sent away.

She didn’t know at all what happened in the Jackson family.

“Was the matriarch’s wheelchair buried at the bottom of the lake now?”

Porter did not answer this question. He just looked at the filled lake with her.

Except Patriarch, no one knew whether the wheelchair was still inside or not.

Perhaps it had been sent away long ago, or as she thought, it was buried at the bottom of the lake.

The soil was clearly turned.

However, grass and trees had been green and lush in just over a month.

New lives were thriving.

If there really were any secrets at the bottom of the lake, it seemed that they would be covered forever.

“I’m afraid it’s impossible to dig this lake again.”

Porter looked at Emily, who was sitting on the meadow. Her dim gaze was fixed on the flowers and

Porter didn’t know how to comfort her.

After thinking for a while, he said, “Actually, the butler is right. With Grandma’s personality, it is
impossible for her to make enemies.”

“So, why do you believe that she was murdered? How can you support your view? Everyone thinks that
it’s your imaging things.”

Emily remained silent, only looking ahead.

Porter felt that he could no longer stay with her,

She was young, and at most eighteen or nineteen years old.

However, she was as tacit as an old woman now.

“I still have something to do, so I’ll go now.”

He stood behind Emily and looked down at her.

“If you can figure it out for yourself, then go back to the WongRiver Pavilion soon. Stop thinking

She still kept silent.

Porter cast a glance at her and left.

Emily did not know how long she had been sitting on the meadow.

The midday sun had set and darkness fell across the whole land.

An astonished voice sounded, “Emily, why are you here?”