Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 361 Impossible

This time, Emily was frightened by herself.

Hunter was right in front of her, yet she actually dared to lie on his bed.

Emily hurriedly wanted to get up, but her wrists were pressed down by his hands.

Hunter bent down and pressed her wrists on both sides.

He narrowed his eyes and stared at her frightened little face, “Did you do it on purpose again?”

“Young Master Hunter, how can a smart person like you not be able to tell that I really want to leave
your room right now?”

She had been tormented for nearly two hours. She did it on purpose, unless she wanted to die!

“I said you did it on purpose. You did it!”

Hunter announced forcefully, his sharp eyes staring at her like eagles.

“You’ve invited me so enthusiastically. If I don’t satisfy you, it doesn’t make sense.”

“I’m not! Young Master Hunter … oh!”

She was flipped over by him …

Emily fell asleep.

This time, even if Hunter kicked her out of bed, she wouldn’t have the strength to get up and leave his

Even if she was kicked down, she had to sleep well first.

She was so tired that her body was completely not her own.

However, Hunter was not sleepy at all.

He didn’t know whether he was torturing her or himself when he brought this girl back.

It was only twice. Why was she so tired?

She breathed evenly; otherwise he would have thought that he had knocked her out.

Looking at her sleeping face, Hunter was a little irritated.

He wanted to get up and smoke a cigarette, but Emily was sleeping in his arms.

If he moved, he might wake her up.

But why was he afraid of waking her up?

Wasn’t it good to ask her to scram back to her room when she woke up?

He wanted to pull his arm out again, but just as he moved, Emily followed him.

Hunter was nervous and he immediately calmed himself down.

In her sleep, Emily seemed to have found a comfortable position again and rubbed against his arms.

After that, she became quiet.

She was really tired, otherwise, she wouldn’t have let herself sleep peacefully in his arms.

She was so afraid of him. Anyone could tell this.

Her soft body was tightly pressed against his body, and the delicate touch made his breathing start to
be in disorder again.

At the beginning, he was fine. But then, it was a complete mess!

His hand landed on her shoulder, wanting to push her down and continue to do what he liked.

However, she slept so peacefully …

Hunter thought that he was crazy. He actually cared if this woman was too tired and could sleep well.

Did he forget how she and other man hurt him back then?

However, he tried several times to force himself to do whatever he wanted to her.

But in the end, he was still a little soft-hearted.

Probably it was because he was tired tonight.

He found an excuse for himself and gently lay down beside Emily.

He pulled on the quilt and covered it on her body. His movements weren’t very gentle, but he was
definitely not as rude as he had shown.

His long arm was wrapped around her waist. Although he still wanted to do something to her, he forced
himself to close his eyes.

He was just a little tired, not because he was reluctant to tease her again.

She was the woman who had betrayed him. What was there to be reluctant to treat her like that?



Emily actually spent the night in Young Master Hunter’s room!

That night, Wendy didn’t sleep well at all.

She had been out countless times throughout the night, and every time, the door to Hunter’s room was

The most unbearable thing was that she had been eavesdropping by the door several times, and all
she heard was that slut’s shameless scream!

She did not believe it, nor did she want to believe it.

Young Master Hunter hated women so much. How could he really have sex with that bitch?

However, reality had slapped her several times!

Not only did Hunter do that with that bitch, he also did that with her for almost the entire night!

In the end, she couldn’t listen any longer and fled from the door.

When she knew where Emily’s room was, she went straight to her room and waited.

However, she didn’t wait for her until dawn the next day!

They really stayed together all night!

When Emily woke up, she was the only one in Young Master Hunter’s room.

The room had already been cleaned up, and there was a clean set of clothes stacked on the bedside

Of course, it couldn’t be Hunter. She just didn’t expect that she would actually fall asleep so soundly.

Even the maid had already come in to clean up, but she did not notice.

After all, she was young and recovered quickly. After sleeping for a while, her strength returned.

She changed her clothes and went back to her room.

As soon as he entered, she saw another figure in the room.

The woman was sitting on a chair, staring at her coldly and hatefully.

“What are you doing in my room? Do you want to see if I will be kicked out by Young Master Hunter?”

Emily sneered. She was not complacent but disdainful.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

Ignoring Wendy, who was staring at her covetously, she turned around and walked into the bathroom to
wash up.

“Bitch! Do you still have face? You’re already with another man. Now, you’re with Hunter again. Are you
so cheap?”

Wendy chased after her to the bathroom door and stared fixedly at her back.

This damn girl’s neck and collarbone were all traces left behind by a man.

They were so obvious that she couldn’t pretend not to see them!

“What? Now Young Master Hunter wants to be with me and doesn’t want you. Are you angry?”

Emily only cared about her own affairs and didn’t even look at Wendy.

“You ... “Wendy clenched her fists tightly and almost couldn’t help to wave her hand to Emily!

“Who said that Young Master Hunter didn’t want me? He’s just quarreling with me and using you to
provoke me!”

“Is that so?” Emily didn’t believe it at all.

Let alone the relationship between Hunter and Wendy, even if they were already together, it would be
impossible for Young Master Hunter to do such a boring thing as he used one woman to provoke

Emily just did her own things, such as washing face and combing hair. She was very casual.

Wendy wanted to tear apart that face that pretended to be pure!

She was simmer with rage and suddenly curled her lips, “Oh, you and Young Master Hunter are here
all over each other. But I wonder if your friend called Sally is dead now.”

Emily instantly clenched her fists.

Wendy smiled faintly and did not miss the haze that flashed in her eyes.

It was good that Emily was angry. Wendy couldn’t let herself feel aggrieved all the time.

If Emily dared to come here to look for Young Master Hunter, she should have the courage to face the

“Falling from such a high place, she definitely won’t be able to live. Even if she doesn’t die now, she’ll
still be in a vegetative state in the future.”

“Bitch, I’m really feeling worthless for your friend! She has neither grievances nor rancour against us.
And we don’t want to harm her.”

“But, she’s your friend! As long as she’s your friend, I want to kill her. What do you think I should do?”

Wendy stared at Emily’s slightly scarlet eyes and smiled arrogantly.

Emily had better lose control again and hurt her!

This time, as soon as she made a move, she would immediately call the police herself.

She wanted to accuse Emily of intentional murder!

At that time, even Young Master Hunter would not be able to protect her!