Stay Around You Now And Forever

Chapter 343 Was It Revenge or Enjoyment

The room was so quiet that Wendy could only hear her own heartbeat.

She was waiting excitedly, waiting for herself to finally become Hunter's woman!

She even kept adding more strength, trying to put Hunter's hand on her body.

But why did he stop? Why couldn't she pull him closer?

Wendy opened her eyes slightly and looked at the man with a little doubt, "Hunter..."

His hand stopped. He hadn't touched her yet. It was so close!

But she just couldn't pull his hand closer!

He was refusing!


Hunter's face was expressionless, and he put his hand back.

Wendy's fingertips could touch nothing but the air.

She stared at him in a daze. Her eyes were filled with tears suddenly.

"Hunter, you promised grandma, in the future..."

"What do you want?" Hunter turned around and walked to the wine shelf, taking down a bottle of red
wine for himself, "If you need anything, go to Liam."

He had made a promise, so he would never be stingy to give her whatever she wanted as long as he
had the ability to get it and it was not contradictory to his principles.

Wendy had actually enjoyed a very good life with him during this period of time. She could easily get
everything she wanted.

But what she always wanted most was what he refused to give her, his heart.


"It's late, please go back." Hunter's tone was emotionless and firm.

He took his robe and walked into the bathroom.

Seeing that the bathroom door was closed mercilessly by him, Wendy bit her lip and felt aggrieved.

She could clearly feel his breath had changed just now, and she knew that he had feelings for her, too.

But why didn’t he want her?

Was it because they were not engaged yet, and he didn't want to take advantage of her?

But he never talked about the engagement, so how long would she have to wait?

Outside, Liam happened to come and knock on the door.

Wendy walked over and opened the door.

Seeing that it was so late, but Wendy was still in Hunter’s room, Liam was slightly taken aback, and he
said, "Miss Wendy, the ticket is booked."

The young master was not in the room. There was a splash of water in the bathroom. It was obvious
that Young Master was taking a shower.

This woman, who stayed up late in the middle of the night, wanted to seduce Young Master! She was
so shameless!

Liam’s face was stern, and he said solemnly, "Miss Wendy, it's so late, the young master needs a rest.
Please go back to your own room, don't disturb Master!"

He stood at the door of the room, staring at her, which meant that he would not leave if she didn't

Wendy really wanted to tear him to pieces!

Liam was really annoying! Emily had been away for so long, but he was still on her side. Was he

He thought Emily still had a chance to come back!

No, not at all! He was not yet willing to accept the reality!

"This room will become mine sooner or later!" Wendy snorted coldly and walked out of Hunter’s room.

She raised her chin with her head held high, and she was as proud as a peacock.

Liam was not angry at all, his thin lips twitched, smiling at her back.

"Since Miss Wendy likes Master's room so much, I’ll mention it to him and propose to give you the

"You..." Wendy suddenly turned to glare at him.

Looking at that smile on his face, she wanted to tear it apart!

But it was not the time!

This bastard was Hunter’s private assistant, and his position was too important. Even if she used small
tricks to frame him, Hunter wouldn’t have any doubts toward him.

But how could she allow such a person to stay by Hunter’s side, who always acted against her?

She squinted and glared at Liam.

One day, she would make him disappear completely just like Emily, to whom he showed so much

They would wait and see!

Liam actually didn't want to act against her. After all, it would be a very boring thing to do.

However, she dressed so revealingly at night and wanted to stay in the master's room, he just didn’t
like it!

He didn’t like the young master to be with such a scheming bitch!

She had a vicious mind, who was an evil hypocrite!

Had it not been for the young master to promise Matriarch h to take care of her for a lifetime, she would
never have had a chance to stay with the master.

She was too shameless!

Seeing Wendy returning to her room and closing the door, Liam looked back.

Master still did not come out of the bathroom.

Liam let out a sign, feeling a bit melancholy. Master had really had a hard time during this period.

And recently...

If this continued, he didn’t know what would happen.

But he could not stop it, and he didn't know whether he should stop it.

At least, there was still an intersection between them, right?

Although, such an intersection was making it too cruel and too...horrible!

In the end, Liam closed the door of Hunter’s room and left silently.

When Hunter came out, it was finally quiet.

It was almost three in the morning.

Lying on the bed, he was not sleepy at all.

It was Emily's tears that kept lingering in his mind over and over again.

Her fragile body was constantly trembling under his pressure.

She was clearly scared to death, but still biting her lips tightly, trying to pretend to be calm.

But in the end, she finally burst into tears.

Hunter closed his eyes and couldn't tell whether he was retaliating or enjoying himself.

However, his poor child has no chance to come into this world again...

When he opened his eyes again, there was no more nostalgia in Hunter’s eyes.

There were only the thirst for blood and deep hatred...


When Emily woke up again, it was already the next morning.

Sunlight poured in from outside the window, shining on a crystal vase not far away, and the reflected
light made her eyes hurt a little.

She frowned and slowly opened her eyes.

There seemed to be someone beside her. The warm feeling and delicate touch made her sober up

Looking up, Henry's flawless eyes instantly came into view.

This was the first time Emily woke up in the same bed with him.

At such a close distance, she accidentally saw the shadow casted by his long eyelashes. At that
moment, her heart couldn't help but stopped for a second.

What made her blush even more was that his shirt was unbuttoned, and his sexy chest appeared
unreservedly in her sight.

After a long sleep, the sadness of last night was suppressed. The handsome half-naked man early in
the morning took her breath away.

Emily took a slight breath, and was about to find a way to get out of his arms.

No, the handsome guy who was still asleep suddenly moved his arms and pulled her back without

He turned over and pressed on her body, his breath instantly became messy, "You want to seduce me
early in the morning?"