Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 359 This Man Is Mine

Maybach stopped outside the parlor of the WongRiver Pavilion.

Liam got out of the car and opened the door for the two people in the back seat.

Hunter’s long legs stepped forward, and his tall figure immediately appeared in front of everyone.

Wendy also elegantly stepped down from the left side of the car.

However, Wendy looked very fragile today. Her arms were still wrapped in gauze, and she walked

It was as if she was so fragile that she could be blown down by a gust of wind at any moment.

“Miss Wendy, is the wound still painful?” Seeing her frown, Ewan was a little worried.

“Yes ... “Wendy glanced at Hunter.

Young Master Hunter, however, had already walked towards the parlor, as if he didn’t care how badly
she was injured.

Wendy was a little unhappy, but today, Young Master Hunter had made an exception to allow her to
rest in his office for a whole day. For Wendy, it could be considered an improvement.

Originally, she planned to return to City L with Patriarch after having dinner with Charles.

But now that she was injured, she wanted to stay by Young Master Hunter’s side for a few more days
and enjoy the feeling of being spoiled.

“Prepare tea for Young Master and Miss Wendy,” Liam said when he entered.

The servant immediately made two cups of tea and brought them over to Hunter and Wendy.

Hunter had the habit of drinking tea in the parlor after returning home.

But tonight, he wanted to go upstairs immediately.

However, he suppressed his impulse to go upstairs and sat on the sofa, casually sipping tea.

Liam wanted to say something. But since Wendy was here, it didn’t seem good to mention this matter.

He didn’t want Emily to suffer any grievances here, but now, it was clear that Young Master was more
willing to stand on Wendy’s side.

Emily was alone and weak in the WongRiver Pavilion.

He hoped that Emily would be able to live a more relaxed life during this period of time.

“Young Master, if there’s nothing else …”

Before Liam could finish his words, he saw a slender figure slowly walking down from the corner of the

She wore a pink nightgown with a low V-neck.

The white neck was sexy and fragile, as if it would break with a pinch. It was so fragile that a man
wished he could hug it in his arms and protect it well.

Her collarbone was faintly visible in the gauze nightgown. The nightgown opened slightly as she
walked, and large areas of skin below her neck could be seen.

Emily … Why was she wearing such a sexy nightgown?

Liam was almost dumbfounded. When realized something, he immediately withdrew his gaze.

He quietly glanced at Hunter. Fortunately, Young Master had lost his mind and hadn’t realized that Liam
was also looking.

“Young Master, I … I’ll go back and rest first.”

Emily was dressed like this. Liam felt that if he didn’t leave quickly, his eyeballs would fall to the ground.

Hunter did not say anything. Liam hurriedly lowered his head and went upstairs.

When he met Emily, he still didn’t even dare to raise his head. He whispered, “Miss Emily, I’ll go up

“Okay.” Emily nodded.

After Liam went upstairs, he immediately called the butler and told him to let all the male maids to leave
the hall quickly, including the butler himself.

Soon, there were only two female maids left in the hall, along with Emily, Hunter, and Wendy.

Wendy was shocked for a few seconds before she suddenly realized something.

She stood up and pointed at Emily, her fingers trembling. “She … Why is she here? What’s going on?”

Wasn’t Emily brought to the police station? And she couldn’t come out for a long time?

Why was she out now?

And why was she still in the WongRiver Pavilion after she came out?

What exactly was going on? This …

Suddenly, her face clouded over. And she quickly walked towards Emily.

“What are you doing here? Who else do you want to do harm to? You want to hurt me again, don’t

Emily looked at her calmly.

Wendy quickly walked up to her and grabbed her hand.

Actually, Wendy had little strength, but she was furious and grabbed Emily’s hand quickly.

Emily’s feet slipped. She almost slipped down the stairs.

She grabbed the wooden handle of the stairs tightly, preventing herself from rolling down.

However, the nightgown on her body was torn off by Wendy.

Suddenly, everyone there saw her thin shoulders, which was indescribably beautiful.

There was also the matching sling nightgown inside. The sling moved, which made her white skin
expose. There were even hickeys on her body!

Wendy was so jealous that she was going crazy. Were these hickeys left behind by Hunter?

She was so angry that she raised her hand and wanted to slap Emily!

However, she immediately retrieved her hand.

She had forgotten that Hunter was still here.

She could not be rude and irritable in front of him.

“I just … wanted to come down and find something to eat.”

Emily looked at her indifferently, then at Hunter, but she quickly withdrew her gaze.

Everyone could tell that she was so afraid of Young Master that she even didn’t want to appear in front
of him.

Wendy was so angry that she stamped her feet. Did Emily show her weakness on purpose?

Young Master Hunter was such a shrewd person. Couldn’t he not tell?

“Stop pretending here. What are you doing here?” Emily should not come here.

She had already been kicked out by Hunter. Why did she still have the face to return?

Emily gently pushed her. In order to show her weakness, Wendy naturally couldn’t hold onto her

However, Emily’s strength was so small that she couldn’t even pretend to be pushed down by Emily!

After all, Hunter was not that fool.

She thought that Emily would arrogantly quarrel with her like before, but she didn’t expect that after
secretly glancing at Hunter, Emily would immediately turn around and go upstairs as if she was

Wendy grabbed her and said, “You can’t leave. Tell me clearly! What are you doing here?”

Emily bit her lip and did not answer. Her indifferent gaze fell on the figure sitting on the sofa in the

“Come here.”

Hunter’s voice sounded even colder as he swept his gaze over her messy nightgown.

The stunning expression had already been completely concealed by him.

“She came here as a maid,” he said expressionlessly.


Wendy looked at Emily. And Emily lowered her head and slowly walked towards Hunter.

Maid? She, Wendy, was the first to not believe it!

Would a maid dress up like this and wander around in front of her master?

This was clearly trying to hook Hunter!

And why didn’t the maid work? Why could she go up to the second floor?

Emily was definitely not here as a maid!

Emily walked over to Hunter and clenched her fists tightly. She was clearly very nervous.

“Young Master Hunter, what can I do for you?”

Hunter looked at her.

Her lips were rosy. Her teeth were white. Her skin was so fair that she was like a baby!

It seemed that water would come out of her fair skin with a single pinch!

This girl was dressed like this in order to hook him up!

He wanted to pretend that he couldn’t see her, but his gaze couldn’t help but lock onto her.

Emily sensed the burning heat in his eyes and subconsciously pulled the gauze nightgown that had
slipped down.

The man’s body tightened. And his throat became dry when Emily retreated slightly to escape!

This girl! She still wanted to escape!

He suddenly stood up!

Before Wendy came to sense, she turned around and saw Hunter carrying Emily on his shoulder and
striding upstairs.

As for Emily, she was as gentle as a lamb on Hunter’s shoulder.

When Hunter went upstairs, Emily suddenly raised her head and looked at Wendy.

She smiled coldly. Her thin lips were slightly open, clearly declaring war on Wendy silently. She seemed
to show that this man was hers!