Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 347 You Are Not Allowed to Call Him Grandpa

Emily? Was it the Emily he knew?

"Your name is... Emily Gale?”

With a surprised look on his face, Patriarch Gale immediately took out his mobile phone and found out
the pictures of Emily that his assistant had retrieved for him.

However, although the girl in the photo was not ugly, she had freckles on her face, which was quite
different from the beautiful girl in front of him.

Were they the same person?

"I am Emily, grandpa, do you know me?"

Emily followed his gaze and looked down.

When she saw the photos on the phone screen, her mood became a little bit complicated, "You..."

Why did this old man have her previous photos?

Patriarch Gale looked at the photos and the girl in front of him, only to realize that she really seemed to
look more and more alike the girl in the photo.

Joseph had already seen it, "Miss Emily , your father's name is Charles Gale, isn't it?"

The girl in the photo was indeed ugly, but the girl in front of him was definitely one of the most beautiful
girls he had ever seen.

There was no trace of cosmetics on such a fair and delicate face, this was her true face.

Why were the pictures taken by the detective so ugly?

Could it be that she happened to take a photo of her returning from a masquerade?

If it weren't because the photo didn't match the person, he would have recognized her the last time they

"Charles was indeed my father." Emily looked at Joseph, with a trace of defense in her eyes.

"Don't panic, we are not malicious. Besides, look at these two guys..."

Joseph looked at his grandpa and Milo, who had a personality similar to his grandfather, and asked
helplessly, "Do they look like bad guys?"

Emily was a little bit dumbfounded. How could a younger generation say this to the elderly’s face?

However, these two elderly people didn't seem to be malicious in any way.

In the distance, Wendy was walking quickly, with a frosty expression, "Grandpa, what's the matter? I'm
not feeling well, let's go back first!"

She glared at Emily, and immediately took Emily to leave.

Patriarch Gale said hurriedly, "Didn't I tell you before that I met a nice little girl after coming to Betson
City? Unexpectedly, it was your sister!"

Patriarch Gale pulled Emily, and Emily subconsciously wanted to withdraw her hand, but she was
grabbed by him.

"Oh! I feel like having two granddaughters at once, I'm so happy!"

Grandfather? Granddaughter?

Emily looked at Wendy and then at the old man.

It was about Wendy, she subconsciously resisted: "Who are you... who? She... called you grandpa?"

"It has nothing to do with you!" Wendy interrupted immediately, not knowing whether it was too hot or it
was because she was nervous, sweating on her forehead.

"Grandpa, she has a bad temper. I'm afraid she will hurt you. Let's go back first!"

"No, Wendy, of course she has a good temper. Grandpa likes her very much."

But, she didn't like her!

Wendy's face was dark, how could this dying old man do that?

But Emily looked at Wendy's anxious appearance, and suddenly got excited.

She also held Old Master Gale’s hand, smiling, "My sister calls you Grandpa, then, I will also call you

She smiled sweetly, looking indescribably cute, "Grandpa!"

Her voice sounded really sweet.

He had been fantasizing about Emily being his granddaughter for a long time before, but he made a
mistake, making him feel like he had lost a granddaughter.

Now, Emily also called him grandfather, as if his granddaughter was back again.

Patriarch was excited, and he nodded repeatedly, "Of course you are also my granddaughter. From
now on, you and Wendy will be my granddaughters!"

"Okay!" Although Emily didn't know why Wendy wanted to please him, she didn't hate this old man.

A bad woman like Wendy must have a purpose in calling him her grandfather, and she didn’t know if
she was trying to deceive him.

She wanted to remind the old man. She didn’t want to see him deceived by Wendy.

"Grandpa, how can you just call someone you don't know your granddaughter?"

Wendy wasn't happy anymore; she definitely couldn't let Emily call him grandpa.

When Emily called him Grandpa, she felt guilty.

Patriarch Gale looked at her with a bit of blame on his face.

"Wendy, how can you say that? She is your sister, and she's my good granddaughter."

If it hadn't been for Emily's family to raise his Wendy, now, he would have no chance to see his
granddaughter return to his side intact.

Emily’s families were all benefactors to him.

What's more, he really liked Emily.

Wendy was being a little too rude.

"Anyway...I just don't like others calling you grandpa!"

Wendy could not find a reason to refute, so she could only pretend to be jealous.

People who watched it all thought that Wendy had made a fuss.

Patriarch Gale and Milo looked at each other, and Milo smiled and said, "My lady, Master, because he
likes you too much, he will..."

They all thought Wendy was jealousy.

Of course, she had been through a lot to find her grandfather, and she didn't want to hear other people
call him grandpa. It was normal for a little girl to have this mentality.

However, no matter what Wendy said, she was already eighteen or nineteen years old, and she was
acting as tempestuous as a little girl.

It seemed... a little bit awkward.

Emily shrugged, she didn't want to continue to be with Wendy and make a scene.

She looked at Patriarch Gale and smiled softly: "My sister is just a careful, Grandpa, be

The discord between the two sisters was nothing new to other people, and Emily was not afraid of
being made fun of.

Wendy blushed immediately and said angrily: "Emily, what do you mean?"

"You can see through a person’s heart after being with him for a long time. I don’t need to explain it to

Emily didn't look at the old man, but looked at Joseph, "This gentleman, please take care of your family
and don't let him be fooled."

She still had things to do, so she didn’t want to waste time on Wendy.

When she was about to leave, Joseph said, "Your sister is a child of the Gale’s family, so she called
him grandpa."

Of course Joseph knew Emily was reminding him.

He still had a good impression of the girl in front of him.

As for Wendy, it was probably because she was too young. She was so spoiled and coquettish outside,
like a child, she was a bit...receptive and incompetent.

"A child of the Gale’s family?" What did he mean?

Were they also family caretakers? Why didn’t she know that their family had such relatives?

"You are…"

"We are from City L." Joseph said softly, "the Gale family from City L."

The Gale Family from City L!

There were many people in L City with the surname Gale, but those who dare to call themselves the
Gale family in City L, at present, there was only one family!

That pharmaceutical family! The Gale family!

Although their surnames were Gale, they had nothing to do with the Gale Family from City L at all!

In her past life, Emily learned a lot of pharmaceutical techniques in order to please Hunter.

And the pharmaceutical family she admired most in her previous life was the Gale family from L City.

They turned out to be members of the Gale family.

"You said..." She glanced at Wendy, and then at Joseph, with a shocked expression on her face,
"Wendy belongs to your family?"