Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 344 I Just Couldn’t Help It

Seduce him?

Emily was dumbfounded, and hurriedly shook her head, "No, no..."

Henry squinted and said, "So why did you stare at my body like that?"

"I didn't." Emily was not used to the current posture of them, and gave him a light push.

"You get up first." He kept pressing on her!

Although they were all wearing clothes, the posture was too awkward!

"Why do you want to get up?" Henry did not get up, but even pressed harder on her.

"Don't!" Emily was startled and blushing.

Their figures were sticking together, even though they were fully clothed, she could clearly feel his
curve and figure.

And... How could the buttons on his clothe be unbuttoned like this? As he got down, his chest was
completely exposed.

He usually looked gentle and elegant, but she didn't expect that the muscles on his chest were so

It was so sexy!

When Emily saw it accidentally, she was so frightened that she couldn't even breathe.

"Don't... Go away..."She wanted to push him, but his clothes were unbuttoned. She would definitely
touch his hot body.

It was hot... it was real! His body temperature was rising rapidly!

Henry actually just wanted to play a joke on her and tease her.

But he did not expect that after pressing on her, his brain went blank shortly.

The blank in his brain turned into heat, and his blood surged, making him feel like he had drunk ten
bottles of red wine!


"Don't move." He had never had a girl under him early in the morning.

He wanted to get down, but his body clearly didn’t listen to the command of his head, and even his
hands wanted to go against his own consciousness.

His big palm rested on Emily's shoulder and rubbed it gently.

The girl under him suddenly became tense and stiffened, not daring to move.

"Go away... Don't..." She couldn’t talk clearly.

It was the second time that she found he was turned on by her.

Emily blushed and sweated from her forehead with nervousness.

Henry’s voice was low and hoarse, his eyebrows were knitted, and big beads of sweat slipped off his
handsome face.

"So are you telling me to go away or you don’t want me to go away?"

"Stop making jokes..." She thought her voice must be very cold and calm, but she found that it seemed
like she was inviting when she heard her own voice.

Henry couldn't bear it, the blood shooting to his brain!

As soon as he loosened his hands, his heavy body pressed closer to her.


"I ... can't control myself." He lowered his head and buried his head on her neck.

There were only a few centimeters between his thin lips and her neck.

Just a step forward and he could kiss her...

The unique fragrance on the girl's body made him even more excited.

The big palm that held her shoulder, also seemed unable to bear loneliness, moved to her neckline,
and gently pulled her collar apart.

Her pale skin irritated him and made his eyes become scarlet!

He tried to take a deep breath, but it was impossible to calm him down!

Finally, after catching up in an inner war with himself for a while, Henry was breathing heavily, his arms
were tightened for a while, and he hugged the slender girl tightly.

He bowed his head and kissed her hard.

That beast-like aura made Emily who was slightly fascinated sober up instantly.

He was breathing like that again, as if he wanted to swallow her!

A scene that made her desperate suddenly flashed across her mind. The man pressed her on her,
ignoring her crying and begging for mercy, moving frantically...

"No!" Emily’s blushing face turned pale in an instance.

She turned her face away, Henry failed to kiss her lips, and his kiss fell on her neck along the way.

"No! Don't do this!" The scenes last night reminded her of all her fears of men.

She slapped him on the chest frantically, pushed hard, and even bit his arm.

‘Don’t do that! Don't do this to me! No!’

The man in confusion only felt a tingling in his arm. He looked up from her neck and saw the girl biting
his arm. The horrified tears slipped from her eyes and she was trembling.

His heart stopped beating, and finally he was completely sober.

"Emily ……"


Emily’s vision was blurred as her eyes were filled with tears.

She was biting his arm and struggling hard, those frightened little hands kept beating on him.

She was afraid! She was so afraid that she lost her mind! She almost forgot who the person around her

Her mind was occupied by the man.

He was tying her, pressing on her, and moving crazily...


"Emily, it's me! It's me! Don't be afraid!" Henry got off her and held her up.

His arm was still bitten by her, and the scarlet blood slid down her lips, and the smell of his blood
gradually became heavy.

He wasn’t bothered by the pain in his arm, but his heart was painful because of her panic and despair.

She must be thinking of the unpleasant experience with Hunter. She must be so panicked and
desperate back then.

"Emily, it’s me, wake up, it's me, I'm Henry!"

He hugged her hard in his arms and said softly, "Don't be afraid, it's me. I won't hurt you, I never will.
Don't be afraid."

Emily's blurry eyes gradually became clear again.

She stopped biting Henry with her teeth.

She raised her head and glanced at him, and in the blurred vision, his gentle face became clear bit by


"It's me, don't be afraid." Henry was a little bit guilty. He didn't expect that he would scare her so much.

After one night, she finally managed to pretend that she had forgotten those things. But those
memories became clear again


Sorry? Sorry for what?

Emily was still a little confused. Just now, she was clearly still in the car, and she was also caught by

Thinking of that man, her slender body still couldn't help shaking.

But she had already seen clearly that she was not in any car. She was in Henry’s apartment, lying on
his bed.

What was the taste?

She raised her hand and wiped on her lips. She didn't expect that the back of her hand was smeared
with blood!

She was startled, and finally remembered something, and when she looked down, she was completely

"Your hand..." God! Was that her tooth marks on his arm?

She bit so hard! He was bleeding!

"It's okay." Henry didn’t care about anything. A little injury was nothing.

"Don't move!" Emily prevented him from retracting his arm.

She got off the bed, took the medicine box, and sat back next to him.

Emily took out the medicine and gauze and treated the wound.

He was bitten so hard. It seemed that he needed to go to the hospital for an injection.

She actually hurt him like this with a bite! She was too violent!


"It's me who should say sorry."

When she bandaged the wound, Henry held up her hand and smiled softly with his lips rolled up.

"Don't be angry with me, I just couldn’t help it for a while."