Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 366 Go Home Now

“Yes!” Liam immediately called Peter.

“Don’t worry, Peter is a famous doctor. He can treat Miss Gale,” he said to Sawyer.

Sawyer nodded and supported Wendy.

Seeing that Wendy’s face was covered in sweat, she thought that she was suffering from stomach pain,
and immediately felt sorry about her.

“It’s fine. The doctor will be here soon. Don’t be afraid!”

He looked at Joseph and said, “Help her to rest on the sofa.”

Joseph was slow to respond. In fact, he had a strange feeling.

Just now, she was fine. Why did she suddenly become so strange?

However, Wendy was his cousin.

Now that she was in such pain. And the sweat on her face seemed to show that she was really in pain.

Joseph immediately stood up and supported Wendy.

“Don’t panic. Let’s go to the sofa to rest first. The doctor will arrive soon.”

How could Wendy not panic?

Peter’s medical skills were so good. When he came over and casually drew some blood for
examination, he would know that she was not poisoned.

What should she do? What else could she do now?

With Joseph’s help, Wendy stood up and slowly walked towards the sofa in the parlor.

After walking for more than ten steps, she suddenly trembled and grabbed Sawyer’s wrist.

“Grandpa, grandpa, I... I want to leave this place! Someone is trying to hurt me here! I want to leave. I
want to leave immediately!”

“Miss Gale, why would someone want to hurt you here?” Liam disliked this woman the most.

Although her face was now covered in sweat, Liam subconsciously felt that this woman was acting

As for why she had to act, Liam still hadn’t figured it out.

Anyway, he thought that she was acting.

Could it be that she wanted to do harm to Emily again?

“Miss Emily, don’t go over there. It’s best for you not to touch her.”

Liam pulled Emily behind him and reminded her.

Emily smiled at him and nodded, “Don’t worry. I won’t give her any chance to slander me.”

Emily had already suffered a loss once. Didn’t she know how to protect herself?

However, the current Emily was not thinking about slandering.

Wendy was still making trouble and insisted on leaving.

Hunter was indifferent, “Since you don’t want Peter to check, then you can go to the hospital.”

He said, “Ewan, prepare the car.”


Outside the door, Ewan immediately ordered someone to prepare the car.

Hunter looked at Sawyer expressionlessly.

“Patriarch Gale probably misunderstood just now. I have no unusual relationship with Wendy.”

Hunter could be seen as an extremely slick person in the business world.

He could also understand what Sawyer had said just now.

“I promised a deceased elder to take good care of Wendy. That’s why I let Wendy stay here.”

“As for other things, I’m sorry to make Patriarch Gale think too much. Wendy is not my girlfriend, and
we won’t have such a relationship in the future.”

Wendy’s heart ached.

Hunter was actually able to say such words coldly!

They have lived together for more than two months.

Who didn’t know that she was Young Master Hunter’s woman?

If she wasn’t his girlfriend, why would they live together?

Hunter’s words were too excessive!

Was he angry because her current performance?

“Hunter, I’m sorry. I... I’ll explain it to you.”

She still believed that Hunter would say such words only because he was angry.

“Grandpa, I’m really uncomfortable. Take me to the hospital first.”

Sawyer looked at Hunter whose gaze was calm. There were no waves in his eyes.

Joseph also looked at him.

They were all men, so he naturally knew clearly.

Hunter’s words were true. He did not like Wendy at all.

Originally, they thought that the Gale family and the Jackson family would be connected by marriage,
which was beneficial for both families.

But now, it seemed that there was no chance.

Hunter had no interest in Wendy at all.

“Grandpa, get in the car first,” Joseph reminded.

Sawyer was also a little disappointed. He really liked this young man.

Joseph opened the door of the car. Sawyer and Wendy got in the car together.

Just as Joseph was about to head to the front, Emily suddenly chased after him and whispered
something to him.

Joseph nodded.

Emily said something again. Joseph still nodded. After that, he got in the car.

The car blocked out so much noise. Wendy could clearly see them talking, but she didn’t hear a single

After Joseph got in the car, the driver immediately drove the car away.

Ewan also drove another car and followed them personally.

Just as the car drove out of WongRiver Pavilion, Wendy couldn’t help but ask, “Cousin, what did Emily
tell you just now?”

She was very uneasy! Very uneasy!

Although in such a short period of time, Emily could not say too many things.

However, she was just uneasy.

“Nothing. She just said that you have a bad temper. Let me take care of you.” Joseph laughed.

“Really … nothing else?” Wendy stared at his side face, paying close attention to his expression.

“What else?”

Joseph was a little surprised when he heard her calm tone. He turned around and looked at her.

“Your stomach doesn’t hurt anymore?”

Sawyer also stared at Wendy’s sweaty face and asked in surprise, “Wendy, does it still hurt now?”


Wendy covered her stomach. Although she heaved a sigh of relief, she was still a little uneasy.

“Grandpa, I... I want to go back to City L. Grandpa, let’s go back now.”

“Why do you want to leave again?”

Sawyer was a little confused. Previously, he said that he wanted to go back, but this girl was unwilling
and said that she wanted to stay for another two days.

Now, why did she change her mind?

“Grandpa, I just want to go back. Let’s go back now, okay?”

“You have to go to the hospital first.” Sawyer was worried about her.

“No … No need. We just go back now! I’ll be fine when I get home!”

Wendy grabbed his arm and said, “Grandpa, let’s go home now, okay?”

It wouldn’t be difficult for Sawyer to go back.

The reason why he came to Bentson City was to bring his granddaughter home.

But now … a small face and a slender figure would always flash through his mind.

That little girl, Emily.

Wendy suddenly said that they went home now. Why did he feel like his heart was being torn apart?

He also wanted to see that little girl. Even if he went back home now, he had to at least make an
appointment with her and let her go to City L to find him.

It was not that she would go whenever she was free, but that she must go there.

If he didn’t talk to Emily, he was reluctant to leave.

“Grandpa, what exactly happened to you? Don’t tell me that you came here just to bring me back?”

The more Sawyer refused to agree with her, the more uneasy Wendy became.

What exactly was he thinking? It was too strange!

“Grandpa …”


Sawyer looked helpless and looked at Joseph in the front. He said, “Then, let’s go back to City